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Pixel Petz is an online community for creating and trading virtual petz. Watch your designs come to life before your eyes, and discover other pixers from around the world!

Join Pixel Petz to:

• Create your own unique petz using simple tools.
• Share photos and make posts about your petz.
• Discover a community of artists and pet lovers. Interact with likes and comments!
• Enter petz showz and make your petz famous.
• Buy, sell, and trade petz to cultivate your ultimate Petz Collection!

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Social Networking

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Version History

Launched Mar 16, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 days, on average.

Nov 24
Version 0.2.93

0.2.93 Release
-getting ready for December events!
-added personal trading rules to profile
-pet shop improvements
-can sell petz with edit permission
-bug fixes and server changes

Oct 19
Version 0.2.88

0.2.88 Release
-can only edit the same DYO part up to 5 times
-can report users from their profile
-fixed tiny baby photo from breeding
-bug fixes and minor ui updates

Oct 11
Version 0.2.87

0.2.87 Release
-Bug fixes and minor UX improvements

Oct 07
Version 0.2.86

0.2.86 Release
-New-old contest voting system for fairer results!
-Option to change button theme colors from Settings
-DYO Clothing editor improvements
-Bug fixes

Sep 21
Version 0.2.85

0.2.85 Release
-Golden Brush adjustment
-New Silver Brush can create DYO clothes!
-Bonus seeds on any purchase (all previous purchases count)
-Click closet in other petz pages to view worn clothes (if wearing any)
-UI improvements to partz shop
-Bug fixes

Sep 08
Version 0.2.84 Release

0.2.84 Release
-zoom in/out when taking petz photos
-toy positions in home will be saved
-fixed URL for Help Center on non-english devices
-lux box display fix for slow internet
-server stability updates

Aug 27
Version 0.2.83

0.2.63 Release
-personality will now generate
-chance of shiny
-database sort improvements
-bug fixes

Aug 15
Version 0.2.82

0.2.82 Release
-UI, UX changes
-new 'help center' link in home settings
-when selling petz, new option to prevent buyer from trading it (buyer must also be updated for this to work)
-sticky comment doubling and wrong comment replacement fix
-can load more than 15 posts when searching user posts
-null user check
-bug fixes

Jul 31
Version 0.2.81

0.2.81 Release
-Invite petz from their page, bug fixes
-Changed all places with ad icons to show “Watch Ad” for clarity
-Updated IAP to newest for security and analytics removal (for Kids category)
-UI update and other bug fixes

Jul 17
Version 0.2.80

0.2.80 Release
-Invite petz over! Invited petz show up in your home to play, and then automatically go back after a few days. You can babysit, train, breed, or dressup invited petz.
-For Golden Token holders, a new tool allows you to flatten the shadow onto the colors.
-This update may log you out due to security changes (email bugz@pixelpetz.com with your username and details if you forgot your password and can't reset it via email).
-Shift clothes around to better fit your petz
-Trades now expire a week after last edit
-Bug fixes, including draft loading

Jul 06
Version 0.2.79

0.2.79 Release
-New Event!
-framework update
-network update and fixes
-contest now has stage 2 voting
-bug fixes in DYO editor
-partz shop improvements

Jun 16
Version 0.2.77

0.2.77 Release
-server stability
-changes for faster voting, more winners
-partz are cached for faster loading
-can change most info for your DYO partz from profile
-bug fixes

Jun 02
Version 0.2.74

0.2.74 Release
-All New Contests, with multiple categories and special prizes
-DYO partz no longer have 10gemz base price, changed to 15 stock per brush
-daily reward resets at same time every day instead of last collect time
-fixed bug with profile refreshing
-instant timeout for swearing, cheating, and other inappropriate behaviors
-notification fix
-misc bug fixes

May 13
Version 0.2.72

-Bug fix

May 12
Version 0.2.71

0.2.71 Release
-fix for editing collab petz
-caching for user profiles to conserve data use
-misc bug fixes

May 08
Version 0.2.70

0.2.70 Release
-Partz submit with last brush bug fix. If you submitted a part with 1 brush and failed, please email bugz@pixelpetz.com with your username and any details
-Clothing bug fix

