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The latest TSP share price data is provided to you everyday! Daily TSP provides a beautiful set of interactive charts that automatically update each day and allow you to look through the entire TSP share price history for any fund. Daily TSP also aggregates tons of reference fund information in an easy to navigate and interactive manner.

Daily TSP offers a clean user experience and customization capability that result in a personalized way to interact with and analyze TSP data at your finger tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to link my TSP account?

Daily TSP DOES NOT REQUIRE you to link your TSP account in order to use the app. There is tons of data and capability that is available to all users to help track/analyze the TSP funds without linking. Further, users can even perform manual account balance entries if they prefer and still want a way to track their TSP account balance. Linking your account serves as a convenient and secure means of tracking your TSP account, but is entirely optional within Daily TSP.

Is Daily TSP secure?

Daily TSP takes security very seriously and therefore abides by the latest security standards and protocols. Further, Daily TSP also allows for a four-digit pin code or biometric authentication (face unlock/fingerprint) to be required each time the app is opened for enhanced security - optional feature. Linked account credentials for fetching your TSP account data are stored DIRECTLY on your phone using its secure storage protocol.

How does Daily TSP store app data?

100% of all personal user data generated in Daily TSP is stored directly on your phone's storage and is NEVER shared with any cloud services or stored anywhere on the cloud. This means that you and only you can see and access the data within Daily TSP.

Can I contact the developers directly?

Absolutely. We try to make this as easy as possible and allow you to contact us directly from within the app! Give it a try!


On top of all that, Daily TSP also provides a great alternative for monitoring your personal TSP account balance and history over time!
- Users can track their account balance through manual entries
- Users can also link their TSP.gov account and automatically perform these updates.
- User can track an unlimited number of accounts with Pro version which means you can track Uniformed Services and Civilian accounts in one place!

Daily TSP Linked Account:
- One tap to begin account update - that's all it takes!
- Full account balance history to date
- Personal Investment Performance (PIP) computation
- Account activity summary tables
- Balance distribution graphs
- Contribution allocation graphs
- Future predicted growth
- Capability to track general purpose and residential loans
- Capability to track TSP transactions
- Calculation of rate of return, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), PIP, and other helpful metrics for various date ranges

Daily TSP Capabilities:
- Create custom allocation funds
- Browse through all full TSP fund historical data
- Create custom TSP balance goals
- Ability to show/hide certain funds
- Ability to export user data to a CSV
- Enhanced security with pin code access and biometric authorization

Daily TSP provides direct feedback access to the developer to do everything from report an issue, request a feature, to just say hello. Whatever it is, just drop a line!



The Daily TSP app is not affiliated with the United States Government, The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board or the Thrift Savings Plan, and that the service being offered is not sanctioned by the United States Government, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board or the Thrift Savings Plan.

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Version History

Launched Oct 09, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 days, on average.

Nov 10
Version 3.0.2

- Fix app crash issue related to special characters in My TSP account name
- Add better linked account timeout logic and error detection
- Fix bug with duplicate y-axis labels showing up in historical chart
- Add My TSP information to daily tab chart and table
- Enable install for tablets

Nov 06
Version 3.0.1

- Fix TSP account linking issue for some users
- Change monospace numeric font
- Improvements to biometric authentication for some devices
- Allow users to delete default balance goals
- Allow users to hide balance goal from Account Home page
- Fix issue where dialog box is clipped by bottom of the screen on smaller devices

Nov 03
Version 3.0.0

- Resolve TSP.gov login issue for new login protocol
- Introduction of version 3.0.0 of Daily TSP
- Completely revamped the app to meet user needs!

Jul 12
Version 2.7.4

- Update to linked protocol for new TSP.gov website
- All linked account functionality restored
- Show fund summary of simple returns on fund info page
- Show constituent fund percentages in Lifecycle pie charts
- Addition of FSPS retirement option
- Addition of Military High-3 retirement option

Jun 07
Version 2.7.3

- Changes in preparation for new Lifecycle funds coming in July 2020
- Add inflation comparison for individual fund share prices
- Add required minimum distribution (RMD) information
- Add pay increase historical information
- Improvements to TSP fund growth chart and tools
- Allow for four digit precision for share prices
- General improvements for app stability and performance

Apr 16
Version 2.7.2

- Capability to setup custom fund alerts
- Capability to setup custom interfund transfer reminders
- Add TSP distributions to future growth and better post retirement tools
- Allow users to define retirement date in the past
- Cap contributions when yearly max reached
- Allow custom allocations to show all funds, including Lifecycle
- Automatically create user's current allocation as fund in daily charts

Mar 19
Version 2.7.1

- Resolve issue with linked contribution allocations disappearing after subsequent update
- Improve app notification protocol

Mar 18
Version 2.7.0

- Capability to track current fund allocations in My TSP
- Fund allocations automatically fetched from TSP for users with linked accounts
- Account balance history now displays start/end date data in table
- Add historical data for contribution limits for informational purposes
- Limit future contributions due to salary increase (per current max limit)
- Increase balance entry limits for non-pro users
- Increase verification code timeout to 90 seconds for linked account update
- Add end date padding to price history charts to better see most recent data
- Fix bug for CSRS participants and matching contributions

Feb 28
Version 2.6.8

- Add Personal Investment Performance (PIP) calculation
- Add annualized rate of return, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), calculation
- Add equations to definition text of calculated parameters for user awareness
- Add capability to get notifications for latest TSP share price at market close
- Add capability to get notifications for availability of TSP.gov balance for a My TSP update
- Automatically update TSP share prices when database updates (no need to relaunch app)
- Increase future growth annual return slider to 50% (up from 30%)
- Allow users to select which balance goal shows up in My TSP tab
- Fix minor issue with extrapolation of contributions between pay days
- Fix math error for user created custom fund allocations

