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The official app of GamerDVR.com, the #1 platform for Xbox clips and screenshots.

It has never been easier to view, download, edit, and share your Xbox clips and screenshots with all compatible social media apps! Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more.

- Edit your clips (and soon screenshots) with professional effects, then download or share the final masterpiece
- Download your clips for offline viewing and backup
- Easily view all your friends Xbox clips and screenshots as well

As the official app of GamerDVR.com, you can expect many continuous new features, updates, and more to give you the absolute best Xbox clip and screenshot sharing experience.

For great features such as Albums, Playlists, Twitch integration, YouTube uploads, Challenges, Comments, Achievements and more, checkout GamerDVR.com from your phone, desktop or laptop computer!

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Version History

Launched Jul 30, 2017 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 27
Version 2.4.2

Fixed a bug which was causing the screenshots download manager to not complete properly. Thanks to all for reporting this.

Mar 21
Version 2.4.1

Fixed a minor issue which was causing a crash on the achievements screen.
Thanks for reporting things like this, it helps find the issue early and enables us to get fixes out faster.

Mar 21
Version 2.4

You can now track yours and your friend's recently played games and earned achievements through the new games & achievements tab.
You can now view friends of your friends (Privacy settings dependent).
Bug fixes and other improvements.

Jan 16
Version 2.3.2

Fixed some minor bugs and added support for newer style gamertags.

Nov 27
Version 2.3.1

Fixed a small crash which crept in in the latest update. From the previous update, all your favourite games should now be showing up again. Thanks for your feedback, it really helps get issued fixed as quick as possible. Happy gaming!

Nov 23
Version 2.3

We've addressed some issues reported to us about missing games. Hopefully all the games you love will appear in your feed now. :)

Oct 01
Version 2.2.2

Fixed a few pesky bugs.

Sep 21
Version 2.2.1

Fixed a bug which was preventing game clips from being viewed in fullscreen.

Sep 19
Version 2.2

Introducing dark mode. Using the new appearance settings the app will update to either light or dark mode depending on your system preferences. We've also introduce a new style in the app, which can be enabled in user preferences. Finally, we fixed some little bugs that crept in to the app in a previous update.

Aug 13
Version 2.1.1

Added the ability to share a link to your clips/screenshots as well as the ability to share the file.
Fixed some bugs and crashes.

Jul 06
Version 2.1

We've fixed some small bugs that crept in during the last release.

May 10
Version 2.0

A brand new redesign! Bigger and better than ever with direct support from GamerDVR.com!

Sep 27
Version 1.4.2

Fixed an issue on iOS 12 which was leading to clips not playing correctly on the edit screen.

Jul 27
Version 1.4.1

Fixed a bug that was stopping users from seeing your newest clips and screenshots after pulling to refresh the list.

Jun 21
Version 1.4

Fixed some little bugs that popped in, and added in more information about common errors people are facing and how to fix them.

Also added a way to contact the me if you need help. :D

Apr 08
Version 1.3.2

Bugfixes and other under the hood technical shizzle whizzle!

Apr 01
Version 1.3.1

Fixed some spacing issues and added the ability to use the full width of the screen while viewing screenshots on the iPhone X!

Thanks for your feedback, if you're enjoying it please feel free to rate us on the App Store.

Until next time, wubba lubba dub dub!

Mar 22
Version 1.3

Want to view any of your friends clips or screenshots? Well now you can! Just head on over to your friends list, add their GamerTag and you're good to go!

Also fixed some bugs and performed some under the hood technical shizzle whizzle!

Jan 04
Version 1.2

Fixed some pesky little bugs that crept in with iOS 11, and also added in support for the iPhone X. Want to view clips or screenshots older than your 100 most recent? Just scroll to the bottom and now it'll load in the next batch. Fixed some minor UI spacing issues and have also made it clearer as to what is wrong when errors occur throughout the app, so no more sitting there wondering what you're doing wrong. Enjoy, and keep the feedback and feature requests coming.

Sep 01
Version 1.1

Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to edit & share a clip from the iPad.

Jul 30
Version 1.0

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