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Note: This App is not endorsed by any mental health specialist and is solely intended for entertainment purposes only.

Welcome to The Cube,

The Cube is a revolutionary, interactive personality exercise, designed to produce an accurate description of the Subject after a quick, two-minute assessment, composed of only a series of multiple choice questions.

This is the first of its kind.

This App is loosely based on an existing, complex, exercise in which the Subject is asked several, what seem like completely irrelevant, questions regarding common, everyday objects and, based on their response, the Subject would then be told about how they felt about every aspect of his or her life, from how they felt about themselves, to how they even felt about their social life and any problems they may be having, if any.

Different interpretations of this ancient exercise would utilize different objects and scenarios, but ultimately deliver the same, accurate, assessment.

Imagine just meeting someone and, after just a couple of minutes, knowing exactly how this person felt about their relationship, their friends, their career goals and, most importantly, how this person really felt about them-self deep down.

As the Subject has no clue as to the relevance of all of these seemingly irrelevant and random questions, the person will subconsciously produce nothing but completely honest answers for you, as they would not know how to manipulate the assessment, even if they wanted to.

Try it on your friends, your family, yourself and even complete strangers!

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Launched Jun 26, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).
Jun 26
Version 1.0


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