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FAWN is a gay-friendly community, which was built to solve two typical concerns of most dating apps—the lack of users' online and personal privacy.

On FAWN you are connected with like-minded guys for a quick talk or whatever you'll make out of it. No need to scroll the endless user feeds as you do on other dating apps and social networks. With FAWN you hop on board and start meeting new people right away.

Join FAWN, the gay community, and start chatting with like-minded chaps right now.

FAWN CLUB subscription service description
1. Subscription group: FAWN CLUB
2. Subscription content and services: After subscribing to FAWN CLUB you will be able to submit a search request and interact with other users who have submitted the same search request by sending messages and pictures in a private chat upon mutual agreement
3. Subscription length: FAWN CLUB is available as weekly, 3-months or annual subscription

Terms of use: https://fawn.chat/legal/terms
Privacy policy: https://fawn.chat/legal/policy
You are welcome to contact us at legal@fawn.chat

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Primary: Social Networking

Secondary: Lifestyle

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Version History

Launched May 08, 2019 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Jan 23
Version 1.1.13

- UI bug fixes
- App optimization

Sep 18
Version 1.1.12

A big "thank you" to everyone, who reported these bugs related to the matching logic. Sorry for the dupes you were getting from time to time! Fixed all these bugs, please be sure to update!

Aug 03
Version 1.1.11

New important feature: Apple Sign In for a seamless login experience from any device you'd want to use. Also this update brings a series of bug-fixes, the most important of which is the support for any non-Latin characters in the chat. Emojis, Arabic, Cyrillic or any other symbols are all welcomed for a greater diversity!

Jun 17
Version 1.1.10

First of all as a minority ourselves we're expressing our support for black community by adding new male avatars representing people of color. We know we can live in a world where all of us are treated equally regardless of their race, creed or sexual proclivity.

Next, from a technical point of view this update brings a tremendous improvement of the chat experience as we're moving to a new platform tailored for swift delivery of messages and photos. It's important to update to this version as we'll soon discontinue the old chat implementation.

May 29
Version 1.1.9

A few nasty crashes fixed inside the chats. Be sure to update especially if you're the chatty one ;)

May 09
Version 1.1.8

This update brings a few quite important chat-related enhancements:
1. A few messages receiving quirks you've reported to us are solved
2. The placeholder for your partner's nickname is fixed
3. Photo sharing is about several times faster thanks to image compression and CDN integration

Hopefully, this will allow you to hang for a while while we're working on bringing the chat experience to a whole new level in the next version.

Also, a quick reminder about a feature we introduced recently — now you're receiving some likes for free during each 24 hours, use them wisely or activate the subscription and join our club!

Nov 19
Version 1.1.7

We've smoothed out the matching logic and updated few layout bugs. Enjoy!

Oct 09
Version 1.1.6

squish... squish... squish... Nothing much to see, just squished some bugs and improved the overall matching speed.

Jun 15
Version 1.1.5

We've smoothed out the matching logic and updated few layout bugs. Enjoy!

Jun 14
Version 1.1.4

We've smoothed out the matching logic and updated few layout bugs. Enjoy!

May 23
Version 1.1.3

Since last version we've improved the matching algorhythms and streamlined the chat experience. Once again, your feedback matters!

May 09
Version 1.0

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