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ScholarshipOwl is a fast, easy and reliable app for you to search and apply for scholarships. Explore the whole range of opportunities on your educational journey and increase the chances of getting one of the many scholarships from our database! Instantly know when you win the scholarship award with our application tracking system!

Join our successful community of 3.800.000 registered scholarship-seekers!

We want you to get that scholarship:

- Instantly apply for scholarships that don’t have requirements – with one click! Woohoo!

- Our special algorithm connects you to the scholarships most relevant to you, so your chances of getting them skyrocket! Ka-ching!

- Create a profile once and use it for all future applications! No more boring re-typing!

- All scholarships are VERIFIED before we offer them to you, so you can rest assured knowing that your applications are safe and at the right address.
Swipe right for new opportunities, or left to go back – never lose a scholarship! Pick the ones you are interested in!

- Some scholarships require you to do a bit of work – write an essay or snap a photo – no problem! Upload a file or use our text editor and additional features within the app to complete the application! Easy-peasy!

- Just so you don’t get a panic attack while waiting for reply (save that for exams), we introduced a new unique feature: our progress system lets you track your application in real time, and instantly see its status. When you get a scholarship, you’ll be the first to know!

ScholarshipOwl is primarily intended for registered members of ScholarshipOwl.com, with all the beloved functions and eye-catching design now on mobile device.​

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Version History

Launched Dec 20, 2018 (6 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 22 days, on average.

May 23
Version 1.5

Forgot your password? No worries, you can now easily set a new password within the app.
Delined status: sometimes things don't work out, but at least now you'll know if a scholarship provider has Declined your application so that you can apply for a different one.
Get better visibility of status updates on the sent tab that is now improved

Apr 26
Version 1.4.1

- Facebook login fix

Apr 19
Version 1.4

- You changed your mind about some of your picks? No worries, you can now simply remove them from the Pick tab and they will be returned back to the Scholarship tab
- No filter matches? Now you'll know that there are no results matching your query
- Bug fixes
- Marketing support

Mar 28
Version 1.3

- Never miss a beat! We implemented special notification screens to offer you more information on the status of your application. Now you will know exactly what Won, Awarded, Missed and Winner Chosen screens stand for. 
- More is more – provide more information in the Profile area to get more scholarships.
- We’d love to know what you think, so we ask you kindly to leave us a ​review on the App Store. Help us be better!

Mar 01
Version 1.2

- New users now get a special invitation to join Scholarship Owl family
- Get feedback on some of your submitted applications. Go to submitted scholarship applications and learn if you won a scholarship, and if you didn't get the good news, we'll let you know who has.
- Tired of typing passwords? Worry no more, we now let you login with one click. Just ask for a magic link.
- We know our students love one click scholarships, we have good news for you, we now let you know which scholarships just require you to click Apply to send your application. No essays, no hard work!
- There's nothing more annoying than being unaware the filters are active, we fixed this. You will no longer forget that you activated filters.
- Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines...we want to make sure you don't miss out on any important application deadlines. Watch out for deadline written in red, it means this scholarship is expiring soon.
- We want you to feel welcome, so we introduced intro screens to make you feel at home.
- Statistics is important to us so we know which features you like and which ones you don't enjoy

Feb 01
Version 1.1

- Submitted application details: view details of your submitted applications. More precisely, view and download essays, documents, photos, videos, submitted for a scholarship application. Go into Sent tab on your Applications tab and browse sent application details.
- Logout dialogue: don’t log out​ by accident. We now show you a warning so you’re not accidentally removed from your scholarship work.
- New mailbox features: search emails, sorting by name and date allows you to browse your messages better and find exactly what you’re looking for.
- Mailbox empty screens: there’s nothing more frustrating than a blank screen so we thought it’s nice to show you something cute while you’re waiting for your first messages.
- No search results screen: sometimes a query doesn’t result in a match, important is you’re made aware of this so you can give it another shot.

Jan 09
Version 1.0.1

- Fixed issue related to log in​ with Facebook

Dec 20
Version 1.0

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