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For our Ghost Hunter friends this tool will allow you to use your Apple device to listen for EVPs. The curated library of around 2300 words will help you to see what you can't hear.

The estimated accuracy of the data is listed with the translation along with the EMF reading at the time of the capture.

We also show you a live reading of the electromagnetic field around the phone, measured in gauss.

Hold the microphone button to pause detection, this will help you to avoid catching your own conversations, resume detection by lifting your finger.

Don't forget to scroll, your entire session may continue beyond the screen, so scroll down to see the latest results.

The microphone in Apple's devices is very good and you may find that excess environmental noise has an effect on the accuracy of the text returned. What you see on the screen is the best guess for what was said.

You can also change languages in the device settings under GhostTalk. GhostTalk currently supports English, French, Chinese, German and Spanish.

Join our group chat to discuss ghostly things with other users.

If things get a little spooky we recommend turning on some lights and taking a break from the app for a while. :)

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Version History

Launched May 18, 2017 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 24 days, on average.

Jun 16
Version 4.5.9

Fixing a bug where the app may crash when trying to post to the chat

Jun 14
Version 4.5.8

• Added a new 'typing' indicator to the chat to let you know when someone is responding

Jun 10
Version 4.5.7

Updated logging to help us understand how you use the app

May 28
Version 4.5.6

• We've updated our filters to reduce responses when you are talking
• The chat now auto-scrolls for new messages
• If you don't pick a name for the chat we will assign you a silly one

May 26
Version 4.5.5

• Chat moderators can now reward you by lowering your report count

May 24
Version 4.5.4

• Updated profanity filters for the chat
• Updated chat admin tools

May 21
Version 4.5.3

Updates to chat to help keep conversations friendly

Apr 30
Version 4.5.1

• Updating ad-free feature to make maintenance easier in the future
• Updating analytics tools so we can better understand how to improve the experience

Apr 23
Version 4.5

• Chat now requires a name, this will help people know how to respond to you
• We are testing an ad-free feature, details are available in the Ghost Menu at the top right of your Ghost screen
• Fixed an issue where a user isn't banned from the chat until they leave the chat

Apr 21
Version 4.4.2

• Improving chat logging to help us understand how you use the app

Apr 10
Version 4.4.1

Fixing issue where intro screen text was editable and the keyboard could not be dismissed.

Mar 31
Version 4.4

Maintenance Update

Oct 12
Version 4.3

Updated EVP Screen and a new feature:

• The EVP screen now shows you how clear we believe the response was
• We removed the 'info' button because it was not easy to find, product suggestions are now tappable
• We created a microphone button for you to hold when talking rather than touching the screen because that feature was not obvious
• The zero button for the EMF is now next to the EMF reading
• There is a new trash button to clear your responses
• We have added tones to help you get better responses

Oct 06
Version 4.2.1

Minor bug fixes
• could cause a crash when a new message was received in the chat
• If you denied microphone access you could experience a crash when the app launched.

Oct 02
Version 4.2

Updated for iOS 13!

Thanks to iOS 13 you can now leave your EVP detection running while you visit the chat!
Speaking of the chat we have rebuilt it from scratch to make it faster and more reliable.

Things that didn't change:
• You can still delete your own chat messages
• You can still block other users or report their messages which will remove the message from your device

Things that did change:
• You no longer have to login to the chat. We want to try to help you protect your personally identifiable information as much as we can.
• You will be asked for a name in the chat when you first post. This is to help other users talk to you. You can change this name in your device settings at any time.
• You will now be represented by a generic icon in the chat. The icon will be a different color on each user's screen. The icon is used to specify when a new message begins.
• GhostTalk no longer needs access to your camera or photos. It will no ask for permission from new users, and if it is enabled for your device you can turn it off. We will not be allowing images back into the chat.
• User counts now work! They will tell you if any other users are using the app at the same time. Keep in mind that they may not be in the chat with you, but posting to the chat will notify them in the chat icon if they are in the EVP screen. This will only tell you about users of this version and above.
• You will only receive chat messages when you are in the app. We will not be notifying you of new messages anymore and new messages will only be added to your chat while you are using the app. We hope that this will keep the conversations moving.
• If someone reports one of your messages you will see a warning icon with the number of reports we have received for you. If you receive too may warnings you will no longer be allowed in the chat.

We hope these changes will make using GhostChat more fun and enjoyable for you. Happy Ghost Hunting!

Aug 27
Version 4.0

We've updated how we process spoken words to improve results in your EVP translations
Updates to the chat to keep the conversation moving

Aug 14
Version 3.9.2

Review requests are now less frequent and less annoying
Fixed an issue in the chat that could randomly cause a crash

Aug 07
Version 3.9.1

Minor bug fixes

Jul 16
Version 3.9

Improved user count within the chat

Jun 26
Version 3.8

Maintenance update:
* better audio handling
* improved notification handling

Jan 05
Version 3.7

The chat now loads and scrolls more smoothly
Image sharing has been disabled while we redesign that feature

Oct 15
Version 3.6

Fixed a threading issue that could cause a crash
An update to our chat terms of service will require you to revisit the terms to access the chat, these are the same terms of service that you can find on our support web site at any time

Oct 04
Version 3.5

This update removes the Facebook login from the chat. All users that use Facebook to login to the chat will have to login with a Google account instead following this update. Facebook has shown to have some issues with the security of user data, so we have decided to pull our information from their platform. We apologize for any inconvenience but we feel that this is in the best interest of our users.

