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Spoken & Translator is a simple yet powerful tool to translate text, speech and even to have real-time translated conversations! Travel around the world and communicate easier than ever: at the airport, supermarket, hotel, during business trips or simply while traveling on vacation.
What’s in the box:
* Live translation of conversations: choose a pair of languages and communicate easily not even touching the device
* Automatic language detection: set a pair of languages, start your conversation and let the app recognize the language automatically
* Speak to translate into 40 languages
* Type to translate into over 100 languages
Enjoy the most intelligent translation technologies along with the smoothest user experience:
* Advanced Voice-to-Voice Conversation mode
* 3D Touch and Tap&Hold support: press the flag icon while translating to pick another language in a blink
* Intelligent Text-to-Text mode

 $0.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Oct 15, 2018 (7 months ago).
Oct 15
Version 1.2


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