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Welcome to the Future of Banking.

Cogni the people-driven digital banking app designed with YOU in mind. We have created a secure digital banking platform that provides easy access without charging any unnecessary or hidden fees. Deposit your money, spend and track your money and make payments all within the comfort of the easy-to-use mobile app.

Open a Cogni Account and Join the Banking Revolution.

• No account maintenance fees.
• No minimum balance requirement fees.
• No overdrafts.
• Cogni Pay allows you to transfer money free and instantly.
• Freeze your card and report fraudulent or unauthorized transactions in the app.

Free ATMs*:

• No fees at over 55,000 Allpoint ATM locations worldwide.
• Find the nearest location using the Allpoint ATM locator in the mobile app.
• Traveling abroad, we have you covered! Access to over 15,000 international Allpoint ATMs.

Quick and Easy Access to Your Account with No Hassle:

• Make Instant and Free money transfers with Cogni Pay.
• Your Digital and Single-Use Cards are found within the app and offer separate card numbers and security details, allowing you easy access to your money even when your Primary Card is not present.
• Easy to read transaction history and statements viewable within the app.
• Lost your Primary Card? No worries. Freeze the card and report fraud right in the app.
• Was your Primary Card stolen? Conveniently report this in the app and we will send you a new card.

Your Banking Solutions Found in One Place:

• Freeze a card and Report a card lost or stolen.
• Dispute transactions.
• Track spending.
• Generate single-use cards.
• Set account activity notifications.

More Ways to Deposit Funds into Cogni:

• Transfer money from external bank accounts.
• Set up direct deposit.
• Make Instant and Free money transfers with Cogni Pay.
• Visit participating Visa ReadyLink locations to deposit cash.

Your Money Is Always Safe and Secure with Cogni:

• Your Account is FDIC insured up to $250,000.00.
• Your data is protected with advanced 256-bit AES level encryption, multi-factor authentication, Touch ID and Face ID, and employ strong internal access controls and audited processes.
• Generate Unlimited Single-Use Cards to safeguard your account when making online or in-app purchases.

Make Payments and Transfers:

• No checkbook but we offer the option to generate and send checks for free.
• ACH transfers funds between Cogni and external accounts for free.
• Cogni Pay allows you to transfer money fast and free to your Cogni friends.

Privacy Policy:

• Learn how we collect and use your information by visiting our Privacy Policy at https://getcogni.com/terms-and-privacy/mobile.html

Terms and Conditions:

• Learn more about our account terms by visiting our Terms and Conditions Policy at https://getcogni.com/terms-and-privacy/mobile.html
• Terms and Conditions contain Cogni’s fee schedule.

*The Cogni Debit Card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

*Allpoint Network – over 55,000 fee-free ATM locations worldwide

*Visa ReadyLink: When reloading your card at Visa ReadyLink locations, funds will be available in 30 minutes or less. Fees vary by participating retailers but are typically $4.95 or less. Visa ReadyLink locations may be found using the locator in the app.

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Version History

Launched Mar 04, 2020 (9 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 19 days, on average.

Sep 28
Version 1.1.2

We are expanding our availability to… Puerto Rico! We now welcome new account applications from our friends in PR (you still need to be 18 years old and have a Social Security Number of course).

We have also enhanced the new account application process to include address verification to help avoid delays in getting approved and receiving your card in the mail.

And, based on your feedback, we’ve implemented a new chatbot which is hopefully more helpful than the last. This one adds a little more flexibility, so the more questions you ask it, the more we can train it to provide appropriate content.

Aug 28
Version 1.1.1

Cogni Pay is now available to send money to your non-Cogni friends! All they have to do is apply for a free Cogni account and — voila! — the money is instantly in their account as soon as they get approved.

We have also added a consolidated view of Transaction Limits & Fees for different transaction types.

Aug 14
Version 1.1.0

We have worked hard to address one of our most frequently asked requests. When you create a Bank Transfer (ACH) to add money to your Cogni account from an external bank, it will now display as a Pending transaction until it has sufficient time to process and get a response from the other bank. We were also able to squash a few bugs and make a few minor improvements. Keep the feedback coming!

Jul 30
Version 1.0.8

A fix has been made to allow access to the app for certain account conditions.

Jul 15
Version 1.0.7

[Bug fix] We fixed the problem for those who weren’t receiving push notifications. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

[Addition] You can now quickly add funds to your account via Bank Transfer directly from the Quick Action menu.

[Enhancements] You can now delete a saved recipient for Cogni Pay and Check Payments if it’s no longer needed.

Jun 25
Version 1.0.6

You can now delete a bank you’ve previously linked to Cogni, such that it no longer shows up in the app. When viewing a list of linked banks under Move Money → Bank Transfers, just swipe-left to remove the one you don’t want to see anymore. As requested by a few members, we fast-tracked this small enhancement to get it into your hands. (more to come!)

And, because data privacy is important, we changed the Settings → Profile screen to display your personal information partially hidden by default. You can tap on the data to see it in full, but this gives you more control of who sees your data and when. This was also requested by a member... Keep the ideas coming!

To help us troubleshoot issues a little quicker, an App version number now displays at the bottom of the “More” menu (the icon in the upper right). We were also able to exterminate a few bugs.

Jun 11
Version 1.0.5

Two new alerts are now available on the Notifications screen — Daily Balance Alert and Check Mailed. If you would like to receive a daily alert showing your balance, you will have to turn it "On" (it is "Off" by default). The Check Mailed alert is tied to the "Send a Check" feature. It provides you notice when the paper check you requested has been printed, stuffed in an envelope, and mailed to the recipient.

The "More" menu (located at the top right) now includes an option to quickly create an email to Member Services from within the app (we'd love to hear from you!). Some other menu changes have been made to streamline navigation and reduce redundancy.

This version of the app also provides some enhancements aimed at increasing automatic approvals for new applicants. Additionally, the Profile screen was revised to use a popular "swipe-to-edit" method to allow you to make changes. We also managed to include a few bug fixes (e.g. the "Go to Statements" button at the bottom of the Home screen now works).

May 13
Version 1.0.4

The app now provides a way for new applicants to securely upload photos of requested documents to help us validate identity. This capability will only be used for those applicants where additional information is requested.

As per a suggestion from one of our members, we enhanced the Cash Deposit Locator (available on the Help menu on the Login screen) to default to your home zip code, so hopefully it is more useful when searching. Keep the feedback coming!

Apr 15
Version 1.0.3

Just some quick fixes... The recent activity shown on the Home screen should now be shown in descending order of the date the transaction posted to the account, which matches with the spend graph and monthly statements. Also, the Cash Deposit Locator screen is now scrollable for devices where the map was previously larger than the device’s display size.

Mar 25
Version 1.0.2

Sorry for the "forced upgrade", but we need to get this foundational update on everyone’s devices. There are some subtle-yet-significant navigational changes that will better position us to expand functionality in the near future.

• Quick Action Button - We added a "quick action" button. You can now quickly get to Cogni Pay & free ATM locators from anywhere in the app!

• Move Money Screen - We turned some of your awesome feedback into a new “Move Money” screen which consolidates all of the ways to move funds in and out of your Cogni account.

• Transaction Categories - We enhanced some of the transaction categories to align better with how you told us you wanted to see them.

Mar 11
Version 1.0.1

We had a few optional notifications (“Daily balance alert” and “Check payment mailed alert”) that are not yet working with 100% accuracy, so we have removed them from the app. Once they are working bug-free, we will restore them back to the app. We made a few other minor cosmetic fixes as well.

Mar 04
Version 1.0.0

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