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Child safety on YouTube is a minefield for parents. Disturbing videos featuring violence and adult content sneak past YouTube's kid-friendly blockers with frightening regularity. So, we developed a 100% secure alternative.

# Our Child Safety Guarantee #

As parents of young kids, we searched for a viewing app with complete parental control. It did not exist. Instead, we found algorithm-driven apps that let terrifying content slip through. So, we created Safe Vision to keep our kids protected while watching YouTube videos for violin lessons, science experiments, and entertainment.

Safe Vision saved us from confused children, night terrors, and years of therapy bills. Now, we want to help you keep your kids safe while watching YouTube.

# How It Works #


Our app uses a channel-restriction system to view YouTube (instead of an algorithm that can be easily hacked like YouTube Kids).

Safe Vision only offers verified channels like National Geographic Kids and Disney. Here's an example: If someone who isn't Nat Geo Kids labels a video "National Geographic Kids Amazing Video" that video will be on YouTube, sure, but it will not be on the Nat Geo Kids *channel* because only Nat Geo Kids can publish content to their own channel. Safe Vision restricts your kids to verified YouTube channels, which makes it impossible for them to view fake and potentially harmful content.

By offering only verified channels, we can guarantee that your child is 100% safe when using the Safe Vision app to watch YouTube. You will never need to hover over your kid's viewing again. *Safe Vision has never had an incident of fake content.*

# Features You Will Love #

*100% PARENTAL CONTROL* Safe Vision gives you total control of your kids' video-based education and entertainment viewing. Use history to track viewing.

*SIMPLE FOR PARENTS* Where most kids video apps expect parents to find and block inappropriate content, we do the opposite. On Safe Vision, every YouTube channel starts out blocked -- parents then unblock what is appropriate for their kids. 100% control!

*FREE* We offer everything you need for 1 child FREE, with opportunities to upgrade as your family's viewing needs grow.

*SCREEN TIME LIMITS* Set limits to automatically manage screen time.

*EASY FOR KIDS* Safe Vision is simple and fun for kids to use in Child Mode.

*AGE APPROPRIATE FILTERS* Use these to find suitable channels to unblock for your kids.

Here are some popular channels that you can add for your child:
* Go Noodle
* CookieSwirlC
* Hobby Kids

We built Safe Vision to keep our kids safe. Now, we hope to keep all kids safe while watching YouTube. We hope you enjoy the peace of mind Safe Vision provides as much as our family has.


If you choose to purchase Safe Vision Premium subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings any time after purchase.

Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable.

Terms of use: http://safe.vision/terms.html

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Version History

Launched Nov 29, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 days, on average.

Sep 03
Version 49.8

You can see number of videos in channel playlists now

Aug 06
Version 49.5

You can change video quality now - just open settings and tap 'Video Quality' there.

Jul 29
Version 49.4

• You can make watching time unlimited now (requires premium subscription).
• Fixed search in child mode by one or two keywords returning no results, even after you add videos.

Jul 02
Version 49.0

You can add any YouTube playlist for your child now! Some channels provide playlists for subsets of their videos based on some theme. Also, you can create your own personally curated playlist on YouTube for your children, which you can add to on your own device whenever you come across something interesting. To add a playlist simply switch to the parent mode, open any channel and tap ‘Playlists’ link there. Open playlist that you like, review videos in it and then tap ‘Add this playlist’ button.

Jun 16
Version 48.3

Added menu item to rate the app

Jun 06
Version 48.1

• Fixed searching for channels to add returning incorrect results sometimes
• Fixed restoring purchases

Jun 03
Version 48.0

Moved tab bar back to bottom

Jun 02
Version 47.0

Fixed app crashing on iOS 9 and 10 - sorry about that.

May 27
Version 46.3

• Moved 'Home', 'Favorites' and 'Channels' buttons to the bottom
• The app starts faster now

May 19
Version 45.5

*** Safe Vision is completely FREE during coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. ***
The app shows confirmation after you change daily time limit now.

Apr 28
Version 45.4

*** Safe Vision is completely FREE during coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. ***

Fixed support chat not opening when you select 'Get Support' from sidebar menu (you had to select it again).

Apr 12
Version 45.3

*** Safe Vision is completely FREE during coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. ***
• You as the parent can now preview videos before adding them.
• Fixed the bug where channel title and image were missing if you opened a video from the watching history.

Apr 05
Version 45.2

*** Safe Vision is completely FREE during coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. ***
You can view all channel videos in the parent mode now. It was cumbersome previously: you had to add the channel first and then switch to child mode.

Mar 27
Version 45.1

All premium features are FREE during coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.

Now it's easier to reset your password if you forget it - you can request email with reset link right from the app.

Mar 24
Version 45.0

All premium features are FREE during coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.

