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Perform ‘Color Match’ on a spectators phone.

Picasso Pro allows you to perform the famous Picasso routine, know around the world as Color Match - with only your phone.

No special props required. This app and the secrets within do all the work for you.

Walk up to a spectator and have them color in a drawing on THEIR phone. When it’s completed you can show that it matches your prediction perfectly.

Fully customizable, use your own templates (or choose one of the built in ones) and color labels, it’s the ultimate prediction tool.

In collaboration with Promystic.com & Ellusionist.com, this is Picasso Pro.

Download TODAY.

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Version History

Launched Apr 28, 2020 (5 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 days, on average.

Jun 20
Version 1.6

• Adds an override option in the settings to allow you to bypass the Push Notifications system.
• Resolves an issue that could cause the Today View widget to not update properly
• Resolves an issue that could cause the haptic feedback engine to not restart when the app was resumed from a background state

Jun 12
Version 1.5

• Addresses a potential memory management issue that could cause Haptic Feedback to not fire under certain circumstances

• Addresses a memory management issue that can cause custom labels to not update in banner notifications immediately

Jun 02
Version 1.4

This is a comprehensive update to Picasso and there are more details in the Change Log available from the in app settings, but we've included a few of the juicy new features you're dying to get your hands on below.

The New Features:

• Pre-defined templates. Yep, you read that correctly. They're now here and accessible from the Settings -> Performance Template -> Built In Templates for you to try out. Remember they won't be saved until you hit the Save button.

• Template Export to PDF. You can now export your template to a PDF file that'll be stored in a new Picasso Pro folder in your iCloud Drive. Why PDF? It allows for easy editing using commonly available tools and it'll scale nicely from Post-It sized notes to super large-scale format printing. This feature requires iCloud Drive to be enabled on your device.

• Haptic pattern customisation. You read that right, too. You can now set blue to have one pulse, yellow to have four, or whatever you want. The only constraints are that the maximum pulse count is five and you can't have two colors with the same pulse count

• QuickSketch.co customisations. You can now customise the title in QuickSketch.co or remove it entirely

• Core Haptics support. On supported devices we're now using the Core Haptics engine, meaning that the Soft Haptic setting now offers a better performer experience

• QuickSketch.co now auto-scales your template to suit the device size that it's loading on, and automatically pads the edges of the drawing if they get too close to the edge of the screen

The Improvements:

• Vastly improved crash reporting and diagnostic logging

• Fixes an issue that could cause custom labels to not work with Text to Speech

• The Set App Badge and Consolidate Push Notifications settings are now synced to the server when you close the settings and affect the backend notification processing directly

• If you are signed in to Picasso on multiple devices, it automatically syncs the Haptic Pattern, Set App Badge, Consolidate Push Notifications and all QuickSketch.co settings on app launch. As these are global account settings (instead of per-device settings), they're not be set on a per device basis and this new feature helps keep all of your devices in sync

May 05
Version 1.3

• Fixes an issue that could cause the haptic pulse interval to not be applied.
• Fixes an issue that could cause an app crash on opening the instructions.

May 05
Version 1.2

• Comprehensive improvements to Haptic feedback functionality, customizability and reliability
• Improved notification reliability and support
• Improvements to the in app diagnostics
• Adds a link to the official Picasso Pro discussion group on Facebook
• Adds a Change Log with more detailed informations regarding changes and settings
• Improvements to the Create Account functionality
• Various bug fixes and enhancements

May 02
Version 1.1

It's now made clearer how to get to the options from the get go.
Adds a Diagnostics pane, accessible from the options.
Adds a link to performance instructions to the options.
Fixes an issue that could cause text to speech to not work when Custom Labels were set.
Bug fixes and general improvements

Apr 29
Version 1.0

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