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• The official Trading Card Game of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League!
• Collect the stars of Europe’s best club competition by scanning codes found in every physical packet of Match Attax 2020/21!
• Purchase Topps coins to buy extra trades, new packets and Exclusive LIVE cards that are based on a player’s performance in the UEFA Champions League!
• Go head-to-head with other Match Attax collectors in our free weekly tournaments and earn exclusive digital rewards!
• Find ultra-rare autograph cards from UEFA Champions League players!
• Take on your friends and family with our Head-to-Head mode!
• Show off your tactical expertise as you progress through the Match Attax leagues, getting promotion and earning your stars before you reach the top!
• Claim FREE digital packets by earning XP as you play Match Attax against opponents online.
• With our super quick and easy trading system, you can choose to trade any duplicate cards you get and complete the deal for cards you need!
• Fill your own personal Trophy Cabinet with our exciting in-app reward system!
• Share your Match Attax App pack codes with a friend with our new Scan & Share feature!
• Smaller app size, same great quality!
• Available in English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, português do Brasil and 中文!

FOR PARENTS: Your child will play in a safe, closed environment, with no identifiable information presented, other than their chosen team name and there is no communication between users within the Match Attax App. The game is free to play through our free pack XP system and free rewarding of Topps coins; however, there will be prompts for your child to scan the codes from their physical packet of Topps Match Attax to allow them to add to their digital collection. The App also includes in-app purchases of Topps coins that allow users to purchase packets and other in-app items.

The App, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and other supporting documents are only available in English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano. português do Brasil and 中文. Please only download the App if you are able understand one of these languages.

For feedback and support, please email support@matchattax.com

All UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League names, logos and trophies are the property, registered trademarks and/or copyright of UEFA. All rights reserved. Manufactured under license by Topps Europe Ltd.

® & © Topps. All Rights Reserved. Topps and Match Attax are registered trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc.

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Version History

Launched Mar 14, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 26
Version 5.3.0

NEW: Autograph cards! These exciting new additions will be available for a limited time when they are released and would be the jewel of any Match Attax App collection. If you’re lucky enough to find one, a special pack animation will play and you’ll be able to use this ultra-rare card in all game modes in the app!

Also in this update: general maintenance and bug fixes, over 100 new cards to collect and some new trophies to win!

Aug 26
Version 5.2.0

The exciting new 20/21 Match Attax collection is here!

There's over 600 new cards to collect by redeeming codes found in every pack of Match Attax or through opening packs from the in-app store!

Also included in this update: new scan & share code feature, improved transfer tiering system, new trophies to win and much more!

Aug 06
Version 5.1.0

Match Attax update alert!
Thanks to feedback from all our fans, this awesome update brings new features and fixes in to make the Match Attax App experience even better.

Jul 08
Version 5.0.0

Match Attax update alert!

New Feature: Smaller app size, same great quality!
New Feature: Complete your collection!

Thanks to feedback from all our fans, this awesome update brings two new features and fixes in to make the Match Attax App experience even better.

Apr 06
Version 4.6.0

Match Attax 101 is here!
Our brand-new collection is here, featuring a countdown of the 101 best players of 2019/20, as voted by an expert panel. Who will claim the top spot?

Mar 02
Version 4.5.0

Match Attax update alert!

Thanks to feedback from all our fans, this awesome update brings new features and fixes in to make the Match Attax App experience even better.

Feb 10
Version 4.4.0

New Update! This fresh new update for the Match Attax App contains:

- Your own personal Trophy Cabinet!
- A new lineup builder!
- Tournament Fixes!
- Filters in transfers!
- Ways to earn free coins!
- NEW Match Attax Extra cards!

Dec 02
Version 4.3.0

Finish off the Champions League group stages in style with tons of new On Demand cards!

We have given the app a face-lift too, with loads of bug fixes and features enhancements.

Let us know your thoughts:
Email: support@matchattax.com
Facebook: toppsMA
Twitter: @ToppsMatchAttax
Instagram: @ToppsMatchAttax_

Nov 13
Version 4.2.0

We've got a new update for you Match Attax fans! This update brings a wave of new fixes and service improvements to the app. Thank you for your feedback so far, we're working hard to make the Match Attax App the best it can be!

