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#1 Dachshund Emoji Dog App thanks to Crusoe turned into a sausagemoji!


ヅ All the Crusoe reactions including his famous costumes and characters

ヅ FREE UPDATES for life (more emojis, new features...)

ヅ High quality, hand-drawn illustrations and converted into a adorable emoji

ヅ Download all the dachshund emojis to your device, so you can use anywhere

ヅ No more copy & paste: Use them as whatsapp stickers

ヅ Possibility to be "Dog-Mojized": (We Turn your dog as emoji - upon request).

ヅ Brilliant high-definition resolution of sausagemoji optimized for your phone

ヅ Quick & simple installation -> as keyboard / Messages App

ヅ Works in Facebook & other social media apps

HOW IT WORKS (3 options)

ヅ Open the app, select the Crusoe Dachshund emoji and share it wherever you like

ヅ Install the Keyboard (tutorial in the app) and open any messaging app /facebook comment and tap one emoji.

ヅ Download all the Crusoe emojis & stickers to your device, so you can use anywhere

What sausagemoji you would love to see? Write a review and tell us which one you want! We will add them in the next update. :)

More about Crusoe

Crusoe is a miniature dachshund with an eccentric, whimsical, and larger-than-life personality who travels and experiences the world from his own unique and comical perspective. He is best known for his wacky videos often featuring his unique homemade outfits which together have topped over 1.1 billion views, many of which reaching 30+ million views individually. Not only a movie star, Crusoe is also the author of his own award-winning blog and New York Times Bestselling book, with his second book set for release in Fall 2018. Crusoe was also the recipient of the 2017 Shorty Award for ‘Best Animal Influencer’.

INFO about the Full Access and Emojis size

ヅ Any third party not belong to UNICODE can't create actual emojis, but we'll get as close as we can making a keyboard and sending the CrusoeMojis through it. The size is bigger because is not possible to include the emojis next to the text. It has to go separately and as image, that's because the UNICODE system. The good thing is that the emojis are more detailed!

ヅ We take our users privacy very seriously and allowing full access does NOT give us access to any of your other keyboards, only to this Emoji keyboard. CrusoeMoji will NEVER collect any personal information or transmit anything you type over any network. Basically because we are not a text keyboard, CrusoeMoji only has images to copy and paste. Also, you can always use the iMessage app if you're concerned as it doesn't require full access, or download all the images to your phone gallery and use them anytime.

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Version History

Launched Jun 19, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jul 10
Version 2.3

It's a Daphne day!
ヅ Daphne has now her own emojis!
ヅ New Crusoe emojis: Mask and cute look
ヅ We ate some bugs as well

Feb 15
Version 2.2.1

WOps, WhatsApp Stickers didnt work well. Now it's fixed!
ヅ New emoji Love pack to send the more romantic messages ever!
ヅ Football and Gardener emojis
ヅ Ate some bugs as well

Feb 13
Version 2.2

ヅ New emoji Love pack to send the more romantic messages ever!
ヅ Football and Gardener emojis
ヅ Ate some bugs as well

Jan 23
Version 2.1.4

Fixed Emoji copy pasting bug in keyboard

Dec 20
Version 2.1.3

- Fixed minor bugs

Dec 17
Version 2.1.2.

HO HO WOF Merry Christmas! Ops Some old iOS version didn't catch well the new Christmas pack. Solved!
-New emojis for free
-New Christmas Emojis
-Now works on WhatsApp!

Dec 15
Version 2.1

HO HO WOF Merry Christmas!
-New emojis for free
-New Christmas Emojis
-Now works on WhatsApp!

Oct 19
Version 2.0.1

Eating some bugs. Ops. What a scary update!
No worries, now the Halloween packs works on iMessage and you can download them too.

Oct 10
Version 2.0

Happy Halloweenie!! Are you ready for the best app update ever?
-New emojis
-Ccary halloweenie emojis
-Oakley & Cru emojis
-Photo editor
-New design
-New IT & support channel

Jul 23
Version 1.1

Yay! I've just smashed some bugs (tried to eat them as well) and it works now in all devices. Hope you are enjoying my emoji app! - Cru

Jun 19
Version 1.0

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