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Extraterrestrial SoundScapes for Philips Hue. Beautiful designed sound and light effects that create unique space like atmospheres.

Find yourself caught in a space war with lasers, explosions and passing spacefighters. Get lost in the corridors of a big space station with all it's sounds and lights. Or immerse yourself in one of the more quiet space themes like "Deserted Planet" or "Moonscape". We created a Sound and Light Scape system which is unpredictable (no looping sounds), highly customisable and versatile in it's setup. Hue in Space contains high quality audio effects with beautifully synced lighting to create the perfect extraterrestrial mood.

Hue in Space includes these 13 presets:

- Space Station
- Alien Discovery
- Astronauts
- Space War
- Black Hole
- Inhabited Planet
- Robot Encounter
- Moonscape
- Deserted Planet
- Liquid Blob Planet
- Moonwalk
- Roaring Rockets
- Stardust

 $2.99 in iOS App Store


Hue in Space screenshot 1Hue in Space screenshot 2Hue in Space screenshot 3Hue in Space screenshot 4Hue in Space screenshot 5Hue in Space screenshot 6Hue in Space screenshot 7Hue in Space screenshot 8Hue in Space screenshot 9Hue in Space screenshot 10

Version History

Launched Mar 09, 2018 (about 1 year ago).
Oct 16
Version 1.1

* Fix for high battery usage when not active.
* Drastically improved light effects. Thanks for all the user feedback!
* Audio normalized.
+ Added: Sleeptimer.
+ Added option to choose manual background color.
+ Compatible with HomePod stereo pairs.
+ Swipe down in detail screen to dismiss
+ Restore lights to state when the app was started on quit.

Mar 10
Version 1.0


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