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With the augmented reality (AR) app Fiete Cats, you’ll finally get your own cute cat. Put your cat anywhere in your room and take care of your little companion.

In this AR app, your adorable cat will appear like magic on your display and you can start the exciting game right away. You’ll feel as if a real kitten were sitting in front of you.

Feed the cat when she’s hungry. Have fun with her if she wants to play and pet her when your cat wants to cuddle.

Cute animations will show you what your cat needs. Take care of your cat so that she’s happy and become really good friends.

With your augmented reality app Fiete Cats, you can create cute cat videos or photos of your kitten and show them to your family and friends.

Fiete Cats is a role-playing game for children that was developed with augmented reality (AR) technology.

Children can choose between three cute kittens and give them a name. Like with a real pet, the children have to carefully observe how their cat is doing and take care of them.

Did its fur get dirty? Then the children have to care for their cat and clean it. If the cat is tired, the children have to put them in their little basket.

Point your iPhone or iPad’s camera anywhere in the room. Hold your device steady. As soon as the yellow circle on your screen turns white, tap on it. The exciting moment has arrived: Your sweet kitten appears on the display and is waiting to play with you.

Choose from 3 cute cats
Give your cat a name
Interact with your kitten and take care of it.
Film your cat
Take photos of your cat
Share your videos with your family

Interactions with the cat:
Feed your cat
Pet your kitten
Take care of your cat and clean her
Play with your kitten
Put your cat to bed

Augmented reality technology (AR)
Beautifully illustrated images
Easy to use
Great sound effects

Media literacy
Visual perception
Eye-hand coordination
Role playing
Ability to empathise

Dear mums and dads, we ourselves are parents, and only make apps that we would not hesitate to play with our own children. By rating us in the App Store, you would be giving us valuable support. We also take data privacy very seriously. If you want to know more details about the way we deal with it, please read our privacy policy at: http://ahoiii.com/privacy-policy/. Should you have problems please feel free to send us an email and we will take care of it.

We do our best to test our apps on all devices. Should you nevertheless run into difficulties, please send us an email to support@ahoiii.com. We can unfortunately not provide any support in response to comments in the App Store. Thank you!

We are Ahoiii, a small studio based in Cologne, Germany. We create beautifully formed apps and books for children, which are fun and encourage children to learn something through playing. You can learn more about Ahoiii at www.ahoiii.com


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Version History

Launched Nov 22, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Dec 06
Version 1.0.1

We fiexed some minor Bugs

Nov 22
Version 1.0.0