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Twenty-Five (also known as Twenty-Fives) and Forty-Five (also known as Forty-Fives) are trick taking card games that originated in Ireland (Maw, Spoil Five) often thought to be Ireland's national card game!

The Irish25s app allows you to play 25 and 45 card games online against your friends or computer opponents using a simple easy-to-use interface.


Face-off against the world in our public tables or create your own private rooms to play online with your friends.

Up to 9 players can play 25s or 45s at the same table as individuals or as teams!

A beginner friendly UI let's novices jump in and learn as they play!

Create an Irish25s account get access to special features including levels and badges!

 Free in iOS App Store


25 / 45 Card Game - Irish25s screenshot 125 / 45 Card Game - Irish25s screenshot 225 / 45 Card Game - Irish25s screenshot 325 / 45 Card Game - Irish25s screenshot 425 / 45 Card Game - Irish25s screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Dec 22, 2018 (6 months ago).
Jan 14
Version 1.0.1

Players can now see their position on the leaderboard.
Fixed issue where card may disappear if temporarily disconnected from server.
Tutorial improvements.
Added Renege information to Tutorial.
Performance improvements.

Dec 22
Version 0.6.2


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