If there is another login platform that you would like to see as a replacement please let us know through our support page.

We have also patched a bug that was causing a crash if you were to close the app while in the chat.

Sep 26
Version 3.4

The buttons for the chat and the EMF settings were too small for our fingers, and probably yours too, so we made those bigger so they are easier to tap. (the buttons, not our fingers)

We've updated everything for iOS 12 and fixed a bug in our auto scroll that could cause the app to crash.

Sep 22
Version 3.3

Just back end stuff this time around, admin updates for the chat and asking for reviews less frequently.

Sep 13
Version 3.2

Turns out we broke the user count in the chat last time so this time it's fixed
Improved handling of audio shut down when you leave the EVP screen
Improved enable/disable of the audio plot display

Sep 06
Version 3.1

Improved data handling so things load faster and work even better
We now scroll to the bottom for you when you launch the chat, saving you a ton of work
Improved user count for the chat so it should be much more accurate
A new button to zero out the EMF meter or not, your choice
Fixed audio display because some may want to ghost hunt in landscape mode
Fixed the issue where the keyboard would not dismiss in the chat if you tapped outside of the text field

Sep 04
Version 3.0

One bug fix for image handling in the chat
Now caching chat images so they download only once
Added a warning screen to let you know we are not liable for your interactions with the unknown

Aug 31
Version 2.9

Small things this time around:
Better image handling in the chat
New controls for our admins

Aug 24
Version 2.8

Background Chat Updates
- Messages now stay up longer
- Better memory and network management

Aug 22
Version 2.7

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a localization error for Chinese (Sorry about that)
Fixed a bug in notifying you of new chat messages while in EVP mode

New Stuff:
Added a count for new messages in the chat while in EVP mode
Moved the buttons at the top of the screen down a bit for easier access
Added a live EMF reading to the EVP screen
Detected words now log the EMF value when they are detected

Aug 17
Version 2.6

Now showing how many users are online in the chat
Now you can delete your own messages from the chat by swiping left on them
Fixed a bug that allowed messages from blocked users to still appear

Aug 10
Version 2.5

All background features this time around:
We've updated bad word filters for the chat
Increased the efficiency of our user blocking features in the chat

Aug 05
Version 2.4

The chat icon now turns green if there are new messages in the chat while you are listening for ghosts
We've added a message to let chat users know that there are no ghosts in the chat, it is a human only area
Fixed a bug where you could not dismiss the keyboard in the chat

Aug 01
Version 2.3

A server update is blocking some of your chat messages, so we thought it might be good to fix that :)
If you have accepted notifications we will now let you know when there are new chat messages so you can join the conversation
Fixed a bug where failure to begin plotting the audio input could cause a crash

Jul 30
Version 2.2

Just bug fixes this time around
Fixed threading issue that may cause a crash for a first time user (sorry about that one guys!)
Fixed an issue with retrieving user default values from the new settings options from the last update.
Fixed a bug where you could not view images in the chat as full size

Jul 26
Version 2.1

Minor Bug fixes in the Chat
Chat now displays first name only
We've added a graph of the microphone input so you can see when GhostTalk 'hears' something
You can now log into the Chat with Facebook
Getting random words? Try changing the language in your device settings

Jul 16
Version 2.0

Fixed a bug where friend invites would not work correctly
Fixed a bug which would cause a crash when the app asked for a review
Added random 'ghost' appearances to photos uploaded in the group chat (see updated app description)
Group Chat now requires you to agree to behave in your interactions with other users
Chat allows you to block/report messages as well as other users

Jul 04
Version 1.9

Updated chat features to keep the discussions moving. :)

Jun 28
Version 1.8

Like to talk about your ghostly experiences? Now you can chat with other ghost hunters while you are on the hunt. You can even share photos real time to let others see your evidence.

Ghost hunting may be scary but you no longer have to do it alone!

Jun 13
Version 1.7

Minor adjustments to the UI to help reduce brighter elements.
Updating of tools to help us understand how you use GhostTalk.

Mar 19
Version 1.5

Minor bug fixes.

Mar 09
Version 1.4

Minor update to assist users in identifying ad content

Mar 06
Version 1.3

Reduced there frequency of gadget promotions.
Added the ability for you to visit the GhostStop within the app.

Feb 20
Version 1.2

Updated for Swift 4 to ensure that you don't have to worry that a future OS update will take GhostTalk out!
We now feature links to gear you may be interested in, the type of things that can take your ghost hunting to the next level.

May 30
Version 1.1

New night vision friendly color scheme.
Touching the screen pauses voice detection.

May 17
Version 1.0

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