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A Life of Logic (ALOL) is a story-based game built upon an elegant logic puzzle where the objective is to fill a board with two different tiles while satisfying three simple rules. How simple? You'll find out after installing :)

Solve challenging puzzles to unfold a charming story about a life full of memorable milestones. Exercise your brain every day with daily challenges. Battle other players in exciting real-time matches. Compete in global tournaments and become the best solver. Welcome to a new life of logic!


* Elegant logic-based puzzle (more enjoyable than Sudoku).
* Story-based game: each level holds a hidden image, solve all levels to reveal all images that tell the story about an extraordinary life.
* Multiplayer: battle other players in real-time matches and win their coins.
* Daily puzzles: exercise your brain and win prizes every day!

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Version History

Launched Feb 27, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 22 days, on average.

May 20
Version 2.14

Bug fixes and performance optimization.

Feb 10
Version 2.13

Minor bug fixes and optimization.

Feb 07
Version 2.12

- The normal icon is back! (it was a great festive season by the way)
- Fixed a bug that may cause "blank screen error" in Multiplayer mode.
- Simplified Premium upgrade offer: the subscription option is gone and now there's only the one-time payment option. Users who purchased the weekly or monthly subscription in a previous version will continue enjoying your Premium membership unless you canceled the subscription.

Dec 07
Version 2.11

- Now you only need to watch 1 video ad to unlock a whole tier in Daily Tournament, instead of 1 video ad per puzzle.
- Multiplayer matches are fairer: now you never have to compete against your opponent in a puzzle of size and difficulty level you've never encountered in the Story mode timeline.
- Fixes a bug where the solving time is not shown correctly in the Daily Tournament complete panel.

Dec 05
Version 2.10

This version:

- Revises the subscription offer, which will now remove all ads and give you infinite energy (you asked, we listened :D)! The new subscription plan will also be changed to weekly. Current subscribers will automatically get these benefits and have your subscription renewed automatically on a monthly basis as before.
- Adds a one-time payment option in addition to the weekly subscription plan. It will be introduced at a ~40% discount for a limited time, don't miss!
- Adds new tiles for Christmas!
- Updates in-game UI and fixes minor bugs.

Nov 27
Version 2.9

This version includes:
- Updated icon for Christmas :)
- Bug fixes and performance optimization.

Nov 24
Version 2.8

Bug fixes and optimization.

Nov 21
Version 2.7

This version:
- Fixes a crash that may occur during matchmaking in Multiplayer mode (finally!)
- Fixes a bug that occasionally causes the UI to become blank after finishing a multiplayer match, forcing the player to restart the game and get a match result as loss (sorry for destroying your perfect versus records T.T)

We recommend all users to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. Thank you for your support, patience, understanding and we hope you will continue enjoying ALOL!

Nov 20
Version 2.6

This version:
- Reduces the amount of ads shown in Daily Tournament mode.
- Fixes a crash that may occur when returning to Home screen during matchmaking in Multiplayer mode.

We recommend you all to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. Thank you and we hope you will keep enjoying the game!

Nov 18
Version 2.5

Minor bug fixes and optimization.

Nov 16
Version 2.4

Minor bug fixes.

Nov 15
Version 2.3

Brand new icon!

Nov 13
Version 2.2

This version:
- Fixes an issue where Guest players' ranks are not displayed correctly in leaderboards.
- Fixes an issue where some country codes are not recognized in country leaderboards.

Nov 08
Version 2.1

This version:
- Improves the leaderboard UI in Daily Tournament.
- Removes the requirement to watch a video ad to resume a daily puzzle.
- Fixes minor bugs.

Nov 06
Version 2.0

The first official global release!

Sep 26
Version 1.4

- Brand new multiplayer mode: battle other players in real-time matches & see who solves faster!
- Updated story mode: each level now holds a hidden image which is revealed after the level is solved, reveal all images to unfold the full story!
- Daily puzzles are now subscriptions: subscribe to play puzzles of all sizes & difficulty levels every day without being charged energy!
- Brand new app icon!
- Less ads and more free energy credits :)

Jun 01
Version 1.3

This version:

- Updates the level structure of the story mode.
- Improves the confetti effect when completing a puzzle.


May 06
Version 1.2

This version includes:

- A brand new Tiles shop: now you can personalize your game with the tiles of your choice!
- Leaderboards can now be scrolled pass rank 100, actually you can scroll all the way to the last rank if you have time :)
- Lucky spin is now offered at random time, and will expire in 10 minutes, so take your chance when you see it!
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Apr 02
Version 1.1.1

This update fixed a minor bug that doesn't really affect user experience.

Mar 26
Version 1.1

This version:
- Updates the tutorial to help the players get familiar with actual puzzles quicker.
- Updates the story mode, which is now consist of 20 milestones and even numbers of levels among the chapters.
- Adds new backgrounds images corresponding to each chapter.
- Adds a new Rule button to the in-game UI which will be highlighted whenever a puzzle rule is violated.
- Makes the Tips button accessible in the in-game UI so you can review tips while solving puzzles.
- Reduces the app size after installation.
- Introduces other minor improvements.

IMPORTANT: to make the game better we had to make some changes that break backward compatibility. Specifically, existing users once upgrade to this version will still find themselves at the same milestone, but the current level will be replaced (the level you were playing before upgrading will be lost!). To ensure an optimal experience, we recommend you to finish any level you are doing before installing the new version. Thank you for playing "A Life of Logic" and for your understanding!

Feb 27
Version 1.0

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