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Love Dachshund!, Dachshund Emoji is a collection of beautifully illustrated Dachshund having fun, playing, in love or with attitudes and other moods. 84 Dachshund Emoji altogether, two sets of 42 pastel original illustrations with 42 enhance version for the iPhone.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Dachshund Emoji Doxie Stickers screenshot 1Dachshund Emoji Doxie Stickers screenshot 2Dachshund Emoji Doxie Stickers screenshot 3Dachshund Emoji Doxie Stickers screenshot 4Dachshund Emoji Doxie Stickers screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Aug 22, 2017 (over 3 years ago).
Oct 02
Version 1.01

Update instruction screen so it can be closed.

Aug 23
Version 1.0