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No matter who you support for this presidential election, 2020 Election Soundboard is the best way to enjoy it. Listen to the funniest, most entertaining sounds from your favorite candidates.

We have combed through countless debates, watched hours of interviews, and dissected press conferences to bring you the funniest statements, gaffes, and insults from Trump, Biden, Bernie and many more. We currently have 225 sounds in the app, including more than 40 each for both Trump and Biden.

Save your favorite sounds, and view them in the Favorites screen! Swipe left on any sound to favorite it, and tap the heart on the home screen to view your favorites.

Easily send soundbites to your friends via text. Just swipe left on the sound.

We add new sounds very frequently. We usually have a new release once a week, and sometimes even more frequently. Our contact information is also clearly available in the app, and you can request features and new sounds from us. The texting feature was requested by our customers, as was many of the funny sounds in the app.

We have sounds from these candidates:
- Donald Trump (44+ sounds)
- Joe Biden (44+ sounds)
- Bernie Sanders
- Elizabeth Warren
- Kamala Harris
- Cory Booker
- Andrew Yang
- Pete Buttigieg
- Tulsi Gabbard
- Tom Steyer
- Mike Bloomberg
- Amy Klobuchar

2016 Candidates
- Hillary Clinton

- Kayleigh McEnamy
- Obama
- Dr. Fauci

Here's a glance of some of the soundbites we have in the app:

- "Sleepy Joe"
- "Crazy Bernie"
- "You're Fired!"
- "Fake News"
- "Ask China"

- "Cornpop was a bad dude"
- "You know... the thing"
- "Goe to Joe 30330"
- "Look fat, look"
- "Trump is incompetent"

- "I wrote the damn bill!"
- "You ain't gonna buy this election"
- "Trump is a pathological liar"

- "Go back to China"
- "Opposite of Trump"
- "Kanye lost his way"

225 Sounds, and more are added frequently!

Terms of service: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RxZy9cTnQEdKayLEIAgpVZfLmEBrIZytyXLyB18sd_Q/edit?usp=sharing

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Version History

Launched Aug 09, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 days, on average.

Oct 25
Version 2.28

We added funny sounds from the debate!

Oct 14
Version 2.27

A few updates under the hood

Oct 05
Version 2.26

You can now favorite any sound in the app! Easily access your favorite sounds in one place. Just swipe left on any sound to add it to your favorites, and tap the heart on the home screen to see all of your favorites.

Sep 18
Version 2.25

We added Nancy Pelosi! And a couple from Trump bringing the total to 214 sounds.

Sep 06
Version 2.24

We added some more sounds, bringing the total to 209 sounds.

Sep 02
Version 2.23

We added some more sounds from the DNC/RNC!

Aug 07
Version 2.22

We added Dr. Fauci!

Jul 27
Version 2.21

We added some more funny sounds!

Jul 13
Version 2.20

Throwback! We added a few of Obama's funniest sounds.

Jul 07
Version 2.19

We added a few more sounds from Trump.

Jun 25
Version 2.18

We added some more sounds for Biden and Trump.

"Kung Flu" - Trump
"I don't call it Twitter" - Trump
"A big chunk of Seattle" - Trump

"I could never dance well" - Biden
"Try and steal this election" - Biden

Now over 180 sounds in the app!

Jun 21
Version 2.17

Minor tweaks under the hood

Jun 17
Version 2.16

We added Kayleigh McEnamy! Enjoy her best sounds as she battles the press in her conferences.

May 18
Version 2.15

We added some more funny soundbites, and made some tweaks under the hood.

May 13
Version 2.14

We added a few more funny sounds from Trump's Coronavirus press briefings, and made some more improvements under the hood.

May 05
Version 2.13

A few updates under the hood.

Apr 25
Version 2.12

We added some of the funniest sounds from Trump's daily conferences, bringing the total up to 164 sounds in the app!

Apr 21
Version 2.11

You can now text your favorite sounds in the app directly to your friends! Any sound in the app can be texted, and the feature is available w/o any purchase or upgrade necessary.

We also added a few more sounds to the app, bringing the total to 152 sounds.

Thanks for using the app as always!

Apr 17
Version 2.10

We added a few more sounds from Trump, Biden, and Mayor Pete.

Mar 30
Version 2.8

We now have 146 sounds, including new sounds from Trump and Biden.

Our premium upgrade is on sale for 90% off until May 1st!

Mar 06
Version 2.7

We added some fresh sounds for Biden and Trump! We are now up to 141 sounds.

Feb 27
Version 2.6

We added sounds from the South Carolina debate! We now have a total of 136 sounds.

Feb 20
Version 2.5

We added a lot of sounds from the Nevada Debate! Hear the best from Sanders and Warren as they tore into Bloomberg. We added a couple sounds from Pete, and one of Klobuchar's as well.

We now have 126 total sounds!

Feb 13
Version 2.4

With Andrew Yang dropping out, we are updating the app to add a few recent sounds from him!

Feb 12
Version 2.3

We did the impossible! We added sounds for Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. Seriously though, if you have more sounds for them reach out to us, because they are hard to come by.

We now have 115 total sounds available in the app.

Jan 28
Version 2.2

Small updates.

Dec 31
Version 2.1

Minor updates.

Dec 30
Version 2.0

We updated and refreshed our graphics in this release!

We also made it easier to send us feedback in the app.

Dec 11
Version 1.10

We added sounds for Tulsi Gabbard!

We also added 4 more sounds from the other candidates, bringing the total number of sounds in the app to 109!

We decided to drop Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio from the coming soon list. We want to focus on the 2020 candidates, and have added Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer as candidates that we will soon upload sounds for.

Dec 01
Version 1.9

Small UI updates.

Nov 14
Version 1.8

We added 4 new sounds! There are now a total of 101 sounds.

Oct 10
Version 1.7

Improvements under the hood.

Oct 06
Version 1.6

We added some new sounds for Trump, Biden, and Warren. We now have 97 total sounds in the app!

Sep 26
Version 1.5

Added new sounds for Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, and Cory Booker!

Sep 14
Version 1.4

We added a couple new sounds for Joe Biden.

Sep 03
Version 1.3

We added 6 sounds for Hillary Clinton! Relive the best of her 2016 presidential campaign.

Note: We are no longer considering adding sounds for Bill de Blasio given his dismal polling.

Aug 22
Version 1.2

We added 6 sounds for Mayor Pete Buttigieg in this release!

We also added a few sounds for Trump and Biden. Our total number of sounds is up to 73!

We also significantly reduced the size of the application.

Aug 17
Version 1.1

Couple of small tweaks.

Aug 09
Version 1.0

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