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With this application you can configure some of your eBike Specialized Turbo Levo / Kenevo parameters.
With the Smart Power and the Smart HR the assistance percentage will be automatically changed in function of your legs power and/or you heart rate.
There is Voice feedback with battery status and other information of the tour.
It is also present the Bike Monitor in order to monitorize the bike data with GPS information.
The App uses the HealthKit in order to be able to read the heart rate from Apple Watch.
The App is compatible with firmware version x.9, x.18, x.22 and x.23. Now It is fully compatible also with firmware x.3 (Levo 2019).

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- The app user is only responsible for any changes made or attempted to make to your e-bike.
- Please note that the Road Code provides a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In private closed traffic areas the Road Code has no effect
- The maximum speed cannot be changed in all the Levo 2019 (see forum for more information)
- Please pay attention that the iOS version doesn't have yet all the functionalities implemented

 $8.99 in iOS App Store


BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 1BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 2BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 3BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 4BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 5BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 6BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 7BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 8BLEvo - For Smart Turbo Levo screenshot 9

Version History

Launched Jan 15, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 days, on average.

Mar 19
Version 3.4.0

- Added remote control management
- Increased the help of the Smart HR when connected to the Smart Power
- Added "Support BLEVO" page
- Added audio message to understand when the GPS is not in coverage
- Bugfix: Now if it does not find the GPS use the bike sensors to calculate the movement

Feb 03
Version 3.3.4

- Changed the name from "Map to north" in "Map to drive direction"
- Added Italian translation
- Bugifx: Audio messages in the background with screen off
- Bugifx: Map display with invalid values
- Bugfix: Management of cadence at zero
- Bugfix: Setting the configuration name on firmware x.23
- Bugfix: GPX reading from Strava
- Bugfix: Fixed GPX header (failed to import the file on some tools)

Jan 09
Version 3.3.3

- Now the automatic pause resumes only if the speed is greater than 2km / h
- Added on the Marker map with the name specified in the GPX
- Added on the map Waypoints specified in the GPX
- Added voice message when you are near a waypoint or Marker with name
- Now you can remove GPX files
- Now the display of the battery status in the map is green if charged and red if it is discharged
- Bugfix: now when BLEvo starts, it does not disable any active audio player
- Bugfix: now even with the screen off, the recording will continue
- Bugfix: now the GPS service is stopped correctly

Dec 31
Version 3.3.2

- Now it is possible to view more than one GPX track on the map
- GPX tracks can now be uploaded with file sharing via iTunes or via an email attachment
- Now you can download the CSV, GPX, TCX created by sharing files via iTunes
- Added time of day in the selectable fields for the bike monitor
- Bugfix: saving change Smart Power legs during the tour

Dec 22
Version 3.3.1

- Added GPX on the map
- Added map configuration menu
- Added ability to quickly change from the display with the map to the normal one
- Added the possibility to keep the map always oriented towards the north
- Bugfix: data in miles also in the new display with the map

Dec 18
Version 3.3.0

- Added new display with the map
- Optimized Bluetooth connection
- Bugfix: Corrected graphical position of the Smart HR configuration

Dec 12
Version 3.2.1

- Added display of static settings in the smart power configuration
- Optimized Bluetooth connection
- Bugfix: improved accuracy in the count of km traveled when the bike sensor is used

Dec 09
Version 3.2.0

- Added the view of the data recorded on the map
- Now you can keep the statistics of all the tours stored and reviewed them
- Now, after pronouncing the messages, the audio resource is released to allow you to continue to listen to other audio sources.
- Optimized the Smart HR connected to Smart Power
- Removed animation when going in bike setup and / or bike monitor
- Bugfix: Cadence was not stored in the CSV
- Bugfix: Configuration of Speed and Wheel Size values

Nov 27
Version 3.1.4

- Added autonomy in audio messages
- Bugfix: Configuration of Speed and Wheel Size values
- Bugfix: Filtered invalid cadence values

Nov 19
Version 3.1.3

- Now the statistics of the Levo 2019 take into account the biker power and cadence even when the bike is OFF
- Now you can only view the speed and cadence numbers in the bike monitor
- Bugfix: Display KCalc consumed

Nov 09
Version 3.1.2

- Now the acceleration can be set from 0% to 100% with step of 1%
- Bugfix connection on Levo different from 2019

Nov 08
Version 3.1.1

- Corrected the value of Wh for the 2019 levo with 700 battery (added a factor of 0.9157)
- Now the limit speed can be 20Km/h
- Added the possibility to modify the acceleration for the Levo 2019
- Added cadence reading also for Levo 2019
- Bugfix PP % and Shuttle %

Nov 01
Version 3.1.0

- Added battery monitor
- Corrected the value of Wh for levo 2019 (added a factor of 0.9)
- Added checks to avoid ECO at 0%
- Bugfix timezone in the TCX file

Oct 28
Version 3.0.2

- Added kcal consumed also in the bike monitor
- Added Levo 2019 search with code 0000000000000000
- The default wheel size is 2300 for the Levo 2019
- Bugfix timezone in the TCX file

