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Extraterrestrial SoundScapes. Beautiful designed sound effects that create unique space like atmospheres.

Find yourself caught in a space war with lasers, explosions and passing spacefighters. Get lost in the corridors of a big space station with all it's sounds and lights. Or immerse yourself in one of the more quiet space themes like "Deserted Planet" or "Moonscape". We created a Soundscape system which is unpredictable (no looping sounds), highly customisable and versatile in it's setup. Space Soundscapes contains high quality audio effects with a beautiful user interface to create the perfect extraterrestrial mood.

Space Soundscapes includes these 13 presets:

- Space Station
- Alien Discovery
- Astronauts
- Space War
- Black Hole
- Inhabited Planet
- Robot Encounter
- Moonscape
- Deserted Planet
- Liquid Blob Planet
- Moonwalk
- Roaring Rockets
- Stardust

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Version History

Launched Jan 28, 2018 (almost 3 years ago).
Jan 28
Version 1.0