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In this IQ test, you will find a multitude of IQ tests that will help you to measure your intelligence and IQ in so many different ways. The IQ tests that we have added in this update are the following:

1) IQ test that is similar to Ravens Progressive Matrices with fun and straightforward question types. There will be 30 of these questions with 4 different answer choices.

2) Mental test section that will measure your emotional vs logical levels. This test comprises 40 questions and is similar to an EQ test.

Results & Detailed Results
- In the standard results section, you will see your range of intelligence - IQ
- In the detailed results section, you will see a a graph that shows your following skills: analytical, spatial, theoretical, and etc. These concepts are components that go into an IQ. They are different than the concept of IQ however, they show which parts of your brain have contributed in the making of your IQ.

Detailed Results Grading Methodology: The type of methodology we have constructed in order to calculate your detailed results is based on which question types you have answered correctly. The grading system is comprehensive as it takes into account each question type.

IQ score is a measurement that allows the person to calculate and measure his/her intelligence level. IQ tests are mostly used in schools, industry, and even some high-level jobs. IQ tests are sometimes mathematical, science-based, and etc. In this IQ test we designed, we made sure that the IQ test and the IQ based questions follow a visual perspective since not everybody is well-acquainted with mathematics and numbers.

IQ tests are famous and has a long history. The concept of IQ is defined by German psychologists and the term intelligence quotient (IQ) is also derived from the definitions of IQ that German experts have found. IQ tests can be in the form of math IQ tests, verbal IQ tests, spatial IQ tests, and visual IQ tests. Although there are many more IQ tests, these are usually the most common IQ tests and the most preferred IQ tests.

Moreover, IQ is a very debated topic. Some experts say that it does not truly show ones smartness as smartness and "genius" is dependent on a lot of factors and cannot be measured by just an IQ test. Although this is true, this IQ test still shows a great deal about ones pattern recognition, spatial ability, and prediction skills. It doesn't necessarily show smartness, but the IQ test shows ones ability to predict, guess, and analyze different shapes and patterns.

As Aleph Apps, we would be very delighted to help our users to measure their IQ and see their score themselves. So, share this IQ test with your friends and spread the word to make this IQ test one of the most interactive and fun IQ tests out there!

Thank you! See your IQ level with this IQ test in just a few minutes yourself!

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Version History

Launched Dec 19, 2018 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jul 26
Version 2.0.3

Updated the prior IQ test:
1) Added mental test section
2) Changed graphics and detailed results section
3) Fixed minor bugs

Jul 21
Version 2.0.2

-General IQ incorrect iq measurement bug fix.
-Some ad related bug fix.
-Minor enhancements to increase overall experience.

Jul 14
Version 2.0.1

-Minor bug fix.

Jul 12
Version 2.0.0

Multiple IQ tests you could choose from and a Brain Teaser for you to improve your intelligence. Enjoy!

May 22
Version 1.4.0

We have added a mental test section that will measure your emotional levels!

Jan 31
Version 1.3.0

Measure your IQ and see your results instantly in the "Scores" section! Friendly, fun, smart, and interactive IQ test designed for all ages!

Jan 09
Version 1.0.1 (1)

Track your progress by checking out the "Scores" section. Interactive and fun IQ questions!

Dec 19
Version 1.0

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