Feb 18
Version 2.6.7

- Add user defined TSP balance goals
- Add shares view to "Account Balance by Contribution" table
- Allow user to specify month for expected retirement date
- Allow users to specify the beginning date of the current pay year
- Improve TSP account balance future growth tool
- Fix labels in pie chart for lifecycle fund allocation slider
- Fix issue with loan or future balance chart not displaying

Feb 10
Version 2.6.6

- For enhanced security, if user has enabled pin code/biometric authentication, lock app after 5 minutes of inactivity
- Incorporate pay increases for future growth projections
- Report the current pay period in year to date performance
- Improvements to loan performance tools
- Fix bug in user defined custom fund allocation
- Fix matching contribution calculation issue
- Fix contribution summary chart roll-up
- Fix minor bug in dark mode transition

Jan 30
Version 2.6.5

- Add text scaling feature for larger text size - better app layout
- Increase two-factor authentication timeout to 60 seconds
- Improved app navigation and dark mode styling
- Balance entries now entered with keypad instead of scroll
- Fix issue with transaction % amount showing up as $ amount
- Fix issue for linked TSP account with both Uniformed Services and Civilian balances
- Should now properly link to account based on user selected retirement system

Jan 13
Version 2.6.2

- Addition of Dark Mode theme and quick toggle
- Addition of various year-to-date performance indicators
- Addition of time periods to balance history chart
- Increase manual balance entry limit for non-Pro users: 50
- Increase linked balance entry limit for non-Pro users: 50
- Improve currency parser for negative values
- Fix issue with date selection during linked account update
- Fix issue for certain users displaying "2/0" during linked account update
- Fix issue with custom historical plot date range selection

Jan 09
Version 2.6.1

- Use defined fetch frequency and also get the past two weeks of balance updates by default
- Resolves confusion regarding recent account balance updates
- Addition of running year to date rate of return calculation
- Improved linked account logic and error checking

Jan 07
Version 2.6.0

- Daily TSP now tracks TSP transactions
- Ability to export certain user data for personal use
- Balance split by fund allocation
- Balance split by contribution type: Traditional, Roth, Matching
- Capability to save tables as images directly to phone
- Bring back the L2020 fund (until July 2020)
- Display balance history changes as dollar or percent
- Allow cents to display in balance entries (optional)
- Reorder funds to match TSP website: G, F, C, S, I
- Improved future growth tool layout and data
- Fix: Improved linked account balance update efficiency
- Fix: Resolve issue with user ID or account number not persisting
- Fix: Resolve issue with fetch frequency not persisting
- Fix: Improve TSP linked account error checking
- Fix: Resolve issue with biometric auth for some user devices
- Fix: Ensure activity summary saved after account switching
- Fix: Bug with manual balance entries not showing up immediately

Jan 02
Version 2.5.6

- Resolve issue with year to date activity summary
- Initial testing of automatic Civilian or Uniformed Services account selection
- Improved linked account update protocol
- Improved app version checking

Jan 01
Version 2.5.2

- Resolve linked update activity summary issue due to new year
- Improve account update completion summary
- Allow for My TSP accounts to be deleted from My TSP page

Dec 31
Version 2.5.1

- Resolve linked account update timeout issue
- Issue may arise when TSP account number selected as login method
- Resolve database call on app startup
- Fix minor typos

Dec 30
Version 2.5.0

- Ability to have multiple My TSP accounts
- Ability to track TSP loans for contribution calculations
- Ability to provide custom dates to historical charts
- Tabular view of daily TSP data
- Improved linked account error tracking
- Improved My TSP charts and tools
- Improved feature tracker console

Dec 22
Version 2.4.2

- Addition of biometric unlock (facial/fingerprint) option
- Addition of Daily TSP feature/issue tracker
- Improved linked TSP account logic
- Update TSP contribution limits for 2020
- Improved chart behavior and response

Dec 17
Version 2.4.0

New activity summary performance tables
Capability to require pin code to access app
Improve linked TSP account capability
Overall improvements to app layout and navigation

Dec 11
Version 2.3.4

Addition of Personal Investment Performance (PIP)
Improve user preference options

Dec 07
Version 2.3.3

Minor bug fix for account update entry limit

Dec 07
Version 2.3.2

Addition of more linked account information
Minor style update to My TSP tables

Dec 07
Version 2.3.1

Fix balance update issue for some users
Improve feedback messaging system

Dec 06
Version 2.3.0

Improved linked account logic and user experience
Improved linked account update efficiency
Capability to fetch data daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly
Resolved some minor bugs and typos

Dec 03
Version 2.2.4

Resolve minor login issues with linked accounts
Ensure user preferences are saved after linked update

Nov 27
Version 2.2.2

Capability to link to TSP account!
Speed up app launch
Polish look and feel
Squash some bugs

Nov 09
Version 2.0.1

Addition of average monthly returns table
Fix to bad element state for My TSP
Feature clarification in app and App Store
Minor bug fixes

Nov 06
Version 2.0.0

Capability to track TSP balance
Personalized tools and analysis
Cleaner user interface
Minor bug fixes

Oct 24
Version 1.3.13

Improved network efficiency
Improved page transitions
Auto-populate custom fund allocation
Rotate for fullscreen historical charts

Oct 17
Version 1.2.02

Polish look and feel
Addition of cross-platform support

Oct 16
Version 1.1.19

Improvements to user interface
Addition of data band feature
Fix some minor bugs

Oct 09
Version 1.1.11

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