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Painters can pick colors from images and have the opaque paint mixing recipe computed for several commercial brands! Great for art students, painters with color vision difficulties or for those working in the painting conservation and restoration fields. Paint, time and money waste can be greatily reduced!

Many Color Spaces are included: sRGB, Display P3, CMYK, HSL, HSV/B, Lab, Lch-ab, Luv, Lch-uv, XYZ, xyY and Munsell coordinates. The Munsell coordinates are computed from the original and extrapolated Renotation Data with great precision even around the neutral axis. You can even check the color transformation error to be completely in control.

RealPaint includes one Ideal Paint set and many measured Paint Sets of well-known paint makers: Createx, Daler-Rowney, Ferrario, Gamblin, Grumbacher-Chartpak, Golden, Liquitex, Maimeri, Royal Talens, Schmincke, Sennelier, Vallejo, Winsor&Newton.

RealPaint includes 8 paint bases of each Paint Set. Once you've selected your Paint Line, you can purchase the 8 bases wherever you like and use them for all your paintings. The 6 colored bases of each Paint Set were optimized to cover the widest possible OPAQUE color space offering you as many as possible mixable colors. Sometimes phthalocyanine pigments are also included because they allow for a wide gamut color mixing, even if they may be problematic for the beginners.
The apps of the "Real Paint mixing tools" family use measured paint spectral information of painted samples. Big part of the RGB/P3 space can be mixed, but not all RGB/P3 colors. This is not a limitation of the apps, just physics. There are also many colors which can be mixed even if they don't belong to the RGB/P3 color space (you can find these by varying manually the paint amount on the "mixing" page).

Paint recipes can be obtained using several Mixing Strategies:
- “B and W + 2 Colors”: a gray is mixed using Black and White first, then 2 colored bases set Hue and Saturation.
- “B or W + 3 Colors”: 3 colored bases are used to set Hue and Saturation and Black OR White set the Value
- “at least one opaque”: all possible opaque mixing combinations are shown
- “no Black used”: opaque mixing combinations without Black
- “all bases at once”: one recipe is computed using all bases at once (result is usually not unique and opacity is not guaranteed)

Each recipe can be Exact or Rounded:
- “Exact recipe” means that each base has an amount with a precision of 0.01 units. If you need % values of each paint base amount, just enter 100 as amount. Exact setting is helpful for weight based measurements using a scale.
- “Rounded recipe” means that each base has an integer number as amount. The recipe will have the minimum possible overall amount computed adding all paint base amounts. The rounded recipes are useful for volume based measurements, like drops, using spoons or squared paper with paint squeezed directly from tubes.

Digital images usually don't fit into the color gamut of real paint sets. RealPaint can find an approximated (de)saturation value of an image to fit it into the color gamut of the selected Paint Set with the current mixing parameters. The value is approximated, because it is based on heuristics, but it is usually a very good approximation.

Please note that color of paint coming from various parts of a tube/jar or from different batches of the manufacturer can vary, so mix small amounts first to be sure that computed recipes meet your needs!

Please check the video tutorials on youtube by searching for "Real Paint mixing tools" to see how to use the app in your paintings.

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Version History

Launched Aug 24, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Dec 20
Version 2.26.1

We added 3 new paint sets to the app!
RealPaint now includes one Ideal Paint set and many measured Paint Sets of well-known paint makers:
1. ideal set
2. Chartpak: Grumbacher MAX water mixable Oils
3. Chartpak: Grumbacher Pre-tested Professional Oils
4. Createx: Airbrush Opaque Illustration colors (NEW set and color model)
5. Daler-Rowney: Georgian Oils (NEW color model)
6. Daler-Rowney: System3 Original Acrylics
7. Ferrario: Airbrush Pen Color
8. Ferrario: Ferrario 1919 oil Colors
9. Gamblin: Artist Oil Colors (NEW set and color model)
10. Gamblin: Conservation Colors
11. Golden: Heavy Body Acrylic (NEW color model)
12. Golden: Matte Fluid Acrylic colors
13. Liquitex: Heavy Body Artist colors
14. Maimeri: Polycolor acrylic colors
25. Royal Talens: Van Gogh Oils (NEW color model)
16. Schmincke: Norma Professional Oils (NEW color model)
17. Schmincke: Primacryl
18. Sennelier: Extra Fine Oils (NEW set and color model)
19. Talens: Rembrandt Extra-Fine Oils (2012)
20. Talens: Rembrandt Extra-Fine Oils (2019) (NEW color model)
21. Vallejo: Acrylic Studio Colours
22. Winsor & Newton: Artisan water mixable Oils
23. Winsor & Newton: Artists' Oils
24. Winsor & Newton: Designers Gouache (NEW color model)
25. Winsor & Newton: Galeria acrylic colors
26. Winsor & Newton: Professional Acrylics

We started the migration to a new color mixing model. This version includes already improved models for 9 paint lines.

Some bugs were also fixed.
Enjoy this new version!

Nov 29
Version 1.23.2

Minor bug fixing

Jul 08
Version 1.23.1

- The paint line Rembrandt Extra-Fine Oils by Talens was parameterized again, so both 2012 and 2019 paint batch information is available
- Now Color Names show the associated color error explicitly and not only by graying out the Color Name
- Now paint mixing recipes con be copied into the clipboard and transferred to other apps as text
- minor bug fixing

Mar 07
Version 1.22.1

Paint line added: Grumbacher MAX water mixable Oils

Dec 14
Version 1.21.2

bug fix

Nov 08
Version 1.21.1

- added link to Video Tutorials
- bug fixes

Oct 31
Version 1.21.0

New paint set added: Grumbacher Pre-tested Professional Oils

Sep 02
Version 1.20.1

Crayola crayon name list added

Aug 24
Version 1.20.0

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