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Thanks to this classic drinking game, explore who out of your friends has....:

▸ ...broken furniture while doing it
▸ ...gotten walked in on while enjoying themselves...
▸ ...done it in public :O
▸ ...had dirty dreams about someone in the room
▸ ...copped a look of someone here's chest ⊖__⊖
▸ ...broken up with someone via text
▸ ...thrown up on someone during a party

And thousands of other "Never Have I Ever..."!

In addition to content that's been tested and refined over the course of many parties, get your friends drinking until they're not thirsty anymore with our many special features:

⊖__⊖ Game progression
⊖__⊖ No repeats
⊖__⊖ Gender adapted
⊖__⊖ 5 game themes
⊖__⊖ Your "Never Have I Ever"s
⊖__⊖ Special cards
⊖__⊖ Mystery cards

Get your shot glasses ready ahead of time for the last round so you can play by our surprise rule!


Safety first:

For your safety, please drink responsibly and never ever drink and drive!

Premium pack & features subscription:

"Never Have I Ever...? ⊖__⊖" offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $3.99 per week or $11.99 per month. Once you've confirmed your order, the payment will be charged to your account, with the right price for your country. The subscription will automatically renew at its end date. You can stop the automatic renewal any time. To avoid the renewal, cancel it at least 24h before the end date of your subscription. No refund is available for unused time.

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Version History

Launched Nov 19, 2019 (10 months ago).
Mar 06
Version 1.1

Get ready! Guaranteed fun with the content update of the best drinking game "Never Have I Ever". Perfect for a boozy night with friends, with the boys or with the girls.

Dec 31
Version 1.0.1

Preorder now... to be the first! 
New feature for the New Year Eve launch >>> Party with our decks or... add your own questions!

Nov 19
Version 1.0