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Crocro Adventure is a unique puzzle-platformer; a mix of exploration and learning to code. During your adventure, you'll learn to sequence commands, change parameters, and use simply too complex loops to solve problems, just by guiding Crocro and friends to light up tiles and solve levels.

Crocro Adventure comes with 45 islands to solve, and new code blocks, characters, and candies to collect. Are you up to the challenge?

- Simple but challenging gameplay
- 3D elements interactions
- Helpful gameplay animations and tips explaining all you need to know
- Build your own levels with Level Build Mode and call your friends to the Adventure!

- Improve attention
- Strengthen focusing and concentration
- Improve memory and sequential ability
- Develop problem-solving and logic skills
- Interactive learning experience

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Version History

Launched May 14, 2018 (over 2 years ago).
May 03
Version 2.0