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Treasure Hunt builds the foundation for thinking Smarter NOT Harder.

Treasure Hunt exercises the ability to view information from different perspective. The images are rotated. More complex exercises include multiple images that rotate and overlap. To complete the exercises individuals must take the time to recognize connections and meanings to these rotated figural relationships.

The cognitive skills to complete these exercises include the ability to:
• Compare and contrast relevant information
• Recognize spatial details in negative and positive space
• Require the use of multi-variables
• Give attention to details and accuracy
• Maintain focus & concentration

Without a part-whole perspective, we have a tendency to respond emotionally when individuals disagree with us, and we approach a disagreement as an all-or-nothing battle. Strong understanding of part-whole relationships allows us to not only view things from a different perspective but also break the whole into different parts and view each part from a different perspective. In this way, we have an opportunity to communicate more effectively and, it is hoped, negotiate a compromise, a win-win situation rather than an all-or-nothing battle.

About Designs For Strong Minds

Donalee Markus earned her Ph.D from Northwestern University. She began her clinical practice devoted to cognitive restructuring in 1982. She has designed over 17,000 context-free visual exercises that catalyze creativity and strength critical thinking skills. Her tools maximize intelligence in children and adults.

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Version History

Launched May 08, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Feb 27
Version 1.5

- Bug fixes for mbti mode

Jul 04
Version 1.3

- fixed display error

Jun 27
Version 1.2

- Added additional levels
- Added in Concussion Mode to limit screen motion upon start

May 09
Version 1.0

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