May 08
Version 0.2.69

0.2.69 Release
-Edit details of your own partz inside partz editor, even after approval
-Trade notification fixes
-Search through trades by username of trading partner
-View partz used on a petz from their profile
-Add partz to wishlist from user’s shop
-More categories in user partz shop
-UI and bug fix

Apr 30
Version 0.2.68

0.2.68 Release
-Design Your Own Partz is now possible with a Golden Brush!
-You can sell partz you created in your personal partz shop, or purchase other user-created partz. More partz for all, yay!
-Set trade and comment preferences for more privacy
-Default trade messages will auto-translate
-Notifications cached offline for less data use
-Server stability improvements
-Bug fixes

Mar 22
Version 0.2.65

0.2.65 Release
New player bug fix! Sorry about that, you can now create accounts again.

Mar 21
Version 0.2.64

0.2.64 Release
-more brushes and drawing tools
-set a price range to search in petz shop
-bug fixes

Mar 20
Version 0.2.63

0.2.63 Release
-faster loading in partz shop
-more features in probreeding
-ValentineX gains probreeding features
-bug fixes

Mar 17
Version 0.2.62

0.2.62 Release
-temp edit is back!
-loading optimizations
-more variations in breeding
-bug fix for server tracking
-misc bug fixes

Mar 12
Version 0.2.61

0.2.61 Release
-improved collab without trading!
-hang a custom photo in your petz’ room
-incomplete payment processing fix
-see user’s wishlisted partz from profile
-partz wishlist improvements and bug fixes

Mar 07
Version 0.2.60

0.2.60 Release
-Partz archive is here! You can look through older partz and bookmark your favorites for trading.
-You can now also toggle part trading individually, from the trading menu
-Save/share transparent PNGs of your petz from their page

Mar 05
Version 0.2.59

0.2.59 Release
-UI changes for petz page
-bug fixes

Mar 02
Version 0.2.58

0.2.58 Release
-You can now allow owners of your petz to edit the pet from its page!
-Up to 10 pixers can now be added to a petz’ pixer list, for collaborative work.
-Bug fixes

Feb 29
Version 0.2.57

0.2.57 Release
-You can now choose species when opening lux boxes!
-Click artist's icons to open their profile page
-Bookmarks fixed
-Unresponsive IAP fix
-Misc bug fixes and UI tweaks

Feb 28
Version 0.2.56

0.2.56 Release
-fixed item trading
-blank baby petz can be saved inside pet page
-can pinch to zoom in home and pet pages
-pillow matches sofa
-UI updates and other bug fixes

Feb 24
Version 0.2.55

0.2.55 Release
- can now Bookmark petz
- new “pro” breeding option with instant birth
- can filter notifications by type
- can report comments and trades
- can view blocked players
- UI and bug fixes

Feb 20
Version 0.2.52

0.2.52 Release
-server SDK update
-minor UI fixes

Feb 20
Version 0.2.51

0.2.51 Release
-cross-species breeding is now available! However, breeding chance is lowered and all babies are unbreedable.
-bouncy sofa fix
-bug fixes

Feb 15
Version 0.2.50

0.2.50 Release
-more UI/UX improvements
-bug fixes

Feb 14
Version 0.2.49

0.2.49 Release
-UI/UX improvements
-bug fixes

Feb 11
Version 0.2.48

0.2.48 Release
-removed top banner ads for everyone
-Welcome Bundle now includes 8 day Golden Token and costs the same
-overall UI improvements
-battery use improvements

Feb 05
Version 0.2.46

0.2.46 Release
-added back button to hide body zoom changer
-delete last petz box bug fix
-clothing load bug fix
-glitchy image when cloning older petz fixed
-other bug fixes

Jan 31
Version 0.2.45

0.2.45 Release
-better zooming tool
-delete and sticky posts on your wall
-new furniture
-login will remove any spaces to lower chance of typo
-pet box bug fix
-loading improvements
-general bug fixes and security update

Jan 23
Version 0.2.44

0.2.44 Release
-Walls on user profiles
-Added some pink ;)
-Extra options when creating petz
-UI improvements and bug fixes

Jan 17
Version 0.2.42

0.2.42 Release
-new message board
-view trade history for your newly traded petz
-server stability
-bug fixes, ui improvements

