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Relax and challenge yourself all at once with this picturesque puzzle game!

Pictominoes® is a unique blend of the jigsaw and pentomino puzzle games, putting beautiful visuals onto geometric tiles that you need to place, rotate and flip to complete the image.

Move, flip and rotate with one finger to get all puzzle pieces to fit onto the grid.

Featuring artwork and photographs from around the world, Pictominoes® has something to offer for all tastes and ages!

Make tiny worlds right - one pictomino piece at a time - accompanied by the many soothing tunes of the game's soundtrack.

Test your observation and spatial reasoning skills with expert puzzles that would even make a rôbót raise an eyebrow.

Not in the mood for a brain teaser? No problem. Use hints to help you bring order to the chaos.

Play over 500 puzzles offline, with all future puzzles for free.

Create puzzles from your own photo album!

Play endlessly with Random Puzzles pulled from the internet!

Published by the creators of OK Golf, Pictominoes® is another zen experience bringing you a moment of calm, one picture puzzle at a time.

Soothe your senses, tickle your synapses and keep yourself entertained throughout the day. Be it on your break, commute or whilst having a warm cuppa, Pictominoes® is a perfect companion to these small moments.

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Visit us at: www.pictominoes.com

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Version History

Launched Dec 04, 2019 (10 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 20 days, on average.

Aug 26
Version 2

Today is another very special day in Pictominoes® history... Today is the day Nicholaos Mouzourakis automated the entire puzzle creation pipeline, and put it in a single button which brings forth infinite puzzles. That's right. I said infinite. Forever. No limits. No more waiting for the next puzzle pack. (Though we will still be making those, not to worry!) Go to the new Endless puzzles button in the top bar of the main menu, and as long as you are connected to the internet, Pictominoes® will download an image from the very generous folks over at unsplash.com who provide a majority of our content, and just form a puzzle from it, like magic. No more will you have to stare at the hundreds of completed puzzles as Nicholaos toils away on the next pack. Today, you play.

Aug 04
Version 1.8.1

This update fixes a crash that occurs when entering the Main Menu with the Parallax Menu option enabled. (Sorry about that!) With a couple more small tweaks:
• The Parallax Menu option and feature has been removed entirely, and...
• ...replaced with a Documentary Buttons option, to turn the Documentary-style animation for the puzzle pack buttons on or off.
• As a result of removing the Parallax Menu, the memory optimization from the last update has approximately doubled efficiency.

Aug 01
Version 1.8.0

Alright, first of all, welcome to those of you joining us from the free weekend! We are very glad to have you join the Pictominoes® family, and we are also very thankful for the generous ratings/reviews you left! (They keep Nicholaos motivated to make those hand-crafted puzzles!) Anyhow, we are back on schedule, with a couple of new updates:
• A brand new pack of animal puzzles with Mother Nature.
• A new look for the Main Menu, with documentary-inspired animated puzzle pack icons.
• Optimizing the memory usage of icons on the Main Menu, future-proofing the adding new levels, and improving memory performance.

Jul 16
Version 1.7

Sorry we've been away for a while! We have been hard at work making Pictominoes® Free! Not to worry though, only the first 100 levels are free in that version, and you now have over 525 at your hands, so your investment in Pictominoes® is safe! That being said, in this update we have:
• Added a News Feed.
• A brand new pack of architectural puzzles with Urban Geometry.
• A new "Parallax Menu" option to show off more puzzles behind the packs in the Main Menu.

Jun 10
Version 1.5.1

By popular demand, we are removing all In-App Purchases from Pictominoes, and replacing them with a classic Pentominoes mini-game to earn hints! Thank you for all the feedback!

Jun 03
Version 1.5.0

Very happy to announce that a great Pictominoes fan, Sharon Madison, has graciously donated a whopping 50 of her birdwatching-style photographs to the Pictominoes library. This brings the total puzzle count to over 500! Thanks a million Sharon!

May 13
Version 1.4.0

Added "Wild West Wonders" puzzle pack.

Apr 22
Version 1.3.1

Going forward, we are now going to try to release level packs more frequently, but with fewer at a time.
• Added "Gradients of Nature" puzzle pack.
• Added ability to generate a custom puzzle directly from the camera.
• One fewer Daily puzzle completion is required to get bonus hints.
• Bonus hints will now be awarded upon completing all puzzles in a pack.
• All hint IAP quantities are now doubled as a bonus!

Apr 01
Version 1.2.0

This month's update comes with a super special feature that we think everyone who wants more Pictominoes will love:
• CUSTOM PUZZLES! Press the Gallery button in the Main Menu, select any photo, and Pictominoes will randomly-generate a custom puzzle just for that photo! Do it as many times as you like! Have a photo you wanted to Pictominize? Go for it! Go for ten, twenty, the fun never ends!
Of course, we are also hard at work hand-crafting puzzles for you as well:
• Added Spring Puzzle Pack.
• Added German Puzzle Pack.

Feb 26
Version 1.1.1

• Fixing a rare issue that can cause a crash when loading very specifically arranged save data on certain puzzles.
• Fixing a small timing issue with the puzzle completion animation.

Feb 25
Version 1.1.0

Oh, do we have a bundle of fun in this update! Included are the following features and tweaks:
• Added Watercolors Puzzle Pack.
• Added Greece Puzzle Pack.
• Added German Localization.
• Reduced App Size by 10%. (Size will not change much though, as 50 Puzzles were also added)
• Addressing Performance in the Main Menu and elsewhere for a smoother UI experience.
• Added Sound Effects to Pictominoes being placed/rotated/flipped.
• Adjusting Background Music volume transitions to be less jarring.
• Improved Daily Puzzle Selection Algorithm.

Jan 31
Version 1.0.2

- Fixing 36 Views of Mt. Fuji - Level 34: Mt. Fuji from the Mountains of Totomi.
- Increased double-tap threshold time slightly.

Jan 29
Version 1.0.1

Added 50 more puzzles!

Dec 04
Version 1.0

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