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It is time for the World to discover the True Magic and Wonders of the MANDALA. Take your ART and PHOTOS to NEW dimensions of Visual iLLusions by Spinning the Mandalas you Create and observing their Infinite Beauty. Put on some unique music, Zoom in and Out of the Mandalas, change the colors, change the Speed, and watch as the mysteries reveal themselves. Get Inspired to create your own ARTwork, Upload ART from your favorite Artists or Photos, and search for ever-more Incredible Mandalas found in Nature to photograph and see how they look while Spinning.
This APP is for ALL Humans who Love and are fascinated by the Magic of iLLusions, and like to push their visual senses to the Limits and beyond. This is an Incredible Tool for ALL ages to enjoy whether you want to Meditate, Laugh, Relax, Experiment, or be totally AMAZED! There are BILLIONS of Mandalas Out there from the microscopic elements on earth to the most massive celestial bodies… It is time to see what they ALL look like.. SPINNING! :)

Mandala MAGiC is based on a discovery made in 2003 by ARTist, Musician and Teacher .. diNo of www.ARTofDiNo.com … Since then, the goal has been to bring the Wonder of the Spinning Mandala to EVERYONE. Thirteen Years later and Modern technology now allows for Mandalas to be viewed in this beautiful way by peoples ALL over the WORLD in the palms of Our hands. The Next step is to further the exploration into this realm and see just how much we can discover as a World Team of Mandala MAGICians. There are so many SPIRALS to travel into and through, and so much Beauty to experience. So Let’s do it! :)

There are many documented reasons why the Ancient peoples of virtually every culture around eARTh had a fascination with Mandalas, yet no one discusses the Powers of the Spinning Mandala. Until Now. We are the pioneers. Let’s explore these mysterious illusions TOGETHER :)

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Version History

Launched Feb 22, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Nov 29
Version 2.2

It is the same version being re-released.

Feb 25
Version 2.1