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Consulting case interview prep is now on your mobile device. CaseBase features 50+ detailed case pages, automated answer checking, step-by-step explanations, and color graphics. All for fraction of the cost of other consulting guides, and available anywhere you have your phone (full offline functionality).

Memorizing frameworks is not good preparation for a consulting case study interview. You need to be at ease in the consulting case setting. Proficiency with 'case study math' is crucial for that. Use CaseBase to learn the techniques, practice the math, and put it all into use with case studies sourced from the leading consulting firms.

> Over 50 case pages sourced from recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG), McKinsey, and Bain interviews.
> Automated answer checks for all calculation problems (precise and estimated). Recommended responses for free form questions.
> Detailed explanations for each question and subsection, with step by step guide to each answer.
> Intuitive interface, color graphics with each case.
> Built to run offline. No wifi needed, no data used.
> Tiny storage footprint. Consistently among the smallest apps on user devices.

“Great prep. As someone whose works in management consulting and has gone through tons of cases with applicants, I'll say this app is great preparation whether sitting down for a while to hammer on a case or quickly flipping through some mental math.”

From the creators of CaseMath: Case Interview Math Prep.

Full email support at support@caseinterviewprep.com

From The Wall Street Journal:

"Mel Wolfgang, BCG's head of recruiting in the Americas, interviews about 100 students every year and says he can tell when someone sounds too "scripted." "It's sort of painful," he says, about hearing such responses."

Consulting case interview preparation is wasted time if it takes the wrong form. Today’s most commonly used guides outline elaborate frameworks for the reader to memorize and detail point by point how candidates should present themselves. But when you approach each case and question with a prefabricated answer your responses become formulaic, not insightful. Almost without exception, this is painfully obvious to the interviewer.

As with any pursuit, the best preparation will focus on building a solid foundation. That means developing a close familiarity with the material and calculations you’ll face in consulting case study interviews as well as learning to form and articulate conclusions based on limited information.

This guide was designed to provide that sort of preparation. First and foremost it offers instruction and practice in the type of math that underlies these case interviews. Then, with the accompanying cases you will break down and solve actual interview questions sourced from leading consulting firms.

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Version History

Launched Jun 21, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Sep 10
Version 3.1

> New case

Aug 17
Version 2.8

New cases
More detailed problem explanations

Jul 10
Version 2.7

> New case from Bain & Co. (now over 40 pages)
> Performance improvements

Jun 12
Version 2.6

> More pages of case material
> Navigation buttons for ease of use
> Serif fonts for readability

Oct 16
Version 2.5

~ More case content (now nearly 30 pages of material!)
~ Higher-resolution graphics for Broadband in Basra
~ Added explanation for CAGR

Sep 12
Version 2.4

> Longer cases! We’re now at nearly 30 pages of cases, with more added every month.
> Updated case graphics! We’ve also introduced pinch-to-zoom for easy viewing.
> New feature! You can now clear responses and reset cases.

Aug 28
Version 2.3.1

~Updated graphics

Aug 14
Version 2.3.0

~Updated case graphics
~More detailed explanations

Jul 10
Version 2.2

~ More vibrant case graphics
~ Contact info for bugs, suggestions, and comments!

Jul 04
Version 2.1

Updated case graphics
Bug Fixes

Jul 01
Version 2.0

New cases added
More responsive interface
Updated source material

Jun 21
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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