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kiddZtube is a safe, educational and fun YouTube kids service to play kids best TV shows combined with fun and interactive learning activities, designed by teachers.

Best cartoons and songs for children from Disney channel, Pocoyo, Storybots, Sesame Street, Nursery rhymes and more transformed into educational experiences.

Approved by Parents and Teachers!

The utube kids video selection includes children greatest hits like super simple songs, bedtime stories, learning ABC, animals, colors, letters, emotions and more.

Main Features:

- 100% Safe – Best You Tube Kids videos curated by teachers
- More than 1000 Best kids videos across 4 categories: cartoons, songs, stories and learning
- 7000 Fun and Interactive learning activities adapted to each video
- Hours of entertainment and educational experience
- Parents can set up a daily viewing time limit
- Access to complete dashboard with performance and viewing habits

A selection of Popular U tube videos augmented with educational questions made by teachers.

All You Tube kids videos are selected by real-life teachers, who add in educational questions that ask kids questions about what they are watching!

 A selection of the most popular You Tube videos selected from YT kids channels and divided into four categories:

• Songs (nursery rhymes and fun songs to entertain the whole family)
• Learning (learn ABC, count, colors, shapes, feelings)
• Cartoons (large selection of Disney cartoons, Pocoyo, and more)
• Stories (popular stories like Cinderella, Rapunzel, 3 little pigs) 

At the end of each video there are questions that are read aloud. Kids will answer using four colored stars and emojis.

All the quizzes are made by teachers to reinforce important learning goals


Types of questions: 

• Counting (learn to count)
• Spelling (learn abc and complete words)
• Colors (learn colors)
• Recognizing location (spatial thinking left, right…)
• Recognizing emotions (happy, sad, angry…
• Recognizing activities (sleep, eat, run, fly, swim…)

Parental Control

Parents can control the amount of spent on the app defining a daily watch time limit
An added bonus is that mom and dad can monitor the app analytics to track their progress and video preferences.

Because all the video and quizzes are selected and curated by real-life teachers, from popular UTube channels, the app is completely safe to use with your kiddo.

Available only in English (US and UK).

How is this different from other video apps?

KiddZtube content is hand-picked by a group of teachers who also create the questions for each video. That means you know that not only is all of the content interactive, engaging and educational – thanks to the input of the teachers – but it is safe to watch. There is no need to worry about inappropriate material making it through the kidstube filters. That can’t happen with kiddZtube.







As parents, it became clear to us that the time our little ones spent with devices was often of low quality. We wanted to harness the potential digital devices have for fun and education by developing tools like fun games to create positive and active experiences.

Our mission is to reimagine screen time by creating an ecosystem that promotes active fun & learning through a range of innovative technologies

Check what we are up at: http://magikbee.com



Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy: http://magikbee.com/privacy-policy

A safe selection of Youtube for kids videos to play from popular tv shows like Disney, sesame street, pocoyo, popular songs, nursery rhymes, stories and bedtime stories, transformed into a fun and interactive learning experience, designed by teachers to teach abc, counting, colors, feelings and more.

 $4.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Feb 07, 2018 (10 months ago).
May 04
Version 1.1.42

- Now kids will get badges for each question answered correctly at first attempt. This new feature is an incentive for kids to develop an interest for learning and a focus on the challenges presented. Kids will collect Magik coins that will convert into badges.
- Included more than 100 new videos and quizzes

Feb 07
Version 1.1.37


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