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I’m glad you are here!. You can learn American Sign Language (ASL) words & phrases here which enables you to interact with a whole new group of peoples. It’s my responsibility to make you ASL learning experience convenient and joyful.

This ASL app is packed with 2000+ words & phrases. What you are learning here is very important for us. All the signs are demonstrated in a very friendly manner. You will feel like you are getting personal coaching. Let’s start LEARNING!


1. It’s Free!

2. Date, Time and Weather Signs

3. Expressions: Common Expressions, Everyday Expressions and Common Expressions

4. Emotions: Neutral Emotions, Positive Emotions and Negative Emotions
 5. Lifestyle: Fashion & Clothing, Internet & Social Media, Party Signs and Entertainment

6. Sports: Sport Signs, Sport Terms and Fitness Signs

7. Food & Cooking: Fruits & Vegetables, Cooking, Eating, Meal & Food Signs

8. Holidays: American Holidays, Cultural Holidays, Family Events and Celebration Signs
9. Transportation & Travel: Mode of Transportation, Travel Checklist, Travel Expressions and Travel Signs

10. Emergency & Disaster: Health & Disability, Emergency and Survival Signs

11. People & Family: Babies & Young Children, Life Stages and Family Signs
 12. Education: Colors, Profession Signs

Much more cool stuff (Quotes, Quizzes, Jokes, Games and much more) on its way! We are always open for suggestions. Please send your suggestions via feedback. Happy LEARNING!

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Version History

Launched Mar 31, 2019 (3 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 days, on average.

Jun 18
Version 1.10

* Signs can be marked Favorite

Jun 02
Version 1.09

* New signs added

May 30
Version 1.08

* General bug fixes

May 30
Version 1.07

* General bug fixed and performance improvements

May 14
Version 1.06

* School and Pronouns signs added

May 01
Version 1.05

* Signs can be played in slower speed for better learning experience
* Now Signs load faster

Apr 23
Version 1.04

* General bug fixing and improvements

Apr 11
Version 1.03

* Shapes & Sizes and Animals signs added

Apr 09
Version 1.02

* User can search any word

Apr 04
Version 1.01

* Blocking ads can be removed

Mar 31
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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