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Soft Pads was created for musicians to eliminate any dead space behind your band by providing an ambient background loop that continuously runs in the background. If you have a band or are a solo performer this is the app you've been waiting for!


Soft Pads has over 10 different ambient loop pad sounds to choose from that can be selected in any of the 12 keys of music. All of the sounds on Soft Pads were carefully selected and designed to only be top quality sounds/pads.

Select one pad sound or layer many to create unique sound combinations. Soft Pads allows near limitless sound options. Our custom sounds like Phaser, Vox, and Breath can be stacked with other pad sounds to create amazing tones. The options are limitless on the different ambient sounds this app can achieve!

Soft Pads does not interfere with other music software programs. Soft Pads will continue to play behind other open apps; it'll even keep playing after pressing the on/off button!

Soft Pads allows you to customize your experience with several background colors allowing you to chose your favorite colors and background schemes. It also includes an enhanced viewing mode that performs fabulously on stage to make the fonts and contrast bolder and stand out for easier viewing.

Soft Pads allows users to turn crossfade on or off and even allows you to chose if you want to allow multiple pads (sticky keys) or just single pads.

Soft Pads is everything you could need all in one app! No more mess of having to download mp3's or sound files or waiting for downloads for hours just to get a few pads to work. Soft Pads gives you everything you need in the palm of your hands without having to go through any hassles or extra steps.

Soft Pads offers A+ customer support to all of our customers. We strive for excellent customer service.

Recommend the following:
1. Download while connected to WiFi.
2. Make sure that your device is in standard or normal viewing mode (Not zoomed or large print). This may affect the "swipe" function. To reveal the menu/settings, swipe left to right from the main screen. To reveal the sound pad choices, swipe right to left from the main screen.
3. For best results during performance, switch on "Airplane Mode".

You can visit our website at: www.forwardsounds.com

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Primary: Music

Secondary: Entertainment

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Version History

Launched Mar 24, 2018 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 31
Version 1.0.7

Fixes flickering when opening the app

Mar 30
Version 1.0.6

Changed minimum OS requirement back to 11.2

Mar 29
Version 1.0.5

Fixes bug with side menus

Mar 27
Version 1.0.4

Updated default settings

Jun 21
Version 1.0.3

App Store changes

Apr 25
Version 1.0.2

Adjusted left/right drawer width to address screen size of iPhone SE

Apr 05
Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes and improved stability

Mar 24
Version 1.0

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