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My Baby Care lets you take care of the Cutest Baby Ever! Babysit this adorable Baby, and have fun spending the day with this Adorably cute & Hilariously Entertaining Baby!

It's time to wake up! Take baby to the feeding chair in the Kitchen and feed baby some delicious baby food including colorful cereal, egg, milk and more!

Give baby a bubbly bath before we start the busy day ahead! Make bubbles, shampoo baby's head, and rinse off before it's time to start the day!

Take baby on a Shopping trip at the Supermarket! Baby will squeal and giggle with delight when selecting items from the shelf!

It's game time! Play some fun games with baby including a Xylophone, Bouncy ball, Bobble Penguin, and a Special surprise gift! The look on baby's face when playing these games is priceless!!

Tap the tablet to play some fun minigames with Baby including bird flight, cupcake decorator, and blocks stacker!

It's been quite a long day, and it's time to get baby ready for bed! Turn on the lullaby music, pull up the blanket, and watch baby doze off to sleep!

Wake up with baby again to start the day over with more fun activities!

This game includes fun animations, and realistic expressions from baby that will make you laugh and entertain for hours on end!

My Baby Care is an adorable game for kids who love babysitter games, and baby games!

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Version History

Launched Mar 27, 2019 (over 1 year ago).
Oct 23
Version 1.2

- Now including brand new character - Baby boy!
- Includes new games: Food Fight & Baby Dress-Up!
- Also includes Brand new Block Puzzle Minigame in the Minigames section!

Enjoy this brand new update with additional content!

Sep 25
Version 1.1

- Bug fixes and engine improvements
- Updated ads for appropriate audience targeting

Apr 18
Version 1.0