Jan 11
Version 0.2.40

0.2.40 Release
-New minigame: Climb
-Petz bred by you may be sold in Marketplace
-You may now trade itemz!
-New useable itemz in Closet.
-New Pixtory for organized cloning
-Search for a petz’ litterz
-Account can now be deleted from Settings
-Bug fixes, stability, speed and UI improvements

Dec 30
Version 0.2.38

0.2.38 Release
-Boxes increased up to 8 for free players, and 50 for anyone who’s purchased Welcome Bundle
-Can now ‘mute’ your comments to stop receiving alerts for new responses (only works on petz you don’t own)
-Bug fixes

Dec 28
Version 0.2.37

0.2.37 Beta Release
-added pet shop button in user profile
-speed improvement on startup
-IAP security patch
-SDK updates
-bug fixes and minor ui updates

Dec 19
Version 0.2.35

0.2.35 Release
-partz costing 25gemz and up have purple bg
-minigame name translations
-alternative translation on body partz and clothing items for japanese and korean
-UI fixes

Dec 13
Version 0.2.34

0.2.34 Release
-pencil tool upgrade, with stamps and sizes!
-12 new colors in chart~
-bug fix for download leak
-removed jobz door (assign from petz menu instead)
-many UI and UX improvements, especially tutorial

Dec 06
Version 0.2.32

0.2.32 Release
-reduce amount of things to load on splash
-breeding will wait for both petz to fully load
-some pet image display fix
-star will not reset after job
-post UI and other bug fixes

Nov 26
Version 0.2.31

0.2.31 Release
-More coinz earned in minigames
-Sticky comments update, can now sticky and unsticky any comment under your pet.
-Sticky comments made before this update can be fixed by unstickying then restickying
-Bug and UI fixes

Nov 21
Version 0.2.30

0.2.30 Release
- can now send edit-only trades
- corrected comment spacing
- added outline to cloud platform in jump minigame
- added option to type reasons when reporting posts
- bug fixes

Nov 20
Version 0.2.29

0.2.29 Release
-sticky comments on your own petz pages!
-newest comment goes to top
-hold and drag dropper to select color, tap dropper to keep using
-UI update and palette tweak
-photo sharing update for newer native options
-minor bug fixes

Nov 09
Version 0.2.28

-Minigames are here!
-UI update
-Minor update to color palette
-Photo sharing update

Nov 01
Version 0.2.27

0.2.27 Release
-Scroll position in pet shop is saved
-When pet box is full, can still create (can not adopt)
-Added extra confirmation when trading
-Share image working again on newer iOS
-Misc bug fixes

Oct 28
Version 0.2.26

-Memory optimization to fix some crashes while scrolling
-Gene mutation tweak for better breeding results
-Inbred petz breeding success slightly raised
-UI improvements and bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 0.2.25

-Account creation bug for new players fixed
-Name your boxes!

Oct 24
Version 0.2.23

0.2.23 Release
-new account creation bug fix!
-partz from trades now shows up in inventory without restart
-trade notification fetch limit for loading improvement
-rewarded ads compatibility improvement
-misc bug fixes

Oct 22
Version 0.2.22

0.2.22 Release
-Stability and speed improvements
-New guests can now login with password, just don’t lose your password if you don’t have an email to reset it with!
-Notification fixes
-Closet patch
-Bug and UI fixes

Oct 19
Version 0.2.21

0.2.21 Release
-HUGE Closet upgrade! Time to dress up the hamsters…
-Petz turn to elder after day 100, up from 45
-Creating petz should be faster for people with many followers
-Trading security upgrade
-Bug fixes

Oct 11
Version 0.2.20

- Halloween Event begins!
- Added Notice Board
- Many bug fixes

Oct 10
Version 0.2.19

0.2.19 Release
- This update is required to fix server timeout issues
- Fixed body height slider for hamsters
- Breeding cost bug fixed
- Misc bug fixes

Oct 02
Version 0.2.18

0.2.18 Release
-Pet box sorting fixed
-Heart icon fills up as pregnancy progresses
-Eye outline and shadow color fix for golden token holders
-Hamster partz are now tradeable
-Extra tools for taking profile picture
-Bug fixes

