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Experience 14 Virtual Reality Experiences, with 360 degrees, full immersion within VR.

Use headphones and a VR headset to have the full experience!

App Features
-Full immersion
-Multiple View capabilities
-Play and Pause feature
-Fullscreen ability

Some of the experiences include:
Animal based experiences:
- Go through a Monkey Exhibit and get up close and personal with the Monkeys. Get ready for your Funny Monkey VR Experience.
- Haven't you always wanted to go to a Lemur exhibit? Now you can with VR, this specific experience takes you on a unique adventure through a Lemur exhibit! Check out this amazing creatures up close and personal. You will be fully immersed in this experience with full 360.
- MEET A GIRAFFE IN VIRTUAL REALITY. You are one click away from a whole new type of giraffe experience.

Activity based experiences:
- Take a break from all the crazy VR experiences, go through a relaxing car wash with full immersion. listen to relaxing music as you take a ride through a relaxing car wash experience. This experience is perfect for really calming down and looking around in VR. Relaxing experiences are very unique in the app store try 360 VR Car Wash.
- Virtual reality dance battle in 360 degrees
- Pizza order experience.
- Time lapse experience
- Birds view.

Horror Based Experiences:
- Hate Clowns? Well great! Enjoy a horror clown experience in 360 degrees, full immersion within VR.
- Girl in a room horror type experience.

Location Based experiences:
- Venice.
- Italy
- Brooklyn bridge, Wall Street & Times Square.
- Experience a beautiful cave journey in full 360 Virtual Reality.


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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Jul 17, 2017 (over 2 years ago).
Jul 17
Version 1.0