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Do you think it's about time for your phone to show that extra sass you like? Then this is the app for you. In this one of a kind app, you will get sassy wallpapers as well as sassy stickers, free of charge. In this amazing app, you will discover cool sassy answers in the form of a sticker or a wallpaper, whichever you prefere. Made for almost any situation, these cool stickers will show the world your sassy personality. Boy or a girl, young or old, doeasn't really matter, this app is made for everyone. If there are those who wanna mess with you, you now have a sassy answer for them. Download now sassy stickers & wallpapers that will rock your world.

Are you ready for the coolest stickers ever? Enough with all things basic! This app is made for all you queens out there! Yass! No need to be modest now. Let's face the facts and say the truth - these are the best stickers evah! Can't help it. Don't deny it. You need sassy wallpapers and sassy stickers for all your future conversations. Get the best stickers and cool backgrounds now. Why waste any more time. It's your image we are talking about. Sassy is the new black and you know it.


• 3 sets of different sassy stickers
• Lots of sassy backgrounds with these stickers
• Find the perfect sassy answer on these stickers

What more can you look for in an app. Sassy wallpapers? Check. Sassy stickers? Present. All you need to do now, is download this awesome app and find your favorite sassy sticker and sassy wallpaper. After getting this amazing sticker app all you need is a crown, but we cannot help you there, all we can do is offer you sticker no. 47. The rest is up to you. Send them to your friends, colleagues or family. Let everyone know who you really are. With sassy stickers every one of your answers will be on flick. No more basic. Ew. Whatever. The time is now queen. Download ASAP!

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Launched Aug 30, 2018 (over 1 year ago).
May 14
Version 1.3

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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Feb 09
Version 1.1

Performance on iPhones and iPads improved.

Aug 30
Version 1.0