Mar 20
Version 44.6

It's easier to add any YouTube channel to the app now: simply open sidebar menu, tap 'Add Channels' and enter channel name into search field. The app will search for that channel even if it does not appear in popular channels lists.

Mar 01
Version 44.3

It's easier to see when you are in the parent mode now - the app changes its header color when you switch.

Feb 13
Version 44.2

You can mark video as favorite immediately after unlocking it now. Previously you would have to go back and re-open the video.

Jan 24
Version 44.0

• You as the parent can delete a child profile now
• It's easier to lock a video now - moved 'Lock' button on top of the video in the parent mode

Jan 14
Version 43.0

Fixed search returning no results sometimes

Dec 22
Version 42.7

Free 7-day premium subscription trial is back

Nov 22
Version 42.6

• Simplified removing channels by combining ‘Remove’ and ‘Lock’ buttons into one ‘Remove’ button. Tapping that button will lock the channel and remove it from the Home page.
• Fixed empty screen instead of search results if you type and hit Search button very quickly
• Fixed Privacy Policy and Terms of Service not opening on iOS 13.2

Nov 07
Version 42.4

• Removed 7-day trial from premium subscription
• You can send diagnostic logs from the app now - they should help with troubleshooting issues

Nov 04
Version 42.3

Fixed last 5 videos appearing as unlocked when you view a locked channel in the parent mode.

Oct 29
Version 42.2

You can now see the title of the next video when you wait for auto-play

Oct 19
Version 42.0

• You can set videos to play automatically one by one now - just toggle 'Autoplay' on the video screen.
• Videos start playing inline now (and not in full screen).

Oct 11
Version 41.2

Fixed search not working on iOS 13

Oct 10
Version 41.1

Reverted to 5 free channels. Sorry.

Sep 29
Version 41.0

• You can unlock up to 10 channels in free mode now (as an experiment, it was 5 before)
• Removed pre-approved videos. Many parents find them confusing when they start using the app. I'm going to think how to bring them back later.

Sep 23
Version 40.6

Changed header color to purple

Sep 16
Version 40.5

Fixed header overlapping video after adding time

Sep 05
Version 40.4

• Moved favorites and channels buttons to the header on Home page – it’s easier to access them now.
• Daily time limit works better now: if time is up but a video has less than 5 minutes remaining your child can finish watching the video.

Aug 26
Version 40.2

You can open search right from the video screen now - no need to go back to Home page anymore.

Aug 19
Version 40.1

You can quickly return from watching video to Home page now - just tap 'Home' button on top left

Aug 11
Version 40.0

Related videos are in sidebar on the right hand in the landscape mode now.

Jul 28
Version 39.2

Fixed videos not playing if iPad or iPhone had no Internet connection when the app started.

Jun 15
Version 38.6

• You can change daily time limit from sidebar menu in the parent mode now
• If you watch a video for more than 2 minutes the app switches to the child mode automatically now
• Changed the way videos are played

Jun 01
Version 38.5

The app starts faster now.

May 13
Version 38.4

Fixed search result taking too much space on older iPhone models

May 04
Version 38.3

Fixed a bug with opening videos under certain conditions. Let's say there is no Internet connection. Your child opens the app. The Internet connection gets restored. Your child taps 'Retry' button. A list of videos appears. Your child taps a video. Nothing happens. Not good. Fixed now.

May 02
Version 38.2

Fixed display bug where a locked video didn’t look right on phones with small screen

Apr 19
Version 38.0

* Fixed some videos not playing with 'Video unavailable' error
* Fixed tracking time

Apr 10
Version 37.1

Your child will see a list of suggestions when they search for video or channel now.

Mar 16
Version 36.2

You can leave your name and phone number when you sign up for a new account now.

Mar 11
Version 36.1

* Your child can browse older videos in the channel now. Simply scroll down and older videos will appear.
* You can now view 5 most popular videos from any channel in the parent mode (in addition to 5 last videos).
* When you open channel details you can now see how many parents have unlocked it.

Feb 23
Version 35.0

The app no longer shows locked search results in the child mode - you'd have to switch to the parent mode to view and unlock them.

Feb 16
Version 34.3

Changed 'home screen' to 'home page' - I think it's clearer.

Feb 12
Version 34.2

* Fixed some videos not playing.
* Fixed tracking time spent watching videos.
* You can now add time after the daily time limit has been reached.
* Fixed video continuing playing after you turn the tablet off.

Feb 06
Version 33.3

Fixed videos failing to play with '403' error. Very sorry about this problem.

Jan 26
Version 33.1

Moved reminder to switch to the child mode to the bottom – to make it less obtrusive.

Jan 21
Version 33.0

You can clearly see now which channels you have already added when you are adding channels to the Home screen – they have green ‘Added to Home Screen’ label now.

