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Want to turn your ordinary videos & photos into extraordinary movies? Including synchronized music, director cuts and stabilization with just 1-tap!?

Our face-stabilization technology follows people in videos and live photos, just as a camera follows a person on a real-life movie set. The resulting movies have a stabilization effect that makes people pop out of the screen! Stabilization is only the foundation: we’ve completely automated the movie creation process with synchronized music, smart segment selection, director cuts & more - the end result is a cinematic movie that feels handmade just for you :)

- Import Live Photos, Videos & Photos: As many as you like for an automatic cinematic movie.

- For a completely automated experience: Just select your desired album ("Cancun trip") + tap "Surprise!" and we do the rest!

- Stabilize existing videos: Don't want to add music and cuts? You can stabilize your video(s) in normal mode.

- Record directly in the app!

- PRIVACY: Everything​ remains safely stored on your device, and will never leave your phone unless you decide to do so.

We'd love to hear from you: feedback@ego.camera

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Version History

Launched Sep 28, 2017 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 days, on average.

Mar 10
Version 0.9.7

- Smarter selection of media when choosing "Surprise!", try it!
- Non-Live photos will now animate
- Video quality improvements
- Performance improvements
- Bugfixes

Please leave us a review and tell us what you think of Faceflix!

Mar 03
Version 0.9.6

Several enhancements and bug fixes. Please let us know what you think :)

Feb 28
Version 0.9.5

Enhancements to the import functionality and speed, plus bug fixes :)

Feb 24
Version 0.9.4

Lots of big enhancements loaded in this update :)

Feb 16
Version 0.9.3

Many enhancements and improvements, mostly centered around speed! We can now import your videos, live photos, & photos SO much faster :D
Plus various bug fixes for a more seamless experience!

Feb 08
Version 0.9.2

Lots of improvements mostly around the import function, face-tracking, and aspect ratio adjustment intelligence.

Feb 07
Version 0.9.1

Various enhancements to our convenient import functionality: you can now import even more of your favorite memories! Improvements to our powerful face-tracker and a couple bug fixes - Enjoy :)

Jan 30
Version 0.9.0

You can now import regular photos (turn on in settings app), and added a whole lot more intelligence in the smart segment selector! Plus bug fixes and other enhancements :)

Jan 24
Version 0.8.80

Many improvements and enhancements, but most importantly: we can now create an entire movie for you with 1-tap! Completely automated from video/live photo import selection all the way to adding music and cinematic cuts! Please let us know what you think :)

Jan 19
Version 0.8.71

Enhancements throughout the app from an improved import preview to landscape mode control option, and much in between :)

Jan 16
Version 0.8.4

NEW: Live photo functionality and drastically reduced app size! Plus other enhancements and bug fixes :)

Jan 02
Version 0.8.3

Improved import flow and functionality. Importing videos is faster and smarter than ever!
Drastically reduced app size :)
Improvements to the tracking engine, as well as other enhancements and bug fixes.

Dec 16
Version 0.8.2

This update is packed with new functionality and improvements!
- Introducing brand new multiple video functionality: Import any number of videos into Ego Cam's stabilizer for a buttery smooth video, or use Beats mode to seamlessly add music and cinematic cuts to your videos.
- Various improvements and bug fixes to enhance the Ego Cam experience :)

Dec 08
Version 0.8.1

This update is centered around intelligence - Ego Cam is now smarter than ever!
- New intelligence built in to guide the tracker in choosing the correct face when multiple faces are in the frame
- Additional Import intelligence that ensures the best videos are available for import
- More intelligence built into Beats mode for automatically choosing the most suitable cuts and placement
- Brand new icon
- Show progress when importing
- Automatically zoom to fill when change aspect ratio

Nov 28
Version 0.8

Updates and improvements to the new import functionality!
- Now Ego Cam will intelligently show only compatible videos
- Improvements to UI / UX

Nov 21
Version 0.7.1

A few new updates and improvements, more coming soon :)
- New onboarding video for Ego Beats mode
- More music tracks
- Reduced app size
- Stability improvements

Nov 15
Version 0.7

Introducing Ego Beats.

A new way to make awesome selfie videos with music and cinematic cuts. Just shoot a video for a few seconds in Ego Beats mode and select the music you like.

We also made the camera more stable than ever before and a few other improvements :) More to come!

Nov 09
Version 0.6.1

NEW: Ego Beats! Add dramatic music & cinematic cuts with just a single tap!

Nov 09
Version 0.6

NEW: Ego Beats! Add dramatic music & cinematic cuts with just a single tap!

Oct 27
Version 0.5

We've made several improvements and lots more to come :)

- Renamed to “ego.camera”
- Brand new look & feel, plus onboarding videos!
- Reduced blurry edges with revamped elastic centering algorithm
- Added “Import video" functionality to process your existing videos (work-in-progress).
- Replaced zoom buttons with pinch and double tap gestures.
- Added dedicated editor buttons for saving vs sharing.
- Removed settings button. Settings are still there! Let us know which setting is most important to you to have on the capture screen.
- Added recording timer.
- Visual guide tweaks.
- Updated watermark.
- “B&W when effect is off” now disabled by default.
- Squashed some pesky bugs.

Oct 20
Version 0.4

We've added and improved a few things, more to come :)

- new share capabilities for faster sharing right in your favorite apps
- support for the iPad
- improved graphics and flow to look and work better
- bug fixes

As always, this release improves the accuracy of our tracking technology!

Oct 05
Version .3

- Performance improvements!
- UI tweaks!
- New Video post-processor: including new buttons, video loop while previewing, and new timescale control on post-record screen.
- Now preserves audio (including pitch) when video speed is increased or decreased.
- Increased thermal threshold.

Sep 28
Version 0.2

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