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Live Cycling Manager 2 is the ultimate cycling manager game.
Select or create the club of your dreams and manage each and every aspect! Become the Sports Manager of a professional team and compete against another 40 teams until you reach the top.
Control all aspects of your club: from training sessions, transfers, staff, registration in races, racer selection and race strategies, to finances and designing your kit.
Hire the best cyclists, trainers, physiologists, doctors, mechanics... Control the finances and manage the club of your dreams. Overcome all the setbacks that come your way throughout the season.
Prepare for grand tours with exclusive training sessions, pre-race training camps, courses for employees, sports equipment and much more.
Immerse yourself in the experience of participating in races in real time, give orders to your cyclists and compete in races in a 3D environment. Compete entire seasons with another 40 existing teams in the game, and go up a level at the end of the season.
- 3D simulation of stages. Compete against other cyclists in exciting races in real time with 3D settings. Rivals with independent AI that will try to win each race, from quick sprints to tough mountain stages in which you will have to fight to the very end.
- Design the best strategy and adapt it at all times, managing your team during the race in a 3D setting, or design a strategy and simulate the race instantly.
- Two categories of real races: WORLD and PRO. With every type of Tour, Giro, Vuelta, Volta, and one-day races with over 240 stages, with the best races in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Japan, California, Roubaix, Liege, etc.
- Register in the best races on the calendar and compete in flat races, hill climb trials, time trials, pavés, mountain, half-mountain...
- Train your racers or send them to pre-race training camps all over the world to improve their attributes.
- Control physical condition, as well as form and fatigue accumulated throughout the season so that cyclists are on top form for the best races.
- Manage your staff, from mechanics to physiotherapists, as well as doctors, scouts, trainers and physiologists, each with their specialist areas.
- Negotiate with sports equipment manufacturers to obtain the best bikes on the market and investigate improvements in their components to achieve optimal results in races.
- Hire transport suppliers to get the best fleets for races and improve the performance and rest of cyclists.
- Like a good manager, find and negotiate with the best sponsors for your club. Generate greater income through merchandising management.
- Sign up the racers that you need and transfer surplus cyclists.
- Scout young talents to hire them for the club's junior categories. Train them and promote them when necessary.
- Manage every last detail of a professional cycling club.
If you like cycling and manager games, this is the game for you. Experience the thrill of a cycling race and the sports management of your club. Take your club to the top of the world classification.

Compete in full races in 3D and enjoy improved graphics thanks to the new game engine. You can also design a strategy and instantly simulate the race.

Enjoy the season at your own pace, days will progress at the rate chosen by you. The game will only advance when you have time to play.

Train, manage and compete!

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Version History

Launched Jul 25, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 28
Version 1.19

General Fixes

Sep 14
Version 1.18

General fixes

May 27
Version 1.17

- New Race system
- Race scenarios improvements
- Added loading process to loading panel
- General bugs fixed.

Mar 11
Version 1.16

- fixed race map error
- DB editor available.
- Possibility of downloading other users databases and upload your own one.
- New way of obtaining tokens.
- Cyclist now have a chance of be ill.
- Archivements panel fixed

Mar 10
Version 1.15

- DB editor available.
- Possibility of downloading other users databases and upload your own one.
- New way of obtaining tokens.
- Cyclist now have a chance of be ill.
- Archivements panel fixed

Feb 04
Version 1.14

Riders energy in race fast decreasing fixed
Online race reconection fixed
Races simulation error fixed

Dec 04
Version 1.05

New button to avoid waiting for all riders added,
General fixes,

Nov 05
Version 1.04

Female DB fix

Nov 01
Version 1.03

General fixes and improvements.
Female data base and 3D in test mode.

Oct 11
Version 1.02

Bug Fixes,
General improvements,
New Form,fatigue, Moral and satisfaction system.

Oct 10
Version 1.01

Bug Fixes,
General improvements,
New Form,fatigue, Moral and satisfaction system.

Sep 28
Version 1.00

Fixed bugs and stability issues.
Race Improvements.

Sep 20
Version 0.991

Fixed bugs and stability issues.
Optimised loading times.
Race improvements.

Sep 04
Version 0.99

Fixed Bugs.
Optimized performance and loading times.

Aug 13
Version 0.98

Fixed Bugs.
Optimized performance and loading times.

Aug 02
Version 0.95

General Fixes

Jul 25
Version 0.9

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