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Welcome to the future of real estate investing.

Low fees. Smart technology. Powerful assets.
We’re on a mission to build the best real estate investing experience ever. That means using our technology to:
• Reduce costs and lower fees
• Acquire world-class assets
• Improve long-term return potential

Invest in something real
The private real estate market offers unique potential for long-term growth and consistent cash flow. Fundrise has acquired and actively managed nearly 200 institutional-quality assets, collectively worth over $2.5 billion.

Keep more of what you earn
Fees matter. We’ve used our tech and innovative model to minimize investor costs, resulting in one of the most cost-efficient private real estate offerings ever.

Fundrise uses bank-level security for our investors’ protection. Investor information is encrypted with bank-level AES encryption. App users have access to the added layer of protection available through Touch ID and Face ID access.

Hyper-responsive support
Fundrise has a team of knowledgeable finance professionals sitting in our DC headquarters, waiting to field any questions you may have via email or phone.

Getting started is easy
Signing up for Fundrise is simple and usually takes less than 5 minutes. Fundrise integrates with more than 3,500 banks including Chase, Wells Fargo, and Charles Schwab — no complicated paperwork required.

How it works
1. You select a strategy (long-term growth, cash flow, or something in between).
2. We’ll instantly build you a dynamic portfolio filled with assets that fit your strategy.
3. You can manage and monitor the growth of your portfolio via your robust dashboard using our app or desktop experience.

**Fundrise was named by Forbes in 2019 as one of the 50 most innovative fintech companies in the United States**

**Fundrise was ranked as the #1 fastest-growing fintech company on the 2018 Inc. 5000**

Fundrise Advisors, LLC is an SEC-registered investment advisor. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training. Investing in securities involves risks, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities. Before investing, consider your investment objectives and Fundrise’s charges and expenses. Nothing in this material should be construed as investment or tax advice, or a solicitation or offer, or recommendation, to buy or sell any security. All images and return figures shown are for illustrative purposes only, and are not actual customer or model returns. Visit fundrise.com/oc for offering documents and other information.

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Version History

Launched Mar 31, 2019 (11 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 14 days, on average.

Feb 20
Version 2.1.0

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Jan 29
Version 2.0.1

Performance improvements and Bug fixes

Jan 13
Version 2.0.0

Interface to allow users to submit content about properties in their allocation, improved mapping functionality.

Dec 10
Version 1.10.1

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Nov 21
Version 1.9.1

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Nov 15
Version 1.9.0

Improvements to the project mapping experience, updates to sign up and invest.

Nov 05
Version 1.8.1

Miscellaneous user experience and code quality improvements.

Oct 25
Version 1.8.0

- Support for investing in the Fundrise iPO
- iOS 13 updates

Oct 18
Version 1.7.1

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Oct 15
Version 1.7

Two-factor authentication support.
Improved portfolio reporting.

Sep 24
Version 1.6.2

iOS 13 improvements.

Aug 20
Version 1.6.1

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Aug 19
Version 1.6.0

Added sorting + maps to the projects view
Various small bug fixes and improvements

Jul 30
Version 1.5.1

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Jul 25
Version 1.5

See the change in your account value since last login.
Performance enhancements.

Jul 11
Version 1.4.1

Small bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Jul 02
Version 1.4.0

Small bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Jun 21
Version 1.3.1

Performance improvements

Jun 20
Version 1.3.0

Videos in investor updates
Referral program
iOS 13 enhancements
Bug fixes and performance improvements

May 30
Version 1.2.0

We added the ability to change your selected investment plan, made some navigation improvements and implemented performance and notification enhancements.

May 09
Version 1.1.0

Set up and edit your auto-invest schedule.
Edit pending transactions.
Sharing for investor updates.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apr 24
Version 1.0.4

Added manual address entry for new users.
Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
Addressed a small issue regarding email authentication.

Apr 06
Version 1.0.3

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Apr 03
Version 1.0.2

• Added the ability to navigate to position details from the Performance tab
• You can now pan and zoom on images in the media gallery
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Mar 31
Version 1.0.1

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