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The Ultimate Scuba Emoji Texting App!

For Scuba Lovers.

Brighten your friends and family's day by sending great texts with emoji of your Scuba adventures.

The Scubamoji keyboard features unique emojis of your favourite diving activities.

Perfect for scuba divers of all ages.

Categories include:
- Diving Badges
- Animals
- Underwater hand signals
- Equipment
And more!

Get them all now :)

Check back frequently for new scuba emoticons or if there is something you would like in an update drop us a line (there is a link in the app) and tell us!

Scubamoji provides 3 ways to get emoji:

- via the Scubamoji app
- via a messages sticker app
- via a custom keyboard extension

Please note that installing the keyboard extension is optional.


In order for Scubamoji to work as a keyboard and copy/paste emoji, the App requires that you "Allow Full Access". Unfortunately, the warning Apple shows is very scary. They claim it's possible to have credit cards stolen and other bad things.

We do not collect anything about you. Your data is safe. If, However, you do not feel comfortable enabling full access you can still use the emoji.

- You can use the emoji via the Messages app. Scubamoji is installed as a sticker pack.
-You can open the Scubamoji app and simply share the emoji from there by touching one.

Your privacy is our top priority. Our Privacy Policy does not allow us access to anything, your device is fully secure.

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Version History

Launched Mar 07, 2017 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Mar 16
Version 3.0

We have added more divers showing hand signals and we polished and the cogs and gears inside the app to make it run nicely because we are good like that ;)

Jan 29
Version 2.0

Updated button for iphone X

Apr 26
Version 1.2

New style emojis

Mar 15
Version 1.1

Bug Fix

Mar 07
Version 1.0

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