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The Cutest Husky Emoji Stickers App!

Enjoy surprising your friends with 60 of the cutest Husky Emoji’s especially designed for Husky Lovers by Husky Lovers!

We gathered the world’s most popular emoji’s and beautifully transformed them into fluffy Husky’s playing, swimming, running, hugging & kissing! Send them and tag all your friends on all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

Available in the App Store now with 60 awesome emojis to enjoy and share with your best friends and family!

Also included is a free feature where all the emojis can be texted as iMessage stickers to anyone you wish, even if they don’t have an iPhone or the App!

App Features include
- Easily post any Emoji to Facebook or Facebook Messenger
- Automatically Copy all 60 Emojis to your iPhone Photo Album
- Text/Post 60 Amazing and cutest Husky Emojis
- Easy step-by-step instructions & video for installing and using the Emoji keyboard
- iMessage stickers of all 60 Emojis
- Share any emoji/sticker with others who do not have the App
- Easily share the App with others - with one button press on the keyboard
- Copy Swoosh Sound when selecting and copying the Emoji ready to paste

ALLOW FULL ACCESS NOTE: Please do not worry about the WARNING message that pops up during the installation process, allowing permission for Full Access is required for all keyboards not just this one. We DO NOT monitor or store any of your information typed into the keyboard. However if you are still uncomfortable with Full Access, all 60 of the emojis are still accessible as iMessage stickers with Full Access disabled. You only need to install the App once

After the App is installed, you can access the HuskyLuv Emojis from your Keyboard by pressing the Globe Icon on Keyboard or Press the iMessage App Icon. Click the emoji you like and you’ll hear a “copy” swoosh sound, then paste the emoji into any of your favorite social media and messaging platforms.

Share your love, emotions, and affection for Husky’s with these cute emojis with many more designs and features coming soon in upcoming App updates!

Thanks for your Fluffy support and sharing HUSKY HUGS with the ones you LUV! Download and enjoy it now!

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Version History

Launched Jul 23, 2017 (over 3 years ago).
Oct 29
Version 1.2

performance improvements

Jul 28
Version 1.1

minor enhancements

Jul 23
Version 1.0