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Send and receive money the fast, free and easy way. Transfer funds across town or across Africa, right from your mobile phone.

What is Chipper Cash?
Chipper Cash is a cross-border payments app, where over 3 million people send & receive money in and between Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Enjoy free local transfers and the lowest cross-border rates.

Chipper Cash is bringing Africa together, one transaction at a time. Everyday we “chip away” at the financial problems facing people across Africa & around the world.

Send & Receive Money
Just say no to massive fees or traveling to a bank or agent just to send and receive money. Instantly transfer between your accounts for free. Get paid faster, with zero fees!

No-Fee Money Transfers
Move your money between Chipper Cash and any bank, mobile money account absolutely free!

Buy Discounted Airtime & Earn Cashback
Purchase discounted Airtime and earn 2% or more CashBack instantly. Get Airtime for yourself, or send to a friend, even send it internationally!

Pay Bills Instantly for Free
Pay bills with no extra fees charged. Chipper Bill Pay is so easy, that you may even start paying your friend's bills. Bills are a hassle, Chipper is simple, easy and free.

Earn with Chipper
Earn cash by sharing Chipper with friends and colleagues. They get a cash bonus too. No limits!

Pay Anyone / Get Paid, Instantly
Run a business and need to pay local and international suppliers? Pay instantly with Chipper and save big on transaction fees.

Shopping online for the perfect accessory, pay with Chipper and get those dream items without the nightmare fees.

Studying abroad and need tuition and pocket money from home? Chipper saves your family money and you get the funds instantly.

Stay informed
Chipper is constantly expanding. Keep updated on the latest features, deals and countries
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @chippercashapp
Contact us at: team@chippercash.com

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Version History

Launched Jul 28, 2018 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 16 days, on average.

Sep 25
Version 1.8.15

- Fixes a localization issue for Chipper South African accounts where you could not enter a ","
- Improves onboarding flow by making a few screens optional

Aug 11
Version 1.8.12

This update has a few security focused features
- Adds a new screen to manage all the devices that have access to your account in order to keep your account secure
- Adds a extra card verification step in order to keep all cards on the platform safe for all

Jul 23
Version 1.8.11

- Adds support for automatic verifications on certain document types. We continue to improve our verification processes and starting from this version, you should see a quicker verification time (instant for some documents)

Jul 03
Version 1.8.7

- Resets the app icon badge so it doesn't linger forever
- Tweaks the Verification process to make it slightly easier to submit documentation
- Adds support for random In app surveys with weekly potential rewards - Be on the lookout for these!

Jun 17
Version 1.8.6

- Fixes an issue where you automatically get logged out of the account for seemingly no reason.
- Adds a feed rating card to improve the experience of giving quick feedback so owe can continue to improve the Chipper experience.

May 31
Version 1.8.5

- Adds support for custom referral codes
- Adds a new feed card type to keep you notified on other types of account activity
- Improves the verification flow some more to speed up the process of getting your account verified

May 14
Version 1.8.4

- When cashing out, you will now see an extra confirmation screen to prevent unintended cash outs.
- General Bug fixes to make your experience delightful

Apr 17
Version 1.8.2

- Improved Verification flow for a handful of document types

Mar 20
Version 1.8.1

- Bug fixes for our South African launch

Mar 09
Version 1.8

Welcome our South African friends to the Chipper Family!
Chipper is now live in South Africa. Anyone in South Africa can now add cash using using their card as well cash out to their bank accounts at ABSA, Capitec, First National Bank, Investec Bank, Nedbank, and Standard Bank. All 100% for free. Welcome your friends in South Africa by buying them airtime or sending them cash instantly, today.

A gift for Nigerians
We’re piloting a program to provide our Nigerian customers with their own dedicated nuban account numbers. All transfers to this account automatically tops up your Chipper balance.

Feb 26
Version 1.7.7

- Fixes a couple issues around certain card transactions from a few banks

Feb 19
Version 1.7.5

- Fixes a bug where the cash out page occasionally shows a stuck loading spinner

Feb 14
Version 1.7.4

- Fixes a lot of bugs introduced from the previous build. You can now continue to send payment invitations.

Feb 13
Version 1.7.3

- Withdrawal Cards now show an estimated delivery time so you can get rest assured and know what’s going on with you transactions.

Jan 25
Version 1.7.2

- You can now pay all your electricity, water, cable TV, internet bills all directly from Chipper Cash, complete for FREE in Nigeria. For other countries, definitely watch this space.
- Fixes a bad crash when viewing your transfer limits

Jan 15
Version 1.7.1

- Fixes a bug where picking a tag during account creation occasionally fails when the tag is invalid.

Jan 10
Version 1.7

- You can now pay all your electricity, water, cable TV, internet bills all directly from Chipper Cash 100% only. This is for Nigeria only in this release, but for the other countries, definitely watch this space.
- Multiple Sign In Methods - You can now add an extra phone number or email to make it easier to sign into your Chipper account.
- Payment Methods - Linked Accounts are now called Payment Methods in order to the make the purpose of this clearer.

Dec 31
Version 1.6.22

- Significantly improves MTN Ghana cash out speed
- Fixes an occasional crash on NG accounts for certain card types
- Shows the name of the mobile money account on the linked accounts screen
- Allows for custom amounts for airtime purchase

Nov 26
Version 1.6.18

- Fixes an issue where you linking a card returns an invalid error alert

Nov 22
Version 1.6.15

- Fixes a bug around failure to verify your linked mobile money account

Nov 20
Version 1.6.13

- Fixes a bad bug where certain deep links were not showing the correct pages

Oct 31
Version 1.6.11

- Brings send/request to the home screen to make it easier for you to transfer cash
- Shows your balance on the home screen so you now know how much you have available to spend!