Sep 28
Version 0.2.17

- hamsterz are here~
- ‘no grow’ option when creating petz
- 5 boxes for pet storage, up from 3
- TV ad visual bug fixed
- spanish pet display bug fixed

- misc bug fixes and UI improvements

Sep 24
Version 0.2.16

- Complete framework update, stability and speed improvements
- Breeding loading bug fixed
- Catz no longer walk in place
- Fixed graphical glitch with baby photos
- Preload partz for shop sorting
- Starz will increase retirement coinz reward
- Breeding now inherits transparency and checks for lightness value
- Minor UI updates and bug fixes

Sep 15
Version 0.2.14

- Breeding is here!
- Active petz limit increased to 5 to fit the whole family :)
- Missing partz on startup fixed
- Petz grow to Elders after day 45, up from 30
- Double-click to zoom added back
- Drawing more responsive
- More panning space when zoomed in (for those big tails!)
- Music and sound can be muted separately
- UI improvements and bug fixes

Sep 05
Version 0.2.13

- new partz boxes in shop!
- draftz now also save petz name and description
- followers now show a filled heart icon
- coinz converter is cheaper in shop
- voting now gives 60 coinz and and watching ads now gives 100 coinz, up from 30
- bug fixes

Aug 29
Version 0.2.12

-33% stuck loading pet creator bug fixed
-transparency is here, and not as a bug!
-3 drafts for saving pet designs
-you can take photos of your dressed up petz, which will be used in contests
-your furniture is now used everywhere
-trading petz for currency is limited to petz you created
-misc UI and bug fixes, including "sticky note" petz

Aug 23
Version 0.2.11

-partz, coinz, and gemz can now be traded!
-new petz storage system! Try it from pet page options.
-new furniture!
-image scrolling optimization
-improved pet reporting system
-comments can be reported
-rewarded ads disappearing gemz fix
-IAP prevents accidental double-clicks
-misc bug fixes

Aug 15
Version 0.2.10

-fix glitchy pet images
-post scrolling duplicates fix
-pet scrolling duplicates fix
-filter update

Aug 11
Version 0.2.9

-new palette bucketfill tool
-palette select
-adopting petz improved, 50% stuck bug fix
-sold petz history loads more efficiently
-wrong pricetags in user shops fixed
-improved basic care tutorial and minor newbie tutorial
-searching through user history can filter by pixed
-pet loading optimization
-swearlist filter
-misc bug and ui fixes

Aug 02
Version 0.2.8

-preset patternz for pet creation!
-gemz on TV appear more often
-daily login reward gets its own button
-login streak can be seen in user profiles
-dropper gets line color again
-shop pricetag display fix
-no longer requires email verification for name and description only
-misc UI fixes

Jul 30
Version 0.2.7

-transparent bug and undo/redo fixed
-partz load/save bug fix
-loading pup changed to mascot

Jul 26
Version 0.2.6

-performance improvements for startup and petz creation
-draft bug fixed
-dropper can get line color for token holders
-sold petz show up in order of sale
-multiple contest entry bug fixed
-animation fixes
-tutorial is back for newbies
-bug fixes for pet ownership

Jul 18
Version 0.2.5

-Petz shop is here! Sell and buy petz from other players
-Golden Tokens are available, get it for rare partz, infinite pet box space, colorwheel, and other cool perks!
-Added user profile descriptions (email verification required to edit)
-Color palettes save on exiting
-Bug fixes

Jul 06
Version 0.2.1

-Additional security to protect the community, accounts must have a verified email to post comments
-Accept/cancel trade messages
-67% loading bug fix
-Trade notification bug fix
-Post search consistent after visiting pet pages
-Minor job bugz fixed

Jun 13
Version 0.1.23

-Edit post bug fixed
-Shadow colors load correctly

Jun 08
Version 0.1.22

-Fixed unresponsive trading button
-Posts can now be shared or reported
-Posts can be searched by user or pet history
-You can edit/delete your own posts
-Pet creation upload faster
-Petz will remember which box they were sorted into, even after jobz
-Splash screen loads less items
-Misc bug fixes

