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Shopping helper is a simple to use app with two sections. 

Section 1 is a calculator that makes it easy for you to keep a running total of how much your shopping is going to cost. The calculator has a simple design with an add and remove button. It keeps a running list of the items you have added (the cost). 

Section 2 is your shopping list, you can add your list of items to the list before leaving the house and mark them as added to your basket as you put them in making sure you never forget anything. You can even add more or less items that you need so the list will show that you have more to get during your shop.

The app does not require any data connection to use so even when your in an area with no coverage you still have your list.

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Primary: Shopping

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Mar 06, 2018 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 months, on average.

Jan 17
Version 2.0

Several updates and fixes.
Fixed so light and dark mode do not affect app use.
System now opens on the calculator rather than the shopping list.
Shopping list swipe to modify and remove.

Jan 09
Version 1.2

Bug fixes for new iOS versions

Mar 12
Version 1.1

Interface update. New buttons on the shopping list page make it easy to add and remove items plus a new facility to enter the quantity placed in the basket just by pressing plus and minus buttons.

Mar 07
Version 1.0

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