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Create music with this entertaining and relaxing application.

How to use:

- Paint with a finger the line where the balls will bounce and the instrument will sound. Paint as many lines as you want.
- Choose from different instruments for the sound that the balls cause when bouncing on the lines.
- Move the line if you want to change it, or click on one end to make it longer or shorter.
- You can also move the place where the balls come from.
- Change the color of the balls, the lines, or the background.
- Add a tail to the balls, or activate an animation of the ball each time it hits a line.
- Change the physics of the balls, the frequency by which new balls are created, gravity, and the bouncing of the balls.
- Clean the screen and eliminate all lines and balls to start over.

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Music Balls Relax screenshot 1Music Balls Relax screenshot 2Music Balls Relax screenshot 3Music Balls Relax screenshot 4Music Balls Relax screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Feb 19, 2018 (about 1 year ago).
Feb 20
Version 1.0


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