Jun 04
Version 0.1.21

-This is a mandatory update to make our community a safer place!
-Reporting inappropriate petz is now possible from ‘info’ (top-right corner of pet page)
-Cloning petz with limited partz fixed
-Pet collection now shows accurate scrollbar position and loads faster
-Showz displaying incorrect placement fixed
-Entering petz into showz will autocancel any trades
-Misc minor bug fixes

Jun 02
Version 0.1.20

-inappropriate content will start to be banned, reporting coming soon
-pet box now able to load even the biggest collection!
-you can reclaim petz you’ve pixed from the pound for a small fee
-disowning petz now costs coinz
-negative coin bug fixed
-error notification stuck loading fixed
-some comments not loading fixed
-avatars no longer show inverted colors
-star/level resetting bug fixed
-loading draft and pet editor fixed

May 21
Version 0.1.19

-partz being used up twice fixed, to make up for it all owned and previously owned partz have been increased by 1!
-contest fix
-frozen screen after login due to notification error fix
-“no internet” message changed to “slow internet” for less confusion
-head part resize issue fixed
-messages can now be left when sending trades
-added block button to user profiles
-incorrect partz loading and undo bug fix
-added confirm checkbox for adopting petz

May 18
Version 0.1.18

-Trades fix
-Contest results page will now show uncollected prizes at the top
-Partz purchased with welcome bundle accidentally misplaced, will be received in this update
-Working petz will show up in regular petbox instead of separate tab
-Anyone still having problems, please email lily@pixelpetz.com with all the details you can!

May 16
Version 0.1.16

-TV now gives gemz once a day!
-Create tool upgrade: dedicated body switching buttons so no more accidental taps! Hit the arrow near the magnifying glass to try it.
-Partz Shop is here! Lots more body partz to come! :)
-Extra loading improvements (if still having trouble loading, email lily@pixelpetz.com)
-More shop items and banner ad
-Contest glitch displays fixed
-Reward ad bug fixes
-No more disappearing petz (even petz on jobz will appear everywhere, although disabled)
-Update button added to user avatars

May 01
Version 0.1.13

-Edit petz after creation from its pet page!
-If you're having trouble getting past loading screen, please email lily@pixelpetz.com with screenshots!
-Duplicate box pet error fixed
-Draft body size loading fixed
-Drafts will autosave every 30 seconds
-Fixed reset draft clearing undos and other misc bugs.

Apr 27
Version 0.1.11

-added a TV to your room
-rewarded ad bug fixed
-additional security for purchases
-create tool moving dog and head height bugs fixed
-petz wrong size display fixed
-petz on jobz and showz now show in trades
-empty notifications bug fixed
-misc minor UI fixes and updates

Apr 25
Version 0.1.10

-test breeding with traded petz too!
-added a pet box inside your home.
-misc bug fixes to feed, jobz, shop, and notifications
-minor UI updates to petbox

Apr 18
Version 0.1.9

-Daily login bonus! New way to earn Gemz! :)
-Breeding preview in create petz area
-Delete comments from your own petz’ pages, and also your own comments
-Adopt pet loading screen fix
-Less overlapping room bugs

Apr 16
Version 0.1.8

-Contest pet images load faster
-Bug fixes

Apr 13
Version 0.1.7

-Voting loading fixed
-Create tool invisible tail bug fixed
-Undo won’t affect shadow
-Newly created petz will always show up in home
-Completed trade history now visible
-Added detailed error messages for signing up

Apr 11
Version 0.1.6

-Feed ordering fixed.
-Contests fixed! When overpopulated, will now split into multiple contests.
-Screen scrolling glitch fixed.
-Error codes added to loading screen.
-Undo now works on body part changes and randomized petz.

Apr 04
Version 0.1.5

-8% loading bug fix!
-You can now block people
-Accepting a trade will send any new petz to Box 1
-Broken trade pet images are gone
-Adopting petz is slightly faster, with loading bar
-New nose and tail!
-Finished Showz will display ending date

Mar 31
Version 0.1.4

Minor bugs fixed.

Mar 16
Version 0.1.3

Shop bug fix

Mar 14
Version 0.1.2

Bug fixes

Mar 13
Version 0.1.0

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