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StarChat provides you a wonderful way to communicate with family, friends, and strangers. TOTALLY FREE! 
You just need to create a room and invite your friends, then you can hold an online party anytime anywhere. Not only voice chat, but you can also share your favorite songs and sing karaoke with friends. Online games will make your party more excited.

6 Reasons you’ll love the StarChat app:

StarChat is an absolutely free voice chat app! Once your phone connects to the internet (4G/3G/2G or WiFi), you can enjoy a really fluent, high-quality voice chat.

2. Available in 40+ Countries
If you are away from family or friends, a voice chat room will make you closer. Wherever you are, using StarChat to keep in touch with friends, then you will never miss big moments! 

3. Secret Room
Lock the room and set a password, and only your friends could enter, which will be a wonderfully private place for you.

4. Online Party
Can’t find a suitable place for the party? StarChat provides you an awesome chance to hold an online party. Birthday, wedding, Eid, or just real-time comments on football games, TV Series, girls’ gossip, any topic is fine. Suitable presents like cake, rose, ring, etc. are also provided. It’s a great chance to surprise your friends. 

5. More Entertainment
More than voice! Text, pictures are also available. You will have fun with friends by playing games and singing karaoke.

6. Join another Party
There are many public rooms with different topics. Choose the room according to the topic, then you will find friends with the same interests. Meanwhile, you will feel free to talk with anyone without showing your face.

If you have any problems or feedback, you can contact us by:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/StarChatLive/
Website: www.starchat.live
Email: support@starchat.live

Download StarChat now! Create your own voice chat room and hold an online party!

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Version History

Launched Dec 08, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 17 days, on average.

May 09
Version 4.4.1

1. Got special talents? Come here and StarChat will officially certify you!
2. Rooms can be shared in StarChat now!
3. Having trouble logging in? Now it ’s easy to submit the feedbacks.

Apr 24
Version 4.3.1

Bug fixes

Apr 21
Version 4.3.0

1. Invite code feature has been released. Ask new friends to enter your invite code!
2. Optimize the exhibition of room activities.
3. Optimize the music function. You can play music after closing your mic now.

Apr 04
Version 4.2.9

Resolved the bug where the message page crashed.

Apr 02
Version 4.2.8

Performance improvement.

Mar 24
Version 4.2.7

bug fixes.

Mar 18
Version 4.2.4

1. Items in your bag can be sent out now!
2. You can apply for a banner in the app now.
3. A big bonus for new users! Come and join the party now!
4. You can gather your guild member now~
5. The custom room theme can be switched now.
6. Create your room activities and share the post with your friends!

Jan 30
Version 4.0.4

1. The gifts prices have been largely lowered.
2. The price of VIP5 was lowered.
3. 5 new Aristocracy privileges have been released. Now VIPs can get a large amount of golds when login!
4. Bugs fixed.

Jan 18
Version 4.0.0

1. Greatly improved user interface!
2. More medals will be available.
3. New tasks, new rewards!
4. The data has been greatly saved in this new release!
5. Duration to change the nation hashtag has been shortened to 30 days.
6. The trigger condition of the gift banner has been adjusted to reduce the interruption.

Jan 08
Version 3.30

1.The crystal has been updated with new gifts!
2.Four different cards are available!
3.Starchat Monthly Room ranking is coming.Let's see the most popular rooms in StarChat!

Dec 06
Version 3.29

1. You can apply for your unique ID and room support now!
2. Add some luxurious medals. Come and get it!
3. You can send Aristocracy to others now!

Nov 29
Version 3.27

Bug fixes.

Nov 26
Version 3.26

1. Added the ability to turn off the special effect and the gift message in the room.
2. You can untie your email and Facebook binding account now!
3. A brand new gift, let the world see your declaration of love!

Nov 12
Version 3.25

Bug fixes: Fixed an issue with background crashes.

