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Welcome to the My Dierbergs Markets app! We're so excited to share this all-in-one tool aimed to improve your shopping experience and save you money. Take it for a test drive and share your feedback with us. Use your already existing dierbergs.com account for easy sign in or quickly create a new account in the app.

New coupons are loaded weekly. Select your favorite deals and “clip” them to your e-wallet. Clipped coupons are available to view in My Coupons or also in the Coupons portion of the shopping list tool. View your list of redeemed digital coupons to see the date an offer was redeemed. At checkout, enter your 10-digit digital ID (phone number) in the keypad. Coupon savings will be deducted from your eligible purchase subtotal.

Your Dierbergs groceries, handpicked and delivered. Navigate to Shipt.com via our app, set up an account, order groceries, and check that chore off your list.

Manage and update any time you wish. Out of an item? Scan the UPC from the package and add the item to your Shopping List. Found several digital coupons to use on your next Dierbergs run? Clip them and they’ll be added to your Coupons List. Print your Dierbergs shopping list via AirPrint.

Browse the weekly circular and add items directly to your shopping list.

Unable to locate an item? Try the item locator to pinpoint the correct aisle.
USER TIP #1: Make sure the store setting in your app matches the store you’re shopping in.
USER TIP #2: If there are multiple types of an item, you’ll see a pin for more than one location. (e.g. fresh carrots, canned carrots, baby carrots)

Easily refill your Dierbergs prescriptions at one of our 22 in-store pharmacies. View store details and information to check pharmacy hours, as well as which Dierbergs stores have a drive-thru pharmacy.

Tap on Catering to Go to browse items for any gathering or meal, including Bob’s BBQ meats and side dishes. Tap on Flowers to browse our catalog of beautiful arrangements for every occasion. Ordering questions? Check the “More” menu for FAQs.

Find inspiration with five featured recipes that change throughout the month. View ingredients, add them to your shopping list, and follow simple instructions to whip up something delicious.
USER TIP: Save the recipe to your favorites before it's gone!

Navigate to “My Account” to enable notifications to be the first to learn about new offers.

Let us know how we’re doing! Share feedback in a snap using the built-in app feedback feature. Rate the app, tell us about any issues you’re experiencing, and attach up to five screenshots.

Thank you so much for shopping at Dierbergs!

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Version History

Launched May 08, 2017 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Aug 15
Version 1.6.3

Minor bug fixes

Jul 28
Version 1.6.2

Minor bug fixes.

May 27
Version 1.6.0

* Minor bug fixes
* Updates Floral FAQ section
* Updates Coupon integration

Sep 27
Version 1.4.8

* Updates Floral FAQ section

Sep 26
Version 1.4.7

* Fixes bug in registration process for iOS 12.1+ users
* Updates Floral FAQ (Hours of Operation)

Jun 14
Version 1.4.5

Fixes issue with Clarkson/Clayton location services.

Jun 06
Version 1.4.4

- Fixes logout bug and misc layout issues.
- Fixes form input issue on iPhoneX.

Jun 05
Version 1.4.3

Fixes logout bug and misc layout issues.

Dec 17
Version 1.4

Push notifications are here! With discounts and BOGO deals on all of your favorite grocery items, you’ll never miss an opportunity to save at Dierbergs. Download version 1.4 to start receiving push notifications from the My Dierbergs app!

Nov 16
Version 1.3.4

We’ve pinned featured offers to the top of your digital coupon list so you’ll never miss out on our best deals! This update to the MyDierbergs app also includes a few minor bug fixes and enhancements. Happy Shopping!

Aug 08
Version 1.3.3

Fixed minor bugs with prescription refills

Jul 16
Version 1.3.2

Minor improvements

May 16
Version 1.3

You asked, we listened - meet the new and improved My Dierbergs app! We’ve been cooking up a few things that we know you’ll love:
- Digital coupons are no longer added to your Shopping List when clipped. Instead, we’ve given every user a Coupons List. Now, all clipped digital coupons will be applied directly to your Coupons List while you continue to use your Shopping List for every day items and ingredients.
- Clip digital coupons with one quick tap, and they’ll automatically be added to your coupons list.
- Stay on top of your coupon clipping game by easily viewing specific coupon terms and details on each offer.
- Improvements made to address the overall slowness of the app.

Mar 14
Version 1.2.2

∙ Removal of expired coupons from shopping lists.
∙ iPhone X optimizations.

Feb 19
Version 1.2.1

∙ Optimized for iPhone X users.
∙ Performance enhancements and bug fixes made, including the retroactive removal of expired coupons from Shopping Lists and addressing the overall slowness of the app.
∙ Implemented an auto-connect feature when the app is unable to connect to the internet.

Dec 20
Version 1.2

There’s so much more to love with the MyDierbergs app!

Enjoy a more organized “My Coupons” page! You’ll now see the exact date your deal was clipped, redeemed, or expired.
A second verification line has been added to the email and password fields on the registration page. Now, you can validate your email address and password are correct before registering.
Expired coupons are now automatically removed from your shopping list and moved to the “Expired” section of the “My Coupons” page.
When sharing your shopping list via SMS or email, you’ll no longer share completed list items. Now, only active list items will be shared.
Screen rendering has now been optimized to accommodate the smaller display on iPhone SE.

Nov 16
Version 1.1.6

Sorry if you were having trouble with the My Cart feature. No worries, it’s been fixed!

Oct 27
Version 1.1.5

Minor bug fixes.

Oct 19
Version 1.1.3

Minor bug fixes

Sep 20
Version 1.1.2

Minor Fixes.

Sep 16
Version 1.1.1

Minor Fixes

Sep 14
Version 1.1.0

You can now find pharmacy hours by your selected store information, link to grocery delivery, leave feedback more easily with text and images, and view the date in which you redeemed a digital coupon. Plus, iOS users can now use AirPrint to print shopping lists with a compatible printer. Android users can use Google Cloud Print to print shopping lists with a compatible printer. Happy shopping!

Jul 17
Version 1.0.4

Welcome to the new MyDierbergs app! From an item locator to digital coupons and shopping lists, our easy-to-use mobile app is here to enhance every Dierbergs shopping trip. We continuously improve our app to remove bugs and glitches – get the newest version now!

Jun 08
Version 1.0.3

Welcome to the new MyDierbergs app! From an item locator to digital coupons to shopping lists, our easy-to-use mobile app is here to enhance every Dierbergs shopping trip. We continuously improve our app to remove bugs and glitches – get the newest version now!

May 26
Version 1.0.1

Welcome to the new MyDierbergs app! From an item locator to digital coupons to shopping lists, our easy-to-use mobile app is here to enhance your shopping experience.

May 08
Version 1.0

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