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Finally, teachers can untether themselves from the front of the classroom while maintaining command and control over their SMART Board display with IQ.

SMART Notebook Player is a lightweight mobile application that allows users to view and interact with lessons created with SMART Notebook. When paired with a SMART Board interactive display with IQ, teachers can control the displayed content from anywhere in the classroom.

SMART Notebook Player also supports SMART lab content allowing teachers to start game-based activities remotely.

- Remote control of SMART Board displays (MX, 6000 and 7000 series with IQ)
- Instantly add photos and text to your lessons from your mobile device
- Use the app to draw, highlight, and erase content on your IQ board
- Files app integration allows users to import .pdf, .ppt and .notebook content (iPad only)
- Changes are automatically saved to the cloud
- Preview and queue content on mobile without distracting students
- Log in with your Google or Office365 account
- Network agnostic connection to a SMART Board display (MX, 6000 and 7000 series with IQ)

SMART Notebook Player extends the classroom experience, leveraging the mobile platform for enhanced lesson delivery.

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Version History

Launched Apr 26, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 30
Version 2.9

Support for expanded whiteboard canvas when controlling SMART Board with iQ
Support for new European service region
Improved interoperability with SMART Learning Suite Online
Bug fixes

Dec 15
Version 2.8

Fixed bug that prevented some files from opening properly

Dec 06
Version 2.7

- Panning and zooming is now supported in remote control scenarios
- Users may start YouTube videos during a remote control session
- Vietnamese language support
- Bug fixes

Oct 26
Version 2.6

iPad users may now import Powerpoint and PDF files
iPhone users can now add ink, text, and photos directly to the canvas
Content is now displayed in widescreen format
Improvements to remote-control workflow

Jul 06
Version 2.5

Improved stability
Other bug fixes

Jun 07
Version 2.4

Import PDF's and instantly share them to a SMART Board with iQ
Further improved interoperability with SMART Learning Suite Online
Bug fixes

Apr 17
Version 2.3

Improved interoperability with SMART Learning Suite Online
Bug fixes

Feb 22
Version 2.2

Attention: we have added a handy new laser pointer that allows teachers to highlight content while remote-controlling your SMART Board with iQ. Using the pointer tool, just tap and drag anywhere on your device to bring focus and attention to specific elements of your lesson.

Also, big updates for iPad users! You can now interact with and edit SMART Notebook files anywhere with a network connection. Even better, these changes automatically save to the cloud. The new editing features include:
- Add and edit photos
- Add and edit text
- Add a new page
- Undo/Redo
- Delete/Clone

Nov 18
Version 2.1

Fixed a critical issue that prevents a subset of users from opening the app after signing in

Sep 21
Version 2.0

- We've optimized the design and workflow for iPad users
- Use your iPad to draw, highlight, and erase while controlling your SMART Board with iQ (6000 or 7000 series)
- Quickly find content with a streamlined gallery design
- Improved stability and bug fixes

Jul 25
Version 1.2

- Support for device-enabled SMART lab activities (Monster quiz, Shout-it-out) and SMART response 2 assessments
- Add a SMART Board to your dropdown list directly from the mobile app
- Improved UI for remote lesson control
- Bug fixes and improved stability

Jun 05
Version 1.1

- First-time instructional experience/new user onboarding
- Improved localization
- Bug fixes

Apr 26
Version 1.0

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