Oct 10
Version 3.0.1

- Added Spanish
- Added battery beep management
- Added Stealth Mode management (Levo 2019 only)
- Added voltage and battery current in the CSV
- Added in the statistics the kcal consumed
- Bugfix size button

Oct 02
Version 3.0.0

- Compatibility with iOS 12 (XCode 12)
- Review the graphics to configure Peak Power
- Initial partial compatibility with the Levo 2019 (thanks ‘EMTB Forums’ members for the test)
   - Added new Peak Power management
   - Shuttle percentage change added

Sep 18
Version 2.8.1

- Decreased minimum value of Smart Power to 50 watts
- Revised initial menu
- Correct dynamic power management
- Added German translation

Sep 10
Version 2.8.0

- Added customization of the display
- Added Apple Watch Heart Rate
- Added time of day and phone battery in the bike monitor
- Added feet and miles in the new bike monitor
- Added min and max and average of motor and battery temperature
- Translated New Bike monitor in Italian
- Bugfix on "BLEvo Smart" preset
- Bugfix on auto reconnection
- Bugfixes

Aug 27
Version 2.7.2

- Bugfix New Bike Monitor with cardio

Aug 24
Version 2.7.1

- Modified acceptance of GPS accuracy. Now it's okay under 48 meters
- Added +/- 1 keys on the Bike Monitor in order to modify the assistance
- Bugfix new bike monitor on iPhone X
- Bugfix

Aug 22
Version 2.7.0

- New bike monitor
- Bugfixes

Aug 12
Version 2.6.4

- Increased speed of the reactivity of Smart Power when high reactivity is selected
- Optimized Smart Power algorithm. Improved pedabilty by including corrections based on human physiology (thanks to Stefano Duranti)
- Added configuration for use Fahrenheit instead Celsius

Jul 16
Version 2.6.3

- Increased speed of Smart HR decrease
- Now the legs power is kept changing the assistance level and can be stored when the tour is stopped
- Bugfix pre-settings

Jul 06
Version 2.6.2

- Now it is possible to rename the bike
- Added assistance average statistic
- Added legs power configuration for each assistance level
- Now the change of assistance smart level is smooth with max +/- 10
- Bugfix on descent statistic
- Bugfix on Smart HR only

Jun 29
Version 2.6.1

- Added Short statistics
- Added statistics for Max Cadence, Max biker power, max Motor power, Motor Energy
- Now the Bike Monitor is in full screen
- Added GPS/Bike/Motor/HRM status also in the Bike Monitor
- Added in the bike monitor 2 buttons to increase/decrease the legs power (if Smart Power is active) or the assistance percentage. This feature is available from iPhone bigger than 5.
- SmartPowerHRFactor can have 60% as lower value

Jun 27
Version 2.6.0

- Added startup menu
- New auto delay for Smart Power algorithm (Thanks to Stefano Duranti)
- Added Special setup for Smart Power
- Added temperature of the motor, of the battery and average speed in the bike monitor

Jun 16
Version 2.5.1

- Added miles instead km configuration
- Bugfix on iPhoneX

Jun 12
Version 2.5.0

- Added compatibility with firmware x.23
- Optimized Smart Power algorithm
- Bugfixes

May 26
Version 2.4.0

- Added italian language
- New Smart HR algorithm linked to Smart Power (Thanks to Stefano Duranti)
- Bugfixes

May 21
Version 2.3.2

- Now the screen is black during tour
- Added heart rate statistical data
- Added GPX export
- Bugfix on TCX file creation

May 16
Version 2.3.1

- Added Heart rate measurement (with Bluetooth 4.0 belt)
- Added Smart HR
- Added new Smart Power algorithm (Thanks to Stefano Duranti)
- Added voice message for Heart Rate and for battery % on change assistance level
- Bugfix

May 14
Version 2.3.0

- Added Heart rate measurement (with Bluetooth 4.0 belt)
- Added Smart HR
- Added new Smart Power algorithm (Thanks to Stefano Duranti)
- Added voice message for Heart Rate and for battery % on change assistance level

May 02
Version 2.2.2

- Added automatic reconnection
- Bugfix: record KM only from GPS

Apr 26
Version 2.2.1

- Added option to record the KM only from GPS and not from bike sensor
- Added voice message on change assistance level
- Added 3 user settings
- Added link to new FORUM
- Bugfix: CSV assistance level and header
- Bugfix: Meterdone in OFF

Apr 24
Version 2.2.0

- Restored previous presetting
- Added Smart Power configuration for Expert

Apr 16
Version 2.1.0

- Now the setting of smart power is easier
- Added voice message in German, French and Spanish
- Reviewed presetting

Apr 10
Version 2.0.0

- First release of Bike Monitor with statistical data
- Record GPS data in CSV, TCX and GPX format
- Added Voice assistant
- Added Smart Power
- All the functionalities are available also in background

Mar 02
Version 1.1.0


Jan 15
Version 1.0.2

Previous 3 versions

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