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Easy Chinese is a Chinese learning app suitable for beginners to learn Mandarin. It is easy to learn Chinese for beginners with an intelligent Chinese pronunciation evaluation, and systematic Chinese learning courses.

This app is the overseas version of the most popular Chinese learning app in China which is the latest version released in 2018. Come and join us to learn Mandarin Chinese and Chinese skill with 1.5 million Chinese learners!

With Easy Chinese, you will no longer worry about do not understand the China map, China news of China star, Chinese calendar, Chinese zodiac, Chinese keyboard or Chinese input. With easy Chinese, you can come to a Chinese restaurant (China restaurant) or a China buffet in a China city and speak the name of Chinese food or China food fluently. You may find a China work and enjoy China time. With easy Chinese, you will learn Chinese easily than ever before!


- Chinese alphabet
Every student who starts to learn Chinese needs to learn from Chinese Pinyin. This app is equipped with detailed Chinese Pinyin courses (23 letters, 24 finals, 4 tones). For each Chinese vocabulary, sentences are marked with standard Chinese pinyin and pronunciation. Also, you could write Chinese by our app.

- Intelligent Chinese pronunciation evaluation
The Chinese pronunciation evaluation function of this app could accurately find out the mistakes and the lack of your pronunciation, which is more targeted and more efficient.

- Scene learning
Learn in order to practice is the most important purpose of learning Chinese. Each of our vocabulary is equipped with corresponding scene pictures. For some dialogues in daily life, we also recorded teaching videos to impress you to restore scenarios of learning.

- Chinese level test
At each stage of learning, we will conduct a Chinese level test to determine your current Chinese level like HSK. On the one hand, your learning situation will be shown to us more directly, then we could match the more specific learning course for you. On the other hand, you could know your current Chinese level and witness your step-by-step growth.

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Launched Nov 26, 2018 (15 days ago).
Nov 27
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