Jan 14
Version 32.0

You as the parent can lock any YouTube channel now.

Jan 07
Version 31.0

You child can browse all unlocked channels now.

Dec 04
Version 29.0

You can unlock up to 5 channels in free mode now. To unlock more channels you would need to subscribe to Safe Vision Premium. You can still unlock unlimited number of individual videos.

Nov 27
Version 28.6

Fixed videos not playing after long pause. Your child watches a video. They turn off their tablet. They come back the next day and turn their tablet back on. They tap 'Play' button. The video continues playing for some time and then stops. Not good. Fixed now.

Nov 20
Version 28.5

The app asks to confirm email address on sign up now. Sorry for making you to jump through an extra hoop when you set up a new account - I noticed that many children install the app and use parental controls themselves.

Nov 10
Version 28.4

Removed restriction on unlocking individual videos.

Nov 02
Version 28.2

You can change the password now: switch to the parent mode, open sidebar menu, tap 'Settings' there. Tap on 'Change Password', enter your current password and then new password. Simple.

Oct 27
Version 28.1

Fixed playing some videos (the loading indicator was spinning forever).

Oct 26
Version 28.0

You can now check which email address you have entered when you signed up for a new account. This is handy if you want to reset your password.

Oct 20
Version 27.9

You can change child's name now. It's simple: switch to the parent mode, open child's profile and tap 'Change Name' there.

Sep 12
Version 27.6

Fixed a nasty bug where the child's age range got set to zero sometimes.

Sep 07
Version 27.4

Children are now able to watch all their favorite videos in one place. Mark any video as favorite by tapping the 'star' icon. Open favorites folder from the Home screen - your video will be there.

Aug 18
Version 26.2

Fixed a bug where videos fail to play with a cryptic 'signature undefined' error sometimes.

Aug 11
Version 26.1

Fixed initial daily time limit not being set. You installed the app. You signed up for a new account. You opened child profile. The daily time limit was not set. Not good. Fixed now.

Aug 04
Version 26.0

You can change your child's interests now. This changes what videos appear on the home screen.

Jul 30
Version 25.8

The app retries loading video now if a server error occurs. Even YouTube servers respond with 500 Internal Server Error sometimes.

Jun 18
Version 25.4

Fixed time spent not resetting on the next day sometimes.

Jun 09
Version 25.3

Fixed keyboard not appearing automatically on the Password screen.

Jun 03
Version 25.2

Fixed the app jumping to the Home screen instead of asking for parent password sometimes.

May 27
Version 25.1

* Parents can set daily time limit now. Note that setting limit to more than 2 hours requires premium subscription.
* Safe Vision app starts faster now.
* Removed Touch ID for switching to the parent mode.

May 06
Version 24.1

The app retries loading a video on slow network now.

Apr 22
Version 24.0

You can try Safe Vision Premium free for 7 days now.

Apr 17
Version 23.8

Fixed videos playing pixelated and grainy.

Apr 16
Version 23.6

Fixed some videos not playing sometimes.

Mar 30
Version 23.2

* Parent can change child's age range now.
* Fixed the bug with no sound when in silent mode.
* App no longer jumps to the Home screen after switching to parent mode on the Video screen.

Mar 24
Version 23.1

Parents can unlock 1 channel in free mode now.

Fixed the bug where the app always asks to sign in on start, now for real.

Mar 17
Version 23.0

The app is now free!

Also, children can mark video as favorite now. Favorite videos appear on Home screen.

Mar 12
Version 22.0

* Fixed the bug where the app asks to sign in again.
* Parents are now able to set child’s interests during initial setup.

Mar 06
Version 21.4

Fixed a rare bug where video fails to play if it contains special characters

Feb 23
Version 21.3

* Fixed playing live playback videos.
* Keyboard appears automatically on Search screen now.
* Keyboard on Password screen has 'Go' button now.

Feb 05
Version 21.1

Loading videos is more reliable now.

Jan 26
Version 21.0

You can have multiple children in the app now! Just switch to the parent mode, open sidebar menu and tap ‘Add Child’.

You can use unlimited number of devices in your household with one app subscription.

Jan 18
Version 20.3

• Parents are now able to lock and unlock individual videos.
• Added channel title below the video - so that you know which channel you subscribe to.
• Related videos appear faster now.
• Fixed gray 'Subscribed' button not changing to green 'Subscribe' button after opening related video from another channel.

Jan 15
Version 19.2

Parents are now able to preview videos for their children without leaving parent mode.

Dec 12
Version 1.6

The app works both on iPhone and iPad now

Dec 10
Version 1.5

Parents are able to purchase app subscription now.

Dec 04
Version 1.3

The app starts in kid mode after restart now.

Dec 01
Version 1.2

Parents are now able to switch to kid mode.

Nov 29
Version 1.1

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