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Michel Thomas is language course that is mainly based on audio lessons. It does come with a booklet and a visual review to reinforce learning but audio lessons remains to be its main methodology.

The course was developed by Michel Thomas a linguist whose career included teaching old Hollywood celebrities. The entire program runs for 24 hours of audio on CD and students are expected to learn and master the language by breaking down the language into its components and letting the students to reconstruct the language for themselves.

Michel Thomas method promises to teach students a new language without the need for memorizing and writing. This is a tall order indeed since you have to at least build your vocabulary first by memorize before learning to combine this into sentences or phrases.

It emphasizes on audio learning. Courses are contained in audio format. It claims to breakdown a certain language into its components allowing you to construct sentences for yourself.

This is done in a classroom atmosphere, where you listen to coaches and students and attempt to assimilate all the knowledge without memorizing or writing things down.

Michel Thomas now offers “Visual Learning” that includes interactive exercises and for the first time allows you to see the actual words. While it’s previous offering offers no attempt to even read a single word it now gives you the ability to not only speak but read a new language.

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Launched May 03, 2019 (about 2 months ago).
May 03
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