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Here you can add another photo to edit, add a new layer like Ps to handle.
Layer edit:
1. The new layer can also be added with camera.
2. The new layer can be added from the library.
3. Single layer effect processing,25 powerful adjustment editors!
4. Single layer filter processing, including more than 5000 color filters!
5. Separate layer shapes.
6. All layers can be operated with transparency, hue, color, white border, and copy.

Layer tool:
1. The addition of text layer, rich text editing, currently all known text display styles are available.
2. Add the sticker layer to make the layer more interesting.
3. Background layer,40 built-in hd background, and free custom background.
Paint the tools and draw the patterns you want.
5. Shimmy layer, add the flash effect layer to cover the top layer.
6. Rainbow layer, add rainbow effect to layer above.

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Layer - Photo Editor screenshot 1Layer - Photo Editor screenshot 2Layer - Photo Editor screenshot 3Layer - Photo Editor screenshot 4

Version History

Launched Apr 22, 2018 (9 months ago).
Apr 18
Version 1.0.0


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