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On the next family road trip or casual 'Sunday Funday' car ride, take the challenge and play the license plate game by tracking all the license plates you spot along the way! Playing this classic travel game is a great way to pass the time for passengers on the road. Basic game play includes a simple checklist of license plates to keep track of as you travel. License Plates Games can be a great educational tool for kids learning facts about U.S. states / Canadian provinces and territories, or for anyone that likes fun games for car rides and an easy-to-play challenge! Collect all 51 U.S. and 13 Canadian license plates!

* Sort the state plate list by distance to your current location or alphabetical by state name
* View an updated counter and country map as you spot each state plate on vehicles you see on the road
* Easily switch between maps of the United States and Canada
* Track your history of plate sightings for each new game you play
* Track multiple or view past games to compare your results and progress
* Learn additional fun facts and trivia along the way like state capitals, state birds, nicknames, admission dates and more
* Games can be played without wifi or internet connection - great for that long cross-country road trip with little or no service!

License Plate Game 'Pro' Tips:
* Pull over at a rest stop and look at other cars and trucks plates that are parked
* Take a lap around a large parking lot for some extra chances to spot that missing plate on your list
* Keep watch for other cars and trucks while waiting in line at a toll booth on the turnpike
* Look at front license plates on semi trailer trucks as you ride past on the highway - this plate could be a different state from the back plate
* Be on the look out for trucks and vans used for moving or storage or travel buses - there's a good chance they might have an out-of-state plate

License Plate Games is intended to be played by passengers only - drivers should always remain focused on driving!

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