Nov 06
Version 3.24

1. Pop the crystal in the room and get supper rare prizes!
2. Family page upgrade
3. The animation in the room is smoother

Oct 22
Version 3.22

1. Better adapted to iOS 13

Sep 30
Version 3.20

bug fixes

Sep 28
Version 3.19

1. Private chat can be started in the room! Games such as "Who is undercover" and "Werewolves of Miller's Hollow", can be easily played in room!
2. Room admins can also initiate a vote in this version.
3. Live themes are available! Go pick one to make your room more fun!

Sep 12
Version 3.18

1. More fun information on the homepage now!
2. You can see what is playing in the room on the room list.
3. Room owners can set the membership application fee.

Aug 31
Version 3.15

1. Add a voting function, come and pick your supper star;
2. Better use of the gathering function, you can quit the room role and avoid interruptions
3. Bug fixes

Aug 19
Version 3.14

1. We provide a better “My” page to help you quickly find the rooms you like.
2. Add column categories on the "Discovery" page to help you find more content.
3. Add a new expression on the mic to make chatting more interesting
4. Family homepage optimization
5. bug fixes

Jul 26
Version 3.13

bug fixes

Jul 24
Version 3.12

1. Added FAQ and feedback system
2. Creating a guild will get more benefits

Jul 12
Version 3.10

1. Add country ranking, come and meet the most charming people in your country!
2. You can retrieve your password when logging in with email now!
3. Room activities will be shown more.
4. Room theme can be previewed now.

Jun 20
Version 3.8

1 Brand new medal system;
2 Add room contribution top 9 medal;
3 Redesigned the room style of more;
4 Redesigned the Discover layout, removed Mora and Wheel;
5 The VIP has been changed to Aristocracy;
6 The guild has been moved to the Room page;

May 21
Version 3.7

New Feature
1. VIP/Aristocracy

May 09
Version 3.6

Order function improvements
1 Screenshots of evidence must be uploaded when blocking IDs
2 Violation avatars can be reset
3 Admin screenshots can be viewed when blocked

May 01
Version 3.5.1

Support share room to whatsapp!

Apr 29
Version 3.5

New feature:
PK game is on line NOW, just invite your friends to enjoy together.

Apr 16
Version 3.4.3

New Feature
1. Added Indonesian and Turkish;
2. Admin of room can start Wheel;
3. User level up to level 72;
4. Increase Daynamic Headwear;
5. All medals can be displaied.

Apr 01
Version 3.4.1

Fixed some bugs and improved performance.
إصلاح بعض الأخطاء والسرعة

Mar 31
Version 3.4

1. أضافة هدية صغيرة تطير إلى ؛
2. صالة النظام ؛
3. تغيير نظام الدردشة الخاصة ؛
4. يُسمح للبلد بتعديله مرة واحدة فقط في غضون 30 يومًا ؛
5. سوبر ادمن تجمد حسابات المستخدمين تحتاج إلى اختيار الأسباب ؛
6. يمكن للمستخدم المحظور رؤية وقت نهاية الحظر ؛
7. أضافة بث 3 لافتات في نقاط سعر مختلفة ؛
1. New animation of small gifts: flying to the mic.
2. New Appeal Hall;
3. Change the private message feature;
4. The country allows modification only once every 30 days.
5. The admin need select reason when banning user;
6. The banned user can see the end time of the ban.
7. Add 3 types of broadcast tape with different price levels.

Mar 23
Version 3.3

New features:
1.Create activity support;
2.Remove CP relationship;
3.CP avatar was added to the profile;
4.Show more medals in room;
New features:
إضافة ميزة اعلان النشاط ؛
إضافة ميزة إلغاء علاقة CP ؛
اضافة اظهارصورة CP في معلومات الشخصي
اظهار اكثر الوسائم في الغرفة

Mar 10
Version 3.2.1

New features:
1.تجدد مظاهرة عدد المتواجدين في الغرفة
2.تحسين علامة مشرف الغرفة
3.اضافة مشاركة واتس
4.اضافة الموضوعات المدفوعة
5.سيبعث الرسالة بعد تم متابعة
New features:
1 Show the room online user state;
2 Optimized the identification of room manager;
3 After the following will send a message notification;
4 Increased whatsapp sharing;
5 Added paid theme;