Oct 17
Version 1.6.9

- Fixes an issue where the loading spinner never goes away after linking your account

Oct 15
Version 1.6.8

- When you tap the Airtime feed card, there is now an option to ‘Buy Again’ in 1 tap.
- Adds a recents section to the Buy Airtime screen so you don’t have to keep entering a phone number all the time.
- Adds a Support Screen section so you can get your answers answered as quickly as possible.

Oct 04
Version 1.6.7

- Improves the experience of sending a payment when your Chipper Cash balance is insufficient to cover the transaction.

Sep 25
Version 1.6.6

- We're back in Kenya with improved services for all deposits! Happy Chipping!

Sep 14
Version 1.6.3

- Fixes a few unexpected errors when purchasing airtime

Sep 10
Version 1.6.1

• Fixes an issue where sometimes USSD Verification stays stuck in the loading spinner, despite the user successfully dialing.
• Potential fix for the crash a few almost random users get when they snap a photo of the KYC document.
• Fixes an error on user creation where it says an account has already been created.

Sep 06
Version 1.6

Welcoming Nigeria to the Chipper Family
This release adds support for Nigerian cards and bank accounts. You can now send money to your friends and family in Nigeria.

Airtime is here!
You can now buy airtime on Chipper for all your friends and loved ones, no matter where they are. Buy cheaper airtime for anyone in your country and even for anyone across the border in under 10 seconds!

Aug 26
Version 1.5.1

This version includes a special update for Uganda! We’ll now be refunding all the fees you pay to the telco when you complete a top up. Chipper Cash should now be 100% free for Ugandans.

• You can now create a Chipper account using email. This should help for lots of phone numbers that were not receiving the login codes.
• Tapping a Feed Card will show you more details about the payment.
• Referrals will now be processed when your friend verifies their account.

Jul 30
Version 1.4.23

- Enables multiple tiers of verifications to ensure that Chipper is a safe environment for all

Jun 09
Version 1.4.17

- Adds an easier way to let your recipient know when you sent the money

Jun 06
Version 1.4.16

Fixes a crash when sending payment to someone not yet on Chipper
Adds a button to reach out to us directly during those scenarios where the 6 digit code is still not arriving to your device
General bug fixes, security and performance improvements

May 15
Version 1.4.14

- Adds support for AirtelTigo for our Ghanaian audience

May 06
Version 1.4.13

- Fixes a bug when linking account for a few Kenyan phone numbers.

Apr 26
Version 1.4.12

To our Ghanaian Family: You can now use Vodafone Ghana to add cash and cash out!

Apr 18
Version 1.4.11

- Adds a recents section to the top of the feed so you can quickly resend with your loved ones
- Improved on-boarding! You now have a friend to send your first test payment to
- In app Notifications for when you receive a payment while the app is open

Mar 17
Version 1.4.7

- Allows you to resend the sms verification code (using a different provider) which should help for a few phone numbers that do not seem to get the codes delivered

Mar 16
Version 1.4.6

- Fixes a bug where you're unable to verify a newly added linked account

Mar 14
Version 1.4.4

# Chipper Checkout
Share your link - Get paid! 10X faster.
You can reserve a unique @ChipperTag and use that to share your checkout link to get paid by anyone in 5 countries (and growing) - 10X faster!

Feb 27
Version 1.4.3

Improves how you log in to your account - Fixes a couple issues where you never get the one time code for login.

Jan 31
Version 1.4.2

Fixes a critical issue that occasionally prevented you from creating a new account

Jan 13
Version 1.4.1

## Welcoming our Rwandan brothers and sisters to the Chipper Family!
Rwanda is now live!

You can send cash to anyone in Rwanda and receive cash from anyone from Rwanda.
Support for MTN and TIGO mobile money wallets are included in this version.
Welcome Rwanda!

Jan 09
Version 1.4

## Welcoming our Rwandan brothers and sisters to the Chipper Family!

Rwanda is now live!

You can send cash to anyone in Rwanda and receive cash from anyone from Rwanda.
Support for MTN and TIGO mobile money wallets are included in this version.
Welcome Rwanda!

Dec 29
Version 1.3.3

# Fixes an issue where the app gets into a white screen after a period of inactivity

Dec 21
Version 1.3.2

Fixes a bug where your friends signs up with you referral link but she doesn't show you up in your referral history screen

Dec 11
Version 1.3.1

# Introducing our Referral Program
You can now share your referral link with your closest friends, and get rewarded for introducing them to the future of African Payments!

# Fixes a crash during sign up if you don't enter a phone number, and another one when you don't enter a last name, and another weird one where the screen refreshes when you the sms OTP code.

Nov 18
Version 1.3

# Security Lock
Keep your account secure by turning on a security lock in your settings! So no one can send your money without you authorizing it with your secret PIN

# Improved Customer Support
We’ve now introduced an in app chat system so you can easily have a real time conversation with us day or night. We’re here for you no matter what, Come chat with us about Chipper Cash, movies or anything you want to!

# Better iPhone X
Fixes clipping on the iPhone X screen sizes

Aug 21
Version 1.2

# Real time Feed
Keeps your feed update in real time so it's always clear what's happening with your money

# Push Notifications
We've been told that our sms notifications seem not to get delivered very frequently. We're adding support for push notifications now so you will always know exactly what's going on with your Chipper wallet when you're not in the app.

Aug 11
Version 1.1

Welcome our Kenyan family! Kenyan withdrawals and deposits have now been enabled. Send cash to or request cash from a friend or loved one in Kenya!
Fixes a ton of crashes you reported

Jul 14
Version 1.0

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