Sep 25
Version 4.1.0

New Update!

Check out the exciting new wave of Match Attax cards and many service improvements in our fresh new update!

Sep 06
Version 4.0.2

The 2019/20 has kicked off and we’re on the scoresheet already!

This update contains some fixes and improvements to the registration and password recovery systems. Thank you all for your feedback so far, keep it coming!

Aug 29
Version 4.0.1

The 2019/20 season is here! The new season brings a whole set of new Match Attax stars from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League to collect, swap and play!

Aug 24
Version 4.0.0

Collect, swap and play with the stars of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League with the official app of the 2019/20 Match Attax collection!

Apr 29
Version 3.2.0

Our latest update brings a variety of fixes to the Match Attax App based on user feedback. We have also added a way that you can enter codes manually if for some reason the scanning function is unavailable on your device.

Thanks for playing, Match Attax fans!

Mar 26
Version 3.1.0

NOW PLAY WITH FRIENDS! You told us, we listened! We've now added a friends head-to-head mode, where you can take on your friends in an online game of Match Attax and see who is truly the better Match Attax master!

Mar 11
Version 3.0.0

Finish off your season in style with the new Premier League Match Attax Extra 2018/19 collection!
We have given the App a fresh new look and added 200 new cards for you to add to your Match Attax squad with codes found in Match Attax Extra packets!

Feb 07
Version 2.4.0

Check out the latest update for a load of bug fixes and improvements!

Jan 10
Version 2.3.2

Check out the latest update for a load of bug fixes and improvements!

Dec 18
Version 2.3.1

Check out the latest update for a load of bug fixes and improvements! We've also added some fixes to the matchmaking and match results thanks to your feedback.

Some players on devices limited to iOS 9 or earlier had trouble with the last release; this should now be resolved so you can get back on the field!

Nov 15
Version 2.3.0

Match Attax Ultimate is OUT NOW and these highly-rated cards can now be found in packets throughout the Match Attax App!
Plus we've added a bunch of improvements and bug fixes throughout the app for the smoothest experience possible. Enjoy!

Oct 25
Version 2.2.0

Match Attax Ultimate is OUT NOW and these highly-rated cards can now be found in packets throughout the Match Attax App!

Oct 18
Version 2.1.0


Elite Trade Offers - For a limited amount of time, there will be a prestigious card available for you to try and swap your duplicates for! Redeem 100 Clubs, Limited Editions and more with your leftover swaps!

Global Leaderboard Ranking - You can now see your Monthly World Ranking! Win games and try and reach the top of the leaderboard each month and then boast about your ranking to your friends!

PLUS various bug fixes and improvements.

Oct 12
Version 2.0.4

Various performance improvements and fixed a rare gameplay crash reported by users.

Oct 04
Version 2.0.2

Prevented a crash that was occurring when some users tried to scan QR codes.

Various visual effect improvements.

We resolved an issue with how some of the cards have been distributed in packets.

The XP bar now moves correctly in time with the animation and XP being rewarded.

Sep 26
Version 2.0.1

This is the official app for the Topps Premier League Match Attax 2018/19 collection!
You can now Collect, Swap and Play your favourite football Trading Card Game with other Match Attax collectors wherever you are.
FREE to download, FREE to play!

May 16
Version 1.2.1

Transfer Updates:
• Everyone can now play the game on a trial before wanting to sign the dotted line. Guest accounts let you play the game without signing up, you won't be able to earn new cards but your progress will carry over to your professional career!
• A few backroom changes now make sure you get to the pitch in the quickest and smoothest way possible!
• A couple of fixes now make sure your team's name is always in full view!

Apr 24
Version 1.1.3

Transfer Updates
 • We've brought in a brand new tutorial scroll graphic which will make sure you know how to see all of your players!
 • You will now have an indicator of whether you need to attack or defend during your turn. Important for knowing which card is going to score your next goal!
 • Further sorting options have been added for the lineup screen to make sure you can quickly pick your winning lineup!
 • A new URL link has been added so you know the distributions of your card packs!

Mar 29
Version 1.1.0

League Play
New line-up selection options

Mar 14
Version 1.0

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