Mar 01
Version 3.2

Version 3.0 update:
1、add new tab of "new room";
2、 recommend the hot room of yesterday;
3、 new history room in "my" tab;
4. New couple ranking and couple gift;
5. New voice effect gift: proposal and Titanic
6. Optimized the discovery page UI;
7. support management for headwear and a car;
8. new function of sending mounts in the profile page;
9. new room theme customization;
10.New account binding function

Arabic Update:
تحديث الإصدار 3.0:
1. اضافة أحدث غرفة إلى الصفحة الرئيسية ؛
2. يوصي غرفة احدث أمس ؛
3. إضافة غرفة مع دخول تاريخي ؛
4 ، إضافة قائمة couple وهدية couple.
5 ، إضافة الهدية الصوتية (proposal و titanic)
6. تحسين UI لصفحة الاكتشاف ؛
7. إضافة إدارة الاطارات والسيارات.
8. إضافة الوظيفة اهداء السيارة على صفحة المعلومات الشخصية ؛
9 ، اضافة تخصيص موضوع الغرفة
10.إضافة وظائف ربط الحسابات

Feb 16
Version 3.1.2

Fixed display bug of mobile phone number registration;
Optimized the experience of mora;

Feb 04
Version 3.1.1

New feature: Support phone number log in!
Happy chinese new year!
1、 Store: Unique ID, Cool headwears, Luxury mounts;
2、 Broadcast: fun interaction;
3、 Recharge for friends: no longer worry about recharge issues;
4、 Gather fans/members: more effective notifications;
1.زيادة المتجر : IDمميز ، زخرفة الرأس، السيارة .
2. وحدة البث الجديد: متعة تفاعلية ؛
3 . إعادة شحن لأصدقائك: لا تقلق المشاكل في الشحن.
4. جمع المتابعين / الأعضاء: إشعارات بسرعة ؛

Feb 01
Version 3.1

Fixed the mute bug on mic;

Jan 31
Version 3.0

1.زيادة المتجر : IDمميز ، زخرفة الرأس، السيارة .
2. وحدة البث الجديد: متعة تفاعلية ؛
3 . إعادة شحن لأصدقائك: لا تقلق المشاكل في الشحن.
4. جمع المتابعين / الأعضاء: إشعارات بسرعة ؛
New features
1、 Store: Unique ID, Cool headwears, Luxury mounts;
2、 Broadcast: fun interaction;
3、 Recharge for friends: no longer worry about recharge issues;
4、 Gather fans/members: more effective notifications;

Jan 18
Version 2.8

1.زيادة الميزة التي ترتفع الغرفة بالدفع
2.اقفل الغرفة بالدفع
3.يمكن انشاء اكثر من الغرفة
1、 You can sticky room on top by golds;
2、Password locking need pay;
3、 Support create more than one room;

Jan 15
Version 2.7

1.Support google login
2.New room UI
3.Invite task

Jan 08
Version 2.6

1、Optimized Arabic Language support
2、Open the guild creation, everyone can create the guild
3、Optimized performance and weak network speed;
Arabic version:
1 -تحسين الدعم باللغة العربية؛
2-إنشاء نقابة مفتوحة يمكن للجميع أن يؤسسوها؛
3 -تحسين عمله وسرعة الشبكة الضعيفة ؛

Jan 04
Version 2.5

1、 Discovery: discovery hot rooms in different countries;
2、 Daily task: you can earn gold COINS by task!
3、 Gift wall: who will help you on the wall?
4、 Better support for Arabic version;
5、 Open guild creation: everyone can create;
6、 When applying into the guild, the signing time can be chosen;
7、 Can edit guild information and remove guild members;

Dec 28
Version 2.4

Arabic language support;
دعم اللغة العربية;

Dec 21
Version 2.3


Dec 20
Version 2.2


Dec 09
Version 2.1

4、增加了色子个数设置,可以设置1、3、5 粒色子;

Dec 07
Version 2.0


Sep 20
Version 1.3.1


Jan 19
Version 1.3


Jan 08
Version 1.2.1


Dec 30
Version 1.2.0


Dec 21
Version 1.1.0


Dec